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  1. Dobish

    Wood tetris

    maybe I missed something here, but what is the premise of this contest? Is it stacking in the stove... its been a few weeks since i've been here :)
  2. Dobish

    Drying wood in the garage

    I thought about putting wood in my garage, but then I realized I would have to carry it all the way down the stairs, or toss it off the deck... I was building some drawers in there the other day and it was 87º inside.... I can't wait for winter!
  3. Dobish

    Landscaping a walkway: grassy to stones

    especially if you are going to use a stabilizer. We just recently lost a ton of our path to water rushing down the path.
  4. Dobish

    dumb question on Romex

    I didn't for about 6 straight months as I tore everything out and re-did it. I only have one circuit that has a few ungrounded outlets and possible hidden junction boxes that hasn't been replaced. I have run a new line to a junction box and now that the garage is done I can tear everything out...
  5. Dobish

    dumb question on Romex

    as with most things in my house, i am pretty sure that they were literally cobbled together by leftover scraps from the construction site... at one point i found 4 junction boxes buried within 3 feet of each other. Here are a few examples of some things I found while doing the work Buried in...
  6. Dobish

    dumb question on Romex

    having had over 15 junction boxes buried in the walls, and finding multiple instances of wires cut off, folded and taped off stuck behind walls, I would highly encourage making it easily accessible if at all possible. If it is in the attic/crawlspace, and you have a room to put a box there, why...
  7. Dobish


    we have seen a few flying around our house lately. Bat box is on the list for sure!
  8. Dobish

    How Many Cords On Your Property?

    my spreadsheet is very similar...
  9. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    i thought about this.
  10. Dobish

    Harbor Freight little hole driller with low RPM speeds for the hard stuff & coupon register debacle

    using a spray bottle with coolant will help cool things off too.
  11. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    Hoooray! When we were hanging out on the deck last night, we saw 2 bats. I have never actually seen any in my yard, but it was right at dusk and they were having a blast!
  12. Dobish

    Insulating the ceiling

    we had a room under our living room that was insulated in the ceiling. I took some of it out, and it was noticeably louder in that room. When we redo it, I fully plan on re-insulating that space. 3 of the 4 walls are below grade, so it stays a pretty consistent temperature. There is no...
  13. Dobish

    Best way to make kindling

    i just pick up the sticks from the trees... or broccoli. Yeah, definitely broccoli
  14. Dobish

    2019 Garden Thread

    yep. i have a neighbors garden and some weeds.
  15. Dobish

    Just over 100 kw production on my system yesterday

    it looks like if we continue at this rate through august, we will offset the darkest months. I am not planning on having $0 electric bill, but it should be mostly offset for the year. The system we put on about 4 years ago offsets roughly 10% of our usage.
  16. Dobish

    Tandem kayak - lake use

    i have spent a lot of my time paddling in kayaks, selling kayaks, and transporting kayaks. I think something sit in is a way to go, like a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 is a great boat for most people's needs on the lake. It is big enough and stable enough that you can have someone sit in front...
  17. Dobish

    Just over 100 kw production on my system yesterday

    I got my first bill after running our solar for an entire billing cycle. I like the fact that I got a $79 credit.... :)
  18. Dobish

    Too seasoned?

    Once it off stabilized it was fine, but I was looking at roughly 6 hours compared to 10 for higher MC wood. I found that I would get much longer burn times if I mixed in a little bit of less dry wood.
  19. Dobish

    Too seasoned?

    I have definitely noticed with my stove that if it is super dry, I get a lot of puff back and it will burn really hot for a while then puff back. I had a load of cedar and pine that got my temps as high as I have ever seen them in the Cat, and it was hard to control. It also didn't burn for...
  20. Dobish

    How Many Cords On Your Property?

    Right now its a bit overgrown, but we also sort of use it as a fence line
  21. Dobish

    How Many Cords On Your Property?

    i am a .5 acre lot, with roughly 10 cord CSS. I have another couple scattered around that I need to get around to splitting. Hopefully soon! We burn through roughly 3 per year.
  22. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    another productive weekend! Did a little chainsawing on friday afternoon Saturday morning we laid down the grass seed and grass matting Then that afternoon we decided to get rid of the temporary fence now that we knew what has happening with the sidewalk. now I finally cut the grass that...
  23. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    the other day I was out there shoveling, and the neighbors were all out there cheering me on :) I took a bow and then offered one of them a pitchfork to help with the mulch!
  24. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    Got in all of our plants, and mulch, and walkway (look a wood pile!) I got 12 ton of mixed gravel delivered and spread by hand. I have to build my raised beds (for next season or fall veggies) on the gravel area. I got my lower section all decorated I threw down some grass seed and winter...
  25. Dobish

    Converting a 3-phase outlet?

    if you are going to run a new 12/2 wire, I would just run a new one and keep the 220 outlet where it was in case you ever want to go back to electric for any reason.
  26. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    we got some more dirt delivered last weekend... We also had a really cool rainbow! A skid steerer made short work of that...
  27. Dobish

    My sloped woodyard

    i was just going to say that. I stacked on a pretty steep slope. The other thing that I have done is just do a criss cross pattern angled in on the ends and load it up
  28. Dobish

    New “Swamp Coolers” at Home Depot - Anyone try them?

    a lot of folks out here use evaporative coolers, but its never humid. We had a few that were pretty much worthless unless you get good airflow.
  29. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    well, on the day of the party, we woke up to a gully wash that took out half of our new gravel path,and a lot of the dirt. Apparently straight up dirt isn't very good for managing water flow! (jk, i know this.... it was sarcasm) So an hour before our party, I went out and got a ton of 3/4"...
  30. Dobish

    Garage Layouts and Desires

    That's funny... the kids are gone for a few weeks so now's my time to get stuff accomplished! This weekend the focus is the giant pile of maple that I have been staring at for a year!