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  1. gzecc

    22% Moisture content firewood

    Use the meter as a reference tool. Test your palm, you should get mid 30s. Test some wood that you suspect is not seasoned, test some that you think is seasoned. test some you know is seasoned. Eventually you will be very knowledgeable about wood seasoning in your yard.
  2. gzecc

    Tree splitting?

    Looks like a norway maple. Probably ants in that crack.
  3. gzecc

    Moisture meter

    Cheap is fine. Use it as a relative measurement tool. The palm of your hand should be mid 30's as a base number.
  4. gzecc

    Wood ID

    I can smell the hickory from here!
  5. gzecc

    vent walk-in shower using inline fan or light/fan unit ?

    Looks like a great solution. Can you hook a humidity switch to it?
  6. gzecc

    vent walk-in shower using inline fan or light/fan unit ?

    Do you have central AC in the house? If so is there a duct in this bathroom?
  7. gzecc

    Wood ID

    Looks like some kind of maple to me. Need assorted bark and end grain pics for better ID.
  8. gzecc

    Is this Red Oak?

    Looks like red oak from here. Split it small, it may be ready in 3 yrs.
  9. gzecc

    Two trees down from storm: What are they?

    +7. The leaves make it a piece of cake ID.
  10. gzecc

    Carpentry tools

    Get corded tools. All the basics. Use portable where needed (drills). Very expensive. 10" sliding compound miter will do 90% of what you need. Its not so heavy also.
  11. gzecc

    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    2nd BW. Mediocre wood. Lots of ash.
  12. gzecc

    Quick cheap log lift

    Very creative. Love the locust log too!
  13. gzecc

    Wood ID

    Just did my own research and found out that Sweet Gum is in south Jersey. I've never seen it being in north central.
  14. gzecc

    Wood ID

    I didn't know there was sweet gum in NJ. What part of NJ are you in?
  15. gzecc

    Wood ID

    Some kind of pine.
  16. gzecc

    Fishing for ideas.

    Can you paint? If you have the skills to be fast and neat, you should be able to start a business and make a living. Advertise on Home advisor or angies list. Just do interior. IMO its impossible to make a living doing any outside work.
  17. gzecc

    Pine Wood

    Nice for starting the fire. Just mix it in with your hardwoods.
  18. gzecc

    What type of maple?

    If it is maple it is Norway
  19. gzecc

    Free wood.

    Particle board too!
  20. gzecc

    Free wood.

    How convenient to leave out the staples and nails in the "clean wood" load.
  21. gzecc

    Bought a tri axle load of logs

    Very nice. You do things right.
  22. gzecc

    Little help with wood ID

    Get more of the heavy barked yellowish green wood (Black Locust). The orange stuff may be mulberry. Also good stuff.
  23. gzecc

    Chimney height, how important?

    Good for you! Are we going to see new pictures?
  24. gzecc

    Log Splitter Question - What do I have?

    $75 is a gift.
  25. gzecc

    This score was straightforward,

    The free ones always leave some crap with the good stuff.
  26. gzecc

    Another Older Buck Blower Problem

    If its not too late call for any parts for that stove
  27. gzecc

    Lawn Tractor Info

    I think I agree!
  28. gzecc

    Lawn Tractor Info

    I'm in NJ too. I would by an older 30+ year old deere. maybe 318 in great condition. I would expect to do some repairs occasionally. I however I am continually amazed with the engineering that went into these small tractors back then. I currently have a deere 420 for sale. The 420 is way over...
  29. gzecc

    Do rounds season

    I think hardwood rounds would just take decades to season depending on the species.
  30. gzecc

    Help me ID this wood please!

    Need better, more pics. My guess would be maple of some sort.