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  1. Jags

    Predator engine

    Got it. Just learning to read so my comprehension is still lacking.:p What are the chances that there is a different style of carb that would fit this engine? Might be worth a little investigation.
  2. Jags

    Fire Brick

    A small fire to eliminate moisture isn't a bad thing. Required....dont know, but I dry out my stove the same way every fall.
  3. Jags

    Predator engine

    Fuel shutoff valve. I have them on a couple of old tractors where the tank is higher than the carb. Even in the case of a sticky float it won't allow fuel to siphon out of the tank.
  4. Jags

    Stove won't get hot; ok to close damper?

    Load that sucker up. A couple splits at a time is gonna take quite awhile to heat up 500 pounds of steel.
  5. Jags

    Is a Stihl 251 c-be my best option?

    The 251 is 3 hp at just under 11 pounds and considered a homeowner saw. The 261 is 4 hp and the same weight and is considered a pro saw. I guess it comes down to how serious this wood thing is gonna get. At 4-5 cords per year I would be jumping on the superior performance of the 261 saw. But...
  6. Jags

    White oak vs red oak.

    My white always seems to be a longer burn than red. Simply my experience with it.
  7. Jags

    Elm ok for burning?

    Suggestions for making elm split easier: Nope, don’t have any.
  8. Jags

    What kind of maple

    That looks just like the silver maple I cut around my area, but after years of looking at wood pics on this site I have realized that wood can have different characteristics depending on location.
  9. Jags

    Burn time

    I have dug out hot coals from the ash two days later...If you own a BK, that counts.;lol;lol;lol;). There is no golden rule. If you want to claim the time it heats your home before a reload, fine. You want to consider it the time the stovetop is above 300f (or any other random number) fine...
  10. Jags

    My load of ironwood today!Love the stuff

    Now you are talking the good stuff. One of my favorite woods to burn.
  11. Jags

    Twisted beam on splitter...options?

    Got it! That will be quite the upgrade.
  12. Jags

    Twisted beam on splitter...options?

    Are you welding the new beam to the twisted one or two new pieces side by side. I was a little confused by the description.
  13. Jags

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    That many heat cycles on any fastener is sure to take its toll. I guess it doesn’t surprise me that they were a monster to get out.
  14. Jags

    Twisted beam on splitter...options?

    I don’t like to bend things that shouldn’t be bent.>>
  15. Jags

    Dirtyhandtools Power Cart

    It has been some time ago, but someone on this site home built a similar (albeit 2 wheel drive) buggy using the drive from a discarded snow blower. I thought it was pretty cool.
  16. Jags

    Why buy new for $900 when you can get Used Worn out Flat Tires for $1200.

    I wouldn’t touch the splitter in the first post with Ashfuls 12 hunnert dollars.>> Chain driven pump (suggesting single stage) old power plant suggesting it doesn’t have enough HP to run a single stage pump of any sizable GPM. Way oversized tanks,etc. I fully endorse re-using old parts for new...
  17. Jags

    Twisted beam on splitter...options?

    As Kevin suggested, installing new plates just inside of the shuttle slide area would be the simple solution and go a long ways to stiffen up the torsional strength of the beam. Peakbaggers (and sawset) idea is probably the strongest in the long run but would require a redesign of the shuttle...
  18. Jags

    Help needed with DIY solar kiln control (FAN, etc) for drying wood

    Full disclosure—-I have no experience building wood kilns. That said...If I were looking for a KISS method I would consider a solar (PV) powered exhaust fan. The more sun (heat) the more exhaust. Less sun (cooler or at night), no exhaust. Self regulating and self contained. That is why they...
  19. Jags

    For those of you who complain about their roof.

    I would be too busy holding on with both hands to get much work done.!!!
  20. Jags

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    Yeah, there was a time that the trunion mounts were getting tore off the side of the cylinder, but haven't heard of that issue for a long time now. The welded "H" on the back of the foot plate was to address the foot plate snapping in half. That is also an issue I no longer hear about.
  21. Jags

    Moisture meter corrections

    Heck - I can’t even read....
  22. Jags

    My favorite new piece of gear

    Am I envisioning this correctly??? A wheel barrow full of wood, pushed up a ramp on the steps?? Tell me I am missing something.
  23. Jags

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    I am still trying to figure out why they are charging so much for a 4 minute cylinder swap and a $30 jug of hydro juice. Unless they flat fee $125 per hour with a one hour min???? This is literally a 15 min job out the door.
  24. Jags

    RE: Which option to choose with splitter repair?

    Find a suitable replacement cylinder. Put the unit back in action. Ya just wore out the cylinder. It happens. Now GET BACK to splitt'in wood ya slacker.::P;lol
  25. Jags

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    At this point - if it were me, I would have had one on order a few weeks ago. It’s getting cold.;);hm;lol
  26. Jags

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    Not sure it is even feasible (I dont recall how it is attached) but could the plate be flipped over?
  27. Jags

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    I wouldn't be super concerned about the tubes as long as they are intact and in position. For the top plate I would need to see what you are dealing with to have an opinion. (Full disclosure....I have been known to beat metal into submission.:):p)
  28. Jags

    30 years of hand splitting over

    You will end up asking yourself "Why didn't I do this 15 years ago?"
  29. Jags

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    Sounds like they got the internals plenty hot at some point. The shards of seam sealer is not unheard of. Mine did the same and after a full inspection from me and then again from a local pro it was determined that it was nothing more than the squished out excess of sealer when it was put...
  30. Jags

    Wood general log splitter info

    I dont know that splitter mfg....but it looks like a pretty standard "economy" type design. Hydro tank as axle, standard I beam, etc... not a commercial unit but looks good. If it runs and functions properly I would have no issues with picking that up.