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    Work Done in 2019

    Oak and cherry from friends place. Tornado damage from 18 months ago , people still clearing damaged trees.
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    PE Super Insert Overfire/cracked welds?

    Here is the link, error in the software is sometimes impacting these old ones.
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    Michigan wood prices 2019/2020

    I bought some bios last year for January cold spell. Just to try them out. I liked them. 20 lbs for $2.65. Throw them in with other wood and it really helps. No worry about dryness and can get you out of a pinch...
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    Zero clearance wood burning fireplaces vs wood burning stoves

    Just a couple comments. Most manufactures will not recommend a TV above any wood burner. People have done it and had no issues. If you do get a mount ,get one to take t off the wall and ability to angle down. A Zero Clearance will probably not heat as well or at all. The newer efficient...
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    Nest thermostat frustration

    I have 3 Nest thermostats.. At our lake cabin. One is in garage for the gas heater but I leave it off as the emergency setting kicks it on at 38 which is what I want to keep my pipes from freezing in the living space above the garage. I use the heat-cool settings on the other 2 so it kicks on...
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    Quadrafire Explorer III - First Impressions

    I'm on year 4 of the Explorer 3. I agree with many of these and disagree or different point of view on others. I think comparing to a VC thermo control cat you are going to get a big difference in day to day operation I was looking for a good looking stove and the wife approved of this one.(...
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    Not Staying Logged In in New Forum

    They are not there or dont open? Do you get error? What browser?
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    Not Staying Logged In in New Forum

    Try clearing cache and cookies and be sure you use a new bookmark not an old one.
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    Lamppa article
  10. webfish

    Lamppa growing fast in the iron range
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    I'm back

    That is pretty cool. How many lbs of shells do you go thru in a year?
  12. webfish in the press.
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    System upgrade...

    I got rid of dropdown.
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    System upgrade...

    Yes mouseover drop downs went away in this version. Developers debated pros and cons and no mouseover won. Looking to see if there is add-on to get back this functionality.
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    System upgrade...

    Forum software was out of maintenance so , no choice in upgrading. Many, many add-ons done by third party developers were not updated, developer not in business anymore, or did not exist for new software. This leaves big holes in how the forum is reacting. Actually the ad serving software...
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    System upgrade...

    It was recommended to not load tapatalk at all as it is so poorly supported and the regular browser works good on mobile devices. We have many that like it so I kept it. Try logging out and back in. Tapatalk is working for me on iphone.
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    System upgrade...

    Some ads that are usually filtered out may make it through for awhile. This was a Major upgrade and many things didn't port over from the old site. It will take time to get to all the little things done.
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    Welcome! Have a seat by the fire and let's chat (and Forum Rules!)

    Dear Friends, Welcome to the forums. I hope you can learn and share with your fellow lovers of the hearth. Although you can read most material as a "guest", there are advantages in registering using the link at the top of each page. Registering allows you to post your own topics as...
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    Atlanta Stove Works 15-36 A (information and help needed)

    This thread may help.
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    Defiance Volcano III Manual??

    There is this from the wiki. Not sure if enough .
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    New Construction Zero clearance option

    A review on the Opel 3.... Had friend who just installed Quad 7100 in new construction. Says so far they love it.
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    Why am I seeing an ad that says" need to impeach Trump" on this great forum?

    Webbie hit most of the points. Mostly your own habits dictate. Political ads have been allowed. Never a complaint during the 2016 cycle. I had to go look myself to see if it was on. It makes up .7% of all ads the last month. Here is what we block. Black Magic, Astrology & Esoteric Cosmetic...
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    It’s starting to get cold

    -31 this morning. The dog doesn't seem to mind.
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    Show us your butts and uglies!

    Good timing, I just started burning my uglies this week too. Had a bin of them and brought them down.
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    Shutting off Tapatalk pop up nonsense?

    I dont use it much but just tried it. I'm not getting any pop up ads. Show me a screen shot?
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    RE: Ouch . . . just received my quarterly report for my 457 retirement account

    Jack Bogle just died yesterday. I loved his books and still go to bogelheads forum. No one cares about your money more than you.
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    Moving hot air

    If you have ceiling fans running in reverse helps. Top of the stove not so much.You want to push the cold air toward the stove room as it is denser and easier to move thus replaced by the warmer air.