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  1. BrotherBart

    The greatest song title?

    Chuck Berry - MY DING-A-LING
  2. BrotherBart

    My not so wonderful install experience

    This was a year ago, right? Did you heat with it all of last season?
  3. BrotherBart

    System upgrade...

    :confused: Reminds me of a major upgrade here a few years back. People started seeing ads for feminine hygiene products.
  4. BrotherBart

    new to stoves. Northern NJ

    I can certainly endorse the 30-NC. Bought the first one on this site in 2006 and it provided 100% of the heat in this 2,500 sq. ft. Northern Virginia barn until last year when I got too old and busted up to whack the wood anymore. When I picked it up at the Englander plant in 2006 Mike Holton...
  5. BrotherBart

    Using wood stove as a smoker/BBQ during the summer?

    Works great. And dollar store pans fit perfectly.
  6. BrotherBart

    Preseason Sales in the Maritimes?

    Canadian Tire sells the stove so may be able to supply gaskets.
  7. BrotherBart

    Wood talk!

    Shoulder season originated with the airline and hotel industry. The slow times for travel twice a year. Wood burners latched onto it later because it is a perfect fit for times in Fall and Spring.
  8. BrotherBart

    Keeping track of pounds of wood burned to measure use?

    Ah the memories. 19.2K modems. Sorry to lapse the thread into old home week.
  9. BrotherBart

    Keeping track of pounds of wood burned to measure use?

    Having been right there with you in those days, we did that with UseNet. My fear was when the world got in the game with the World Wide Web it would be a worldwide cat fight just like UseNet was. It happened. Social media. ;lol
  10. BrotherBart

    Heaviest built present day wood stove?

    3/16 stove bodies and 1/4" or 5/16" top plates are the most common these days. CAD design has allowed stiffening in needed points and materials cost and competition have driven them that way also. My Englander 30-NC is a 3/16" stove body with 1/4" top and has run away to the moon and back...
  11. BrotherBart

    Smooth wall liner Vs Regular . Is this a real improvement?

    I installed smooth wall way back when. The inside laminations opened up during uncoiling and the openings trapped creosote like crazy. After one season I pulled it and tossed it in the woods and replaced it with single wall.
  12. BrotherBart

    How You Depress An Old Woodburner

    A neighbor is interested in one or both. I'll let ya know.
  13. BrotherBart

    How You Depress An Old Woodburner

    Nokesville. Just part of the transition I have known was coming someday. Haven't paid much attention to ones until I came upon those big straight grained beauties and it was kinda sad. ;lol
  14. BrotherBart

    How You Depress An Old Woodburner

    After 34 years of whacking trees on the place and 100% wood heating, I had to hang up harvesting two years ago due to age and health. Saving enough in the shed for power outages. The three years ahead rule is fact folks. Do it! Then today I was walking down through the woods to get the mail...
  15. BrotherBart

    Sierra wood stove

    That looks like the 8000TEC catalytic stove. Here is the operating manual for it.
  16. BrotherBart

    Need it identify model of insert

    Pretty much guaranteed that chimney "connection" is that it was just pushed into the fireplace. What is called a "slammer". Somebody is gonna say it so I will just do it. That old hoss needs to be replaced with a newer, more efficient and safer insert. I hated replacing mine after 21 years of...
  17. BrotherBart

    Need it identify model of insert

    Resembles the old Black Bart except I never saw one with an ash pan door. The baffle plate can be made at any steel fab shop. I had them made at one for my old Sierra insert. Same for the panel on the damper rod but not sure how you are going to get the old one and the rod out of the stove.
  18. BrotherBart

    Jotul Oslo 500 - soon to be obsolete?

    From the front page of the current F500 model. "This heater meets the 2015 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s emission limits for wood heaters manufactured after May 15, 2015. This heater may not to be sold after May 15, 2020." 500 Manual.pdf
  19. BrotherBart

    Creosote buildup, new guy concerens

    Keep it nice folks. Facebook is for insulting each other. is for helping each other.
  20. BrotherBart

    Can I get my unit hotter than 350 F ?

    The airwash that keeps the glass clean comes down over the glass and turns back into the fire at the bottom. Keeps the door cooler than the stove top. Even cooler than the face of the stove on either side of the door.
  21. BrotherBart

    Stand by your stove!

    Gonna start a new site. Well, until smellavision makes its way into the Chrome browser.
  22. BrotherBart

    2018-19 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 2 (Everything BK)

    The gases coming out of the ends of splits aimed at the glass on a N/S load is a major source of crunked up glass. Gases hitting the cooler glass. Before they can turn up and ignite.
  23. BrotherBart

    Anyone else branded by their stove

    Worst one was loading the stove in the basement years ago. Was stuffing the top of the load and ended up with both arms trapped against the top of the door opening. I have had elbow length welding gloves every since. But that chin mentioned above took a long time to heal and top hurting. But...
  24. BrotherBart

    Anyone else branded by their stove

    Does turning your head and sitting your chin on top of the hot door count? :mad:
  25. BrotherBart

    Happy New Year Hearth.Com

    Wishing everybody warm nights, dry wood and clean burns in 2019.
  26. BrotherBart

    Post By New Member @emberhearth

    Now returning to our regularly scheduled program. Helping him with his questions.
  27. BrotherBart

    Post By New Member @emberhearth

    Kinda sounds like how I got it over here, doesn't it?
  28. BrotherBart

    Post By New Member @emberhearth

    We don't have a tool to move private convos to forum posts and I didn't want him to have to retype that detailed post.
  29. BrotherBart

    No Fan In The PE Insert .... 0F Coming My Way ...

    Congrats Dix. You just got promoted to "he". ;lol;lol;lol