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  1. gfreek

    Harman P38 w/3 Knob Board

    Also I may try another ESP, just to see. I should of installed this sooner as I've had it as a backup. Less messing with controls, more constant temps..
  2. gfreek

    When do you buy your bulk pellets?

    I've been using Tractor Supply pellets last 2 years and work well in my Harman. They have an early buy in program late summer ...$25 off a ton I think.. never done it though
  3. gfreek

    Harman P38 w/3 Knob Board

    Thanks. Next warm spell I'll look at it. The old board did have an adjustment, looking on line at pics of the new board I think it's programmed into the board, as I see no adjustment.. I"d like to idle it a little higher as I tend to get blue-ish smoke at times..
  4. gfreek

    Harman P38 w/3 Knob Board

    I installed the upgraded 3 knob board to replace the 2 knob and was wondering if there is a back side circuit board adjustment for when it goes into idle mode in room temp mode. I'd like to turn it up a little..
  5. gfreek

    Harman P43 Distribution Motor High Only

    You could probably install a rotary ceiling fan speed controller to vary the blower speed..depending on amp rating.. I did that on my Harman coal stove that had a one speed blower..
  6. gfreek

    Pellet Stove power backup? What do you use?

    Expand on my prior post, I use my Champion inverter generator for my pellet stove, my propane boiler/ domestic hot water which has a circuit board, computers/modems when needed, and periodically my Samsung refrigerator that also has a circuit board ( because my first Samsung board got fried...
  7. gfreek

    Harmon XXV replaced combustion blower now it wont shut off

    Could a bad ESP cause this ? I wonder if unplugging it from the board would give an answer.. Sorry, Re-read original post and already tried unplugging ESP..
  8. gfreek

    Pellet Stove power backup? What do you use?

    I have a Cyberpower Sine Wave UPS. It will run my Harman for over an hour automatically, until I get my Champion 2000 watt inverter generator running. Also Harman started having their stoves go into shut down mode if / when they get " dirty" generator power, not sure when but it should list...
  9. gfreek

    Harman P38 issue

    Great you're up and running. Thanks for the update.
  10. gfreek

    Introduction: New Breckwell SPC50, many questions for install

    Great thread. Beautiful stove. Looked at them when Nu-Tec had them, Upland 207, but my situation couldn't make it work. As for power outage, I'd look into a UPS such as Cyberpower, if i recall your stove uses very little power... Although you may not need it, test it , unplug the stove and see.
  11. gfreek

    Harman P38 issue

    It comes with a harness . Plug on one end to plug into board, pig tails on the other to connect to your harness (auger, combustion, convection motors). ESP plugs into board.. Instructions included. Again check other components first..This shows harness and cut out template...
  12. gfreek

    Harman P38 issue

    The replacement board is upgraded to a three knob board..
  13. gfreek

    Harman P38 issue

    Also you could try cleaning the "pots" for feed & blower control knobs, maybe with some CAIG DeoxIT, or similar electronics cleaner, to clean them. Unit unplugged of course..
  14. gfreek

    Harman P38 issue

    1] ESP sensor, clean or replace 2] bad potentiometer [ control knobs], replace, 3] bad control board..Also I would test convection blower make to sure it's not stopping after being on awhile..
  15. gfreek

    Tractor Supply Pellets

    Still $5.00 a bag by me...To be honest, so far nothing better close by without having to drive over 30 minutes..
  16. gfreek

    Pellet newbie, need some help

    Correct no self ignite. Not sure if the Pellet Pro did thermostats, let alone a wireless one. Maybe someone here will know.. Predecessor to the P38, P43, etc
  17. gfreek

    Pellet newbie, need some help

    OMG I had a Datsun B210, & used to be a Datsun mechanic,, awesome car till a tree fell on it !!
  18. gfreek

    Pellet newbie, need some help

    Asking too much $$ for that Harman IMO. 1500 CAD/1158 USD
  19. gfreek

    Harman p43 moans

    Also, not sure when the change but, older motors had extended shaft off the back with a cooling fan attached, replacements short shaft no fan..FYI
  20. gfreek

    Piazzetta/ pellet woes

    Welcome. Someone should be along to assist you...however, I would think that you'd be able to burn soft, hard, or mix of pellets..possibly with control adjustments as needed, which should be in the manual. If you can't get assistance from the dealer, who has little experience, then I would...
  21. gfreek

    Home Depot pellet sale

    Thanks for the tip but sorry, not a fan of Chows.
  22. gfreek

    Harman p43 moans

    Your combustion blower has sealed bearings. Unfortunately you are due for a replacement since mine lasted 5 years. Only thing you can do is be sure the impeller is clean and vacuum around the motor. I keep an extra one on hand and bearings..
  23. gfreek

    Harbor Freight 2000 Generator

    Also use ethanol free fuel when available. Costs more but well worth it..
  24. gfreek

    control board repair service?

    Since no one else chimed in, only thing I can think of if you are sure it's the relay, not the power feeding it, maybe get a number off it and have an electronics person replace it. Or if a cover comes off it maybe gently file the contacts if burnt... good luck. Not many people out there...
  25. gfreek

    Battery Backup

    Yes, backup sine wave UPS, gets you time to either shut down or fire up generator (also sine wave). Good luck..
  26. gfreek

    Help with new Enviro P3 stove

    Powergirl, thanks for the update,.....
  27. gfreek

    Harman P43 - outside air kit alternatives

    So I am assuming you are referring to the sheet metal knock out in the panel to fit the OAK flex hose, If so , no it does not matter. It will use inside air instead of outside air..
  28. gfreek

    Harman p68 distribution blower is dead

    Agree shut it down. Or rig a temporary fan of some sort to push air through the vents, other wise it will over heat..
  29. gfreek

    Ups battery help

    Depending how much power you need for shut down., you would need to know amperage draw. & time. .And if you are home when the power goes out you can shut it down , other wise it will run till battery dies. I have the Cyberpower Pure Sine wave 15000PCFLCD. Gives me plenty of time to get the...
  30. gfreek

    Harman P43 Clinking Noise

    Yes you'll get used to it...