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  1. jzm2cc

    P68 Burn Pots holes close to auger

    I'd bet closing up the 5 holes will prolong the auger tip life. My P68 has an eroded auger, and when its brought back into service again they will be welded close along with a fixed or new auger.
  2. jzm2cc

    Harman PC45

    Harmans are sensitive to reverse polarity at outlets and PC-45 can be a PITA to get running properly compared to the normal pellet P series models (P43, P61. P68). Just my experience and opinion.
  3. jzm2cc

    How long will a pellet stove last?

    I have a couple old St Croix stoves too (2000-2004). Keep them clean in the hidden exhaust channels via leaf blower, lube auger bushings every 4 years or so, and just normal maintenance beyond that. Hopefully mine will last another 10+ years as they still function and look excellent.
  4. jzm2cc

    St Croix Prescott model and manufactured date difference.

    Most parts should be the same. Control boards may be different and that's obvious from looking at control panel membrane. Personally I think the Prescott is a wonderful stove. Efficient, very l oi w maintenance and reliable. The unit with bad auger may just need lube on top auger bushing...
  5. jzm2cc

    Harman PC45 Setting up for a little used space.

    Sorry, meant to say if the feed rate is too low the flame will be burning close to auger tip which wears it away. Auger tube can develop a hole in it also at 6PM position. The pellets feeding out of the auger tube at a higher level protect this type of damage.
  6. jzm2cc

    Harman PC45 Setting up for a little used space.

    Try Auto, and Stove mode. Fan should be on and stove runs at constant output. With a burned out igniter you obviously don't want it turning off. Just make sure pellets are fed enough to protect auger tip and auger tube from flame erosion (set feed rate at 4). You might be better served with...
  7. jzm2cc

    Santa Fe Combustion blower works fine – but doesn't start when thermostat calls for heat

    Measure for voltage across the vacuum switch during start up and while running. If you see 110V across switch intermittently then auger will not feed pellets a fire will die out, even with red call light and red LED on control box. Sometimes dust gets on switch contacts and causes...
  8. jzm2cc

    Cab50 keeps flashing amber and going out

    Sounds like an issue to be fixed under warranty. An amber colored LED is a bad thermocouple. Maybe try restating its two connectors and see what happens
  9. jzm2cc

    Quadra fire Santa fe convection fan not working

    1 triac per motor, 3 legged device. Use multimeter to ohm out (look for circuit by reading meter for zero ohms) purple wire to circuit board, then board pin to triac lead which will be drain or source. The gate pin controls the current flow between drain and source. Usually these trials short...
  10. jzm2cc

    St Croix Hastings auger issue

    Agree, sounds like dry upper bronze bushing, give it a good coat of oil. Also load auger up and down while spinning by hand (auger motor disconnected) to see if you can get it to jamb. I've seen bent up augers catch inside of chute before. Grinding down bent metal fixed the binding.
  11. jzm2cc

    Harman P43 Heat Output.

    I've used the ebay 100K and 50K pots to fix 3 and 2 knob control boards successfully in the past.
  12. jzm2cc

    Harman P43 Heat Output.

    LOL, I would have a hard time junking a Harman over a bad probe or control board! Maybe try one of those cheapie $25 probes and see what happens.
  13. jzm2cc

    Cherry Pit Fuel PelPro 130

    Cherry pits generally burn with more black ash, think it's from oil in them. Mix them and burn em up. They have more BTU per pound then pellets. I've run them in Harmans, Quads, and Heatilators with success.
  14. jzm2cc

    Harman P43 Heat Output.

    Sounds like an ashed up ESP, or maybe it's just going South. Try sweeping the control knobs through full range of motion a couple of times. Maybe one if them has a dead spot as stove is in minimum burn or close to it.
  15. jzm2cc

    St. Croix greenfield problems

    My St Croix corn stove takes about 5 minutes before pellets feed after door is closed. Fire has to be hot enough to warm up proof of fire snap disk.
  16. jzm2cc

    Problems with my pellet stove

    You can view the auger rotation from the right side with panel open. Just shine a flashlight towards upper center of stove and auger shaft is quite visible.
  17. jzm2cc

    St. Croix greenfield problems

    On my Lancaster it's very easy to start. About 3 paint caps worth of pellets, count to 30 while lighting with Mapp gas torch, then I turn on/off button on, count for another 5 seconds while keeping torch on pellets then close door. Works every time. Fire has to get hot enough to allow auger...
  18. jzm2cc

    Pellet stove not feeding pellets

    Make sure hopper lid is closed so sensor will allow auger to work. This assumes your cb1200 has that sensor.
  19. jzm2cc

    CAB50 Constant feed

    If you have a multi- meter you can measure resistance across the triac source and drain pins with board out of stove They are 3 pin devices and the 3rd pin is the gate which turns the device on and allows current to flow between drain and source (aka motor runs). Compare resistance values...
  20. jzm2cc

    CAB50 Constant feed

    I'm confused, how does stove shut down if auger runs constantly?
  21. jzm2cc

    CAB50 Constant feed

    If auger is turning 100% of time control board Triac has probably short circuited. Easily fixed if you know how to solder and find replacement via internet search. If stove just doesn't shut down and auger runs intermittently then it could be short in thermostat wiring. Does red call light...
  22. jzm2cc

    Wireless thermostat for st croix hastings

    I use a Skytech wireless thermostat to run a St Croix Prescott. Works wonderful, only downside is sender goes thru AAA batteries every 6 weeks or so. Receiver has had same batteries for 2 or 3 years.
  23. jzm2cc

    Installing pellet stove in basement

    I used one of these to hook 3" pellet exhaust into a 6" masonary chimney: You may want to just buy a pellet exhaust kit that includes pipe, clean out T, 90, stove to pipe adapter, etc...
  24. jzm2cc

    Harman XXX shut down on Manual...Why?

    If the board control knobs turn loosely the potentioneters may be worn and have bad spots in them. So it works fine at one temperature setting, but if you move it slightly stove shuts off
  25. jzm2cc

    St Croix scf-050 year 2006

    If control panel switch is set to MANUAL you don't need a jumper, if on Thermostat mode and you are not using a thermostat you need a jumper wire. If control board doesn't have a switch on it to change modes you need a jumper wire. A paper clip straightened out and bent into U will work on...
  26. jzm2cc

    St Croix scf-050 year 2006

    Possibly long pellets are preventing smooth delivery of pellets every auger cycle. Try shorter ones or a corn mix if that's available. Assume you already checked auger set screw is tight to motor since you tore it down once. Did you oil the auger upper and lower brass bushings? Note, you can...
  27. jzm2cc

    St Croix scf-050 year 2006

    Count the auger on time on setting 1, do the same with 5. Note it takes about 90 seconds for control board to move up each level. You should see a considerable difference in time, like 1.5 sec and 5 seconds. If not, try manual mode vs. Thermostat mode, also check for thermostat wires hooked...
  28. jzm2cc

    St Croix?? Verse grate?

    Can't say enough good things about the Prescott. As Heat Seeker stated, lube auger bushings and Versa Grate mechanism when you purchase it. Throws out a lot of heat, very low maintenance, easy to clean, and loves the leaf blower cleaning technique. I don't scrape the burn pot but once every 2...