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    Does wood dry when it's freezing outside?

    y you just replied to a 6 year old thread
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    One for the EV truck fans

    haven't added that saw kerf update to any of mine........ yet.
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    How to measure wattage of 240V devices?

    Same thing I tell a lot of persons when they ask on homes and vehicles. Computer control refinements make life interesting for a lot of people on equipment - device always has potential but nothing happens until the potential is allowed to escape.
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    How to measure wattage of 240V devices?

    the simple redneck way - well pump on it own circuit - what is the amp rating of the twin breaker? so just as an example breaker 30A/leg at 120V =3600w x2 = 7200W Therefore your 6500w/ 8500w surge gen set should be ok but only for the well by itself as you really do not have a lot of extra...
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    Need a wood stove for deer camp

    had a 900 sq ft mobile home for awhile- wood stove about the size of a Nc-13 yep got it a bit to warm once or twice 0 out side, 90+ inside that was bit too warm even for these old bones- opened couple windows. Generally though i would stuff the stove get it up to temp switch it over to the...
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    Sealing Exterior Chimney

    only reason I was asking if Cream city type is that is fired on the out side but is pretty soft and somewhat porous internally. the last chimney I had to seal was about the late 80's ( late 50's build) . it was solid as a rock but water was weeping through the joints to the flue blocks which...
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    2017 Silverado oil change

    Ah filters- Fram"s are not enjoying a particularly good rap lately- best to stay with OEM recommended brand- again has to do with oil delivery to timing system on ohv units. there is a back flow check vale built into some of them so that when you hit the starter there is oil pressure for the...
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    Sealing Exterior Chimney

    Cream city Brick? a little touch up work and then seal it - i have seen better and worse leaking like a sieve. A little concrete resurfacing on the top and a bit of pointing here and there. Then seal it - not Thompsons though. Soloxthane or similar. Just make sure what ever items you use...
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    Stupid Subaru commercial

    just think PT Barnum.
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    2017 Silverado oil change

    over head cam eng- timing system - timing chain tension system & VCT- you must stay with 0/20 product particularly important when temps get on the low side. 10/30 is too thick for reliable performance of the timing system. It is not a matter of starving the crank or pistons of oil but of the...
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    Need a wood stove for deer camp

    Drolet is a subsidiary of SBC corp ( Canadian mfg.) they have pretty good marks as well as Englander. Course I am biased towards Englander as I am on my 2nd NC 30 ( big brother to the 13, 2 different installs) Summers Heat and Timber Ridge are the same stoves sold at home depot and other...
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    heat wave.
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    Indoor wood storage

    Tarps-That is one, there is/ was another similar concern out of MN.
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    Indoor wood storage

    look up repurposed billboard tarps, those last several years. they are not those flimsy things from the box stores. Mine are over 6 years old and still going strong.
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    Direct Vent Location

    and not under any kind of overhang like a closet build out or similar.
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    Drying wood in the garage

    Ah, but it is a wooden structure as such it breathes- i would guess that your eaves are open and just enough flow to vent out moisture, did that with a 2 story one never had a problem with anything getting moldy or such. been almost 30 years since I built that one still standing last time i...
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    After seven roof fires, Walmart sues Tesla over solar panel flaws

    well you can shut down the power transmission controllers but not the internal function of the panel.
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    Scrounge ID Please

    maybe some ash & poplar,&looks like piece of box wood way back, just guessing by the bark.
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    Ouch! The solar road didn't go as well as planned.

    I remember the hype on that from 2016.
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    Architectural shingles and vinyl siding

    ridge vent- very windy area, snow and rain get driven inside vent system evidence is on insulation. ( celulouse) - reminds me- been focused on other things- need to get a company out to look at that. 1990 build date, second layer roof on it. no idea when that was done.
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    Shipping Container Wood Shed.

    I have been looking at various other types of structures as well , as far as modifying a steel box I have no difficulties in that area , I have a small machine shop. welding - gas and electric + plasma cutter. I have no problem with wood construction as well. As was noted generally the...
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    Shipping Container Wood Shed.

    Can always dress them up with some siding or a slew of LIlac bushes or similar hedge type items.
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    Up until a few years ago I still had pictures of that particular incident - no idea what my sister did with them. likely just died of old age . Crawl out second story window , find edge of roof, dig down to front door. Only thing that had a chance of moving any distance was horse and sleigh.
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    Overwhelming!!! Want an add-on wood furnace...

    no thermostat because it is not a draft induced unit ( combustion air blower)
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    Shipping Container Wood Shed.

    funny I have been toying with the same / similar idea, more massive scale though 3 40' units in a u shape- build wall to enclose court yard and then add a roof over the whole shebang. would give apx 960 storage area and a 800 work area.
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    temps start at 50 or so early morning then can hit 80 or above by noon , don't drop off until sun drops - repeat keeps sliding down the temp scale for the next couple months, mid to late Oct. snow flakes, Nov measurable snow. Been caught more than once out in the field with temps that start...
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    Winter is right around the corner!

    it's just about yo-yo time in WI.
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    Highly insulated house and stove size

    now now Ashful, lets not pick on the unfortunates;lol
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    My precious

    get an nc30 roaring and all 4 tubes will have rocket jets emanating from them and they are not pointed directly down