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  1. vwmike

    PE Super Insert Overfire/cracked welds?

    It’s a common spot for the PEs to crack. My Vista insert was cracked there and was always run hard and with it cracked. When I got my used summit it was also the only spot I could find that was cracked, this one I ground down and welded and it’s holding up fine, but it doesn’t get run...
  2. vwmike

    Pacific Energy - Vista - Whatcha Think?

    Don’t get a Vista they’re just a toy! Went from a Vista to Summit and they feel like completely different animals.
  3. vwmike

    Chimney fires

    Some setups make more creosote than others. Brick chimneys are the worst as they stay the coldest. I'm amazed how little buildup i get with my summit on a class A chimney.
  4. vwmike

    Stove pipe thermometer comparison

    I check mine in the oven with a known accurate thermometer. My imperial was bang on at 400f
  5. vwmike

    Pacific Energy and 2020

    Anyone else notice looking at the specs that the new stoves have a higher minimum btu output? Makes me think the minimum air setting is a little higher yet again.
  6. vwmike

    2nd year burning - dry wood works!

    once you burn a whole winter with good dry wood it’s very motivating to keep ahead. What I like the most is how easy it is. I can have my summit up and cruising and the air shut down in 5-10 minutes on a reload and maybe 20 mins worst case on a cold start. Also my chimney never has anything but...
  7. vwmike

    BK princess parts question.

    Thanks so much Chris! I drove to my favourite hearth shop about an hr away, they are the biggest blaze king dealer around here. They got me all fixed up and everything is on order. Can’t wait to get her back together.
  8. vwmike

    BK princess parts question.

    lol thanks, have been into vws forever. Just got this one this summer from long time family friends. The parents bought it new in 75, it’s got 70,000 org miles on it. They are the ones sitting inside and are 92 and 93.
  9. vwmike

    BK princess parts question.

    @BKVP Saw this in another post for help with a blaze king
  10. vwmike

    BK princess parts question.

    Just read your post about changing your glass gasket. I see the newer retainers are one piece and mitered in the corners , Mine are 2 pieces. Thought it was Sunday today :confused: Will make some calls and see what I can find out tommorow.
  11. vwmike

    Wood Burning Restrictions in Portland Area

    Glad I live in an area with no restrictions! Have plenty of neighbours but my chimney is on the back side of the house and I burn clean so hardly ever see smoke, most of them are surprised when they find out the stove runs all winter...
  12. vwmike

    BK princess parts question.

    Hey guys, Just picked up a used princess to replace my PE Summit I burned last season. It’s a pe1006 model built mar of 2001. Just replacing all the gaskets and catalyst before I install it. My stove doesn’t have the SS bypass retainer plates like the latest manual shows, should it? Also...
  13. vwmike

    For those of you who complain about their roof.

    geez that's an ugly one! Earned every penny on a job like that. Glad we don't have very many houses like that here.
  14. vwmike

    Is it my wood? Summit performance

    Well it’s that time of year again! Have had a a couple small fires at night just to take the chill off and so that the house isn’t 65 in the mornings. Last year burned almost all my wood, about 3.5 cords in total. Cleaned my chimney last night after work. It’s very easy to clean due to my...
  15. vwmike

    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    3.5 cords softwood burning 24/7 through the heart of winter and a fire day in the shoulder season. I'm curious to see what next winter brings as this year the shed is full of birch and maple, and only a little fir.
  16. vwmike

    Smoke filled house

    The good news is that it was just the smoke from a piece of wood. The worst to deal with is plastics or protein fires!! A good cleaning and airing out will probably do it.
  17. vwmike

    Nice night for a fire...

    Here too. Looks like it will be coldest February on record!! Was thinking I'd have wood left over this season before this cold started......will end up burning all 4 cords of wood I have this year.
  18. vwmike

    How long to process a cord

    That is a good feeling, plus because there isn't a direct cost assosicaed with each piece of firewood I never hesitate to throw another piece in the stove to keep the house a little warmer. I also have a pellet stove and every bag I put in it costs $6, so I tend to want to turn it down as soon...
  19. vwmike

    BK Ashford 30 Install

    Glad to see your not giving up and making some progress! I also hate how many “pro” installers tend to put things together with out much thought at all just to go on to the next one.
  20. vwmike

    New PE model in Australia

    wonder why their making a stove for th Aussie market? Seems like a small market too me.
  21. vwmike

    How long to process a cord

    Takes me a full 8hr day to cut and split a chord of softwood here, by hand. I like to split at the firewood lot and leave the mess behind when I bring a load home. Usually unload the truck into the shed the next day, and that takes about another 1-2 hrs depending on how tired I am...
  22. vwmike

    The Disappearing Chimney Sweeps of Paris

    I don't think they lied about the chimney sweeps :rolleyes:
  23. vwmike

    The Disappearing Chimney Sweeps of Paris

    Great article! My first thought was I wonder how far away the firewood comes from and where do they keep it?
  24. vwmike

    Daughters fireplace this weekend.

    Looks nice! Need a pic from further back to see the mantle.
  25. vwmike

    Jotul Oslo 3 yr review

    Great review! Stunning install, can’t wait to build my own house and plans for the perfect stove install ==c
  26. vwmike

    Green wood and creosote

    Fireplaces don't build up creosote as bad since they move so much air up the chimney at a higher tempature since you can't choke down the combustion air.
  27. vwmike

    Ever have fire wood stolen?

    Great stories on here so far ! I’ve only ever had firewood stolen when out camping in the summer time at a typical crowded park.
  28. vwmike

    Hearthstone Phoenix Hot Temps should I add a damper?

    I think most installs should have a pipe damper! You might not need it all the time but it sure is nice when you do. Modern stoves are amazing heaters but their lack of adjustability for different installs is a downfall.
  29. vwmike

    Opinion on Chimney Cap

    Looks pretty normal to me for the very top. How much wood do you think you have burned so far? If your capable yourself give it a quick clean and move on. I personally wouldn’t stop burning for that little of buildup.
  30. vwmike

    I love cold crisp days like today...

    Clear and cold here too out west! Makes it guilt free hanging out inside all day by the stove :)