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    What is the highest price you would pay for a wood stove?

    For me, the price I wanted to pay came down to what I wanted to use it for. For what I have now, I wasn't in the mood to sink more than $2k into a setup, but I use it mainly to heat my basement and have a NG boiler for the upstairs, plus I buy most of my wood. Now if the stove or insert were...
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    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    Burned more this year. Not quite 3 cords. That's mostly burning during the days, with some 24/7 in there for a few stretches from Oct-early April. Haven't burned in almost a month.
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    Dirty glass on my Quadrafire

    A couple of things to keep in mind to help you. Control your room temp by how much wood you put in. A smaller, hotter fire that isn't smoldering will burn more efficiently and won't over heat the room/house. So, you'll have to experiment with load size a little bit. Also, outside temps...
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    Dirty glass on my Quadrafire

    Ideally, yes, you shouldn't be able to see smoke outside. If you want a clean and efficient burn you would get the fire hot and burning, then turn it down, all say within 15 minutes or so. This prevents the smoldering and a provides a clean burn, which will also keep your glass cleaner. If...
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    Dirty glass on my Quadrafire

    Its usually because of wet wood. My first year burning I cleaned it a lot more often because my wood wasn't fully seasoned yet. It wasn't bad per se, just could've used another summer under cover. The alternatives are poor door gasket seal or burning too low. Do the dollar bill test on the...
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    Dirty glass on my Quadrafire

    Just cleaned mine for the second time this year. Had a slight brown haze on it. I use the paper towel and ash method, let it dry, then use a damp clean paper towel to wipe that off. Glass is crystal clear after that.
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    Tips on changing door glass gasket?

    Gloves can be good, I’ve cut myself on the edge. Keep it centered, go slow, and don’t stretch it. When you take the glass out, make a mental note of how tight the screws are. Perhaps biggest reason glass breaks is from being over tightened.
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    Need big heater for Michigan

    Just about anything from SBI, who is the parent of Century, Drolet, and Osburn, is typically well built. It may not be the fanciest looking thing on the market, but sure as heck does the job.
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    Where to begin

    Somebody's gotta take care of the trolls.
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    Where to begin

    Welcome to the forum! Two additional questions that need to be considered. What repairs were mentioned? What are the flue dimensions of the fireplace? Good to know flue dimensions so as to determine if it can be lined properly for a stove or insert. Your sweep may have covered this with...
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    Century FW 3000, any thoughts or reviews

    If it's the same firebox as my insert, assuming so since they're both 2.4 cuft, it does the job well.
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    Anyone found wifi enabled K-thermometer ?

    Economies of scale. ThermoWorks looks to be having a sale on some of their loggers. Here's one that looks like a viable option, but it's only single channel:
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    Anyone found wifi enabled K-thermometer ?

    Haven’t seen one that low, usually see them around 200. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if they were 100.
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    Blaze king disappointment
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    Blaze king disappointment

    Also, low teens is unrealistic unless you live in the desert or build a kiln. The lowest you can get at 80F and 85% humidity is 17.7% MC. At that point the wood is at equilibrium with the environment.
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    Clinkers in a wood stove? Or sintered ash?

    Ash will sinter when heated at high temps. Have gotten ones similar to the one that's fused to your firebrick, I've replaced a couple of them due to that. Mostly though, they're just laying in the ash. I have not seen them though with the turquoise color (or any color besides white/black)...
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    Quad getting HOTTT

    700 is a comfortable maximum for most people. It drops when you open the door because you send all that heat up the flue and the cooler room air comes in. That said, if you want, start adjusting your air down a tad sooner. That’ll help keep the temps a bit lower.
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    Looks like my season is over :(

    Did a basic analysis, here's what I've found at least for my area. Oct: 45% colder than last year Nov: 14% colder than last year Dec: 19% warmer than last year (had a bad cold snap between xmas and NY in '17) Jan: 5% colder than last year All of the months combined and it's been 2.5%...
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    Looks like my season is over :(

    Seems to be a somewhat common theme this year. I'm going through a lot more this year as well, I'm already at or past how much I used all of last year. Time to start analyzing the weather compared to last year to figure this out. Seems warmer this year with a couple of cold snaps.
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    Insulated Chimney Liner vs Poured Concrete + Vermiculite

    I wouldn't worry too much about pre-insulated. Getting an insulation wrap will work just fine, may open up more options for you.
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    Worth it to replace valley comfort vc95 with new drolet?

    Those efficiency values are assigned as a default per EPA standards based on the combustion methods used, not a fair representation of actual efficiency. Most stoves these days are running north of 70%.
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    Insulated Chimney Liner vs Poured Concrete + Vermiculite

    Maybe I made the wrong assumption here (still voting for pre-insulated or insulation wrap). Is the vermiculite option just pre-mixed insulation or is it an insulation mix and then concrete?
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    Insulated Chimney Liner vs Poured Concrete + Vermiculite

    Pre-insulated or even insulation wrap around a liner will give you guaranteed consistency. Plus if it ever needed to be pulled out, you just pull it out.
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    Worth it to replace valley comfort vc95 with new drolet?

    Got it, if BTUs are needed, then the HT2000 would be a good bet.
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    Worth it to replace valley comfort vc95 with new drolet?

    The HT2000 would be considered XL in the new EPA world. It'll give you a 10 hour burn with a ton of BTUs. Tell us more about your setup and home, it may even be possible to go smaller. Going from L to XL today, generally speaking, you gain about 2 hours burn time, but I think the biggest gain...
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    Polar Vortex Aftermath: How’d your stove do?

    What’s your stove model? Century Heating 2900i insert, 2.4 cuft box How big is your house? How well insulated? About 1800 upstairs, about 500 feet finished in basement where insert is located Insulation is pretty good I think. Thursday I measured the outside wall temp of the stove room at...
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    Keeping fire going

    Not going to repeat the above, but generally speaking, wood needs sunshine and ventilation to dry well. Drying in a garage can extend the drying period because there's little ventilation to carry away the moisture. As humidity goes up, drying times extend. The easiest way to know if its the...
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    What could it possibly be?

    Quality-built cards can be two plastic sides bonded to a metal plate like that. My Costco card is built the same way. All of my other cards though are just cheapo plastic that break.
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    What could it possibly be?

    Are the plates identical? Not sure if it's the pic, but the one on the bottom looks like the hole is off center?
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    CRITICAL: Michiganders, turn up your wood stoves

    In southern MI, which is where it's generally been the coldest in the state (the lakes have kept the rest of the state warmer), we'll stay in positive double digits by early Saturday morning. It'll continue up to 52 degrees and raining on Monday. That'll be interesting.