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  1. begreen

    Help/ Advice with custom fireplace

    There may be other deficiencies that the chimney folk found that we are not seeing. Without full knowledge of problems noted we would just be guessing. Did they supply a written inspection report that lists them? One thing that jumps out is the air volume of the wide-open fireplace vs the...
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    System upgrade...

    things have settled down a bit now.
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    Lopi Savoy blower motor replacement

    Finding a generic three-speed replacement makes it a bit challenging. It might be easier to replace with a single-speed motor and add an inexpensive fan speed control. This style motor is common for bathroom fans. Make sure the rotation and shaft diameter are correct.
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    Clearance reduction

    With a proper, ventilated wall shield the rear clearance can be reduced to 12".
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    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    2200 sq ft is the maximum area heated. The Boston 1200 is a good looking stove. It's in the right size range and will burn fine with a half load of wood. If it starts getting too warm, let the fire go out.
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    If you make your way through the quad they are going to have to carry you out.
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    VC Defiant 1945 Rebuild or Buy New Stove

    Eventually yes, for true cast iron jacketed stoves. But not true for steel stoves unless there is a problem. Note that there are also cast iron clad steel stoves. In that case the cast iron never needs seam sealing. The cast iron is just an outer jacket.
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    Looks good.
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    VC Defiant 1945 Rebuild or Buy New Stove

    Yes, the stoves suggested can be loaded N/S. That allows fuller loading of the firebox without worries of a log rolling against the glass. It's one of the reasons front loading can be easier than top loading.
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    Show me your mantel and hearth
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    VC Defiant 1945 Rebuild or Buy New Stove

    This could be a pretty easy task, depending on the stove hearth requirements. I would extend it further, say 8" for further protection against sparks from the hedge. The 30NC has an insulation requirement of R=1.5, so some insulation may be needed under the brick unless the brick is on the slab...
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    Educating myself on drilling a pipe hole into a chimney

    The electric stove will need to be removed in order to see what exists above it. If there is a flue and it is open, then a stainless liner may be able to be put in the existing flue with a tee at the proper height and a stub that continues down to the fireplace opening with a cap. .This will be...
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    VC Defiant 1945 Rebuild or Buy New Stove

    What is the problem with extending the hearth 4"? What is the floor material? Is this on a concrete slab?
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    What are these 2” pipe plugs??

    Who knows, have you removed the caps and investigated? Maybe they were to provide a threaded base for some kind of exotic grate system that supplies combustion air? Is the capped gas line shut off with a valve too? FWIW, you don't need to pour in cement. A layer or two of cement board fit in...
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    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    A freestanding stove with a blower doesn't need to be off the table, but at this stage, it's good to consider all options. Base the choice on what checks the most boxes in the wish list. And if the only issue is extending the hearth a few inches, there are some remedies for that too that could...
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    You don't see this every day

    Just driving down the highway when this happens. Make it full screen and note the wolf casually observing in the background.
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    instant hot water

    That's what we have, but by Grundfos. Uses under 10w and just runs occasionally during the day and not at all from midnight to 7am.
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    Newbie: How to pull buck 28000

    A slot gets cut out of the damper assembly so that the liner can pass through. What is the ID of the tile liner in the chimney? It looks pretty small. 8x8?
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    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    I'm with you there. I like a quiet blower too. Many folks run them on medium to low speed for that reason. I know that Enviro, PE, Hampton blowers are pretty quiet. I think I read reports that BK blowers are too, but have not seen one burning and listened to it.
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    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    Yes, that is what is constraining stove options like the Hampton.
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    Propane made me obsessed with a Godin

    The Upland is a US made copy of the Jotul 602. They were well made and at one point founder Craig (known here as @webbie) owned and ran the company. They are no longer made, but an updated version of the Godin still is. More info and a copy of the manual are here...
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    Stink bugs

    Could be BMSBs. They are becoming a serious issue for orchardists.
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    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    That's helpful. The flush hearth and low mantel are top issues showing. An insert is looking more attractive. Take a look at the Jotul C450 and C550 and maybe the Quadrafire Voyageur. For a nice unit look at the Enviro Venice and Boston.
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    What you have done is admirable and my guess is that your parents helped encourage you in getting ahead. But the balance of wealth has changed a lot, at least we were young lads. Example, I put myself through college with a Basic Education Opportunity Grant. My tuition at state college was $600...
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    Tesla Model 3 Parked in Our Garage

    Yes, there seems to be minimal degradation during the life of the vehicle. The longest I have read is something like 468,000 miles and was still going, but it got in an accident. Word is someone else bought it and is resurrecting it now. GM went super conservatively with the battery pack and...
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    Anyone know anything about this stove?

    That's a good idea. It's possible someone painted it for show with low temp paint. That would be a pity, but it happens sometimes. If so it may smoke badly.
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    The saga continues... getting the chimney ready

    Did you post a picture of the fireplace and hearth? It would help a lot to see it.
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    Bottom of the pile soggy wood.

    It depends on the wood species. Out here alder would punk out quickly under those conditions and be useless, but I split up some maple rounds that had been sitting in swampy condition for a year, gave them a year to dry out and they were fine.
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    System upgrade...

    I don't see the bell at all on my phone. On the left is the hamburger menu.
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    System upgrade...

    It's slow to update, sometimes it takes clicking on another thread. The browser tab icon doesn't show new posts anymore either and it's no longer the icon.