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  1. Hogwildz

    Finally, The PE Up & Running....

    Stove bright paint. A light coat will make it good as new
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    Outlet for fireplace insert

    What you pulled out was panels that mount to the interior sheet metal shown. That looks like a builder's grade ZC, and it does not look like it is made to hold an insert. Make sure the installer knows what they are doing. Does not look like a compliant ZC to me, but I am basing on what I can see.
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    Outlet for fireplace insert

    That doesn't look like a ZC that can accommodate an insert. Are there combustibles behind it?
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    $274.00 online includes shipping at
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    England 30NC question

    Your wood is not dry enough.
  6. Hogwildz

    Please help!

    The block off plate seals the old firebox below the cut area, and doing it's job of keeping direct heat where it is intended to flow. The vents are only doing what they did prior with heat from the shell of the the old fireplace. Works as was originally intended, just not getting the heat...
  7. Hogwildz

    Please help!

    Sure. I left mine open as they do passively move heated air.
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    Please help!

    Yep, same as I had. Putting an insert in there should not be a problem. You will ahve to cut out the old firebox inner & outer shells as in the photos I shared. Sweep the chimney before yous start. Next, you'll have to figure what insert you want, and how you wan to line the chimney. Highly...
  9. Hogwildz

    Please help!

    Here's some photos for reference. Old Fuego Flame insert in heatform. Heatform with Fuego insert pulled out Damper area of old heatfrom Cut out of heatform to allow liner to run straight down onto new insert New insert, stonework & lighting.
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    Please help!

    Open the doors and take a pic or two of the inside. The door set up looks similar to a Fuego Flame. I had one of those inside a heatform. Tore out the Fuego and installed the insert. If there is a gap where that upper screen is above the doors, and you can see a shell at the bottom of that...
  11. Hogwildz

    Heatilator wood Burning Fireplace

    Actually, Heatilator is alive and well.
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    How quickly to lower temp for secondaries..

    650 is far too high to start cutting the air back. It only climbs as you cut back, and 650 is where you want it to settle down and cruise at. IMO you're a couple hundred degrees past your initial cut back temp.
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    Hello all, wood stove newb here needs a price check...

    Some box store stoves are good heaters, with similar efficiency as more expensive stove brands, and can last a long time if properly maintained. At least one brand sold at the box stores is lower in emissions than many other stoves, budget or high end. Local dealer may or may not be worth the...
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    Finally, The PE Up & Running....

    Well tuck Well tuck the cord behind the shroud where it belongs so you ain't having to buy another fan assy. I'm going to keep my eye on the upper lip ;-)
  15. Hogwildz

    Finally, The PE Up & Running....

    That's a whole lotta maintenance. Well done. But, I see all those runs stains on the upper lip. You're going to lose your card if you don't clean that thing up! ;-) On a serious note, be careful the bottoms of the side shrouds don't dig/cut in to the power cord insulation or deeper.
  16. Hogwildz

    Door gasket

    At the ends is not so bad. At some point, one end should butt into the side of the gasket at the other end, or some manufacturers put a pc of fiberglass "coupler" over where the two ends meet. If it is frayed or shredded at the middle, not much can be done about it accept adjust for snug fit or...
  17. Hogwildz

    Door gasket

    The gasket it toast, bet a new one. Silicone only works when behind gasket.
  18. Hogwildz

    Roofing question..gable porch roof into vertical board and batten?

    new shingles run into steps flashings, step flashings up behind siding, accept at bottom. Last step flashing outside the siding to keep water from running behind the siding. Or leave enough gap between bottom of the last step flashing, and bottom of the siding above it, then with a proper cut on...
  19. Hogwildz

    Gutter vac

    Depending on what kind of gunk is in the gutters, blowing it can be very unpleasant as you may be wearing some foul smelling shat while blowing it all over the place.
  20. Hogwildz

    Dragging leaf tarp

    Old wood pile tarps are most likely 1/2 sun rotted, and can't be expected to last long. I'd try a new poly tarp before spending the added cost on a canvas, just to drag leaves around.
  21. Hogwildz

    is my drywall failing?

    If the fasteners were failing, they typically drop down and the heads start pushing through the drywall. If the drywall has too much weight from insulation on top of it, it may be sagging around the nail heads, which will cause those indents. That is my guess.
  22. Hogwildz

    Wood stove is direct connect - okay to use?

    I misread and only heatilator registered in my mind. Missed the insert part.
  23. Hogwildz

    Wood stove is direct connect - okay to use?

    Get yourself a wood insert, line to the top, enjoy the heat in the home, instead of sending it up to the wild blue yonder.
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    PE SUMMIT Acting Odd

    Nope, same stuff. Can be had for less... Or just make your own.
  25. Hogwildz

    PE Alderlea T5 (continued, first full season, page3.)

    Yes, It should slow things down. Larger splits will do the same also.
  26. Hogwildz

    Crack in to test?

    A cigarette or incense stick around the door will show any leak by sucking the smoke stream into the door.
  27. Hogwildz

    Door opening when hot, hard to open when cold..

    You have to take into account heating & cooling, with metal expanding & contracting accordingly. My inset door feels tighter when cold then when hot, but has never been an issue. As a matter of fact, both inserts I have burned have had the same thing happen. Metal moves as it heats & cools. If...
  28. Hogwildz

    Building hearth for PE Summit

    Used 1/2" 300 Micore here with Durock over top & slate over that. You have plenty. Dealer knows jack shitzky.