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  1. Corey

    Can firewood be dried faster set by the stove?

    I did throw out a lot of numbers - but I think these are in line with what I quoted? ..looks like roughly: 260 hours @140ºF 92 hours @ 180ºF 32 hours @ 220ºF 10 hours @ 260ºF [admittedly my extrapolation of the above points for speculation... could be off] Definitely would depend on the...
  2. Corey

    Can firewood be dried faster set by the stove?

    Well, 'kiln drying' is certainly a 'thing' and we know heat dries wood faster. Lots of studies published... lots of times listed. Pick any one. Seems like it's reasonable to get 50% moisture oak down to 20% in ~32 hours ... provided you can maintain 220ºF and 4% moisture in the surrounding...
  3. Corey

    Starting a fire from cold and smoke coming out of splits

    Yes, I would say mostly that ^. The radiant heat from the fire above is starting to bake some of the lightest / most easily vaporized water and hydrocarbons out of the log below. You see this vapor as smoke. With a top down fire, 'in theory' that smoke from the wood below should get caught...
  4. Corey

    Choosing firewood - limited options, limited space

    Sounds like the chips are definitely stacked against you. Some thoughts on making the best of it: Generally cut your wood short and split it small - that will help with fast drying. Keep it under cover to keep rain/snow off, but open sides to allow for air movement - though still going to be...
  5. Corey

    Scrounge ID Please

    I was thinking possibly oak on the left, hackberry in the middle and ash on the right.
  6. Corey

    Unbelievable Ad I Saw

    And that is the problem. Only a 4x4x8 foot stack of wood is, by definition, "a cord". No other size, stacking or layout, even if it totals 128 cubic feet is "a cord" of wood. It's like calling a pile of logs "a log cabin". You would say 'no way', and I say 'sure there are enough logs for all...
  7. Corey

    Wood ID

    Based on the pics, I was thinking pin oak.
  8. Corey

    24 inch rounds flying high into the air playing plinko.

    As you said - big game of plinko - which means the logs are coming out 'every which way' at the bottom. Any chance you could cut a channel through the intermediate 'plinko pins' (trees/brush/saplings) to create a 'chute' for directing the logs? ...ideally it would end up at some sort of...
  9. Corey

    Pruning young oak

    If trees were 'supposed' to be pruned, lopping shears would rain from the sky. Throw a couple bags of wood chips under the tree if you don't like the grass growing there, then leave the branches alone.
  10. Corey

    Chainsaw Question

    Weak ignition, carboned up spark plug, water / moisture in the gas, poor idle adjustment, gummed up carb / fuel pump, improper carb adjustment for the season...combination of any/all of those. You say it runs fine at WOT, so the fuel filter / air filter should not be an issue, but might not...
  11. Corey

    Ash messed up 4 chainsaw chains yesterday. What the Heck?!

    1) Doesn't look like any ash I've had either. 2) Keep an eye on the 'shop sharpened' chains... sometimes they tend to go fast. If you see any metal bluing on the teeth, they went too fast, overheated the steel and tempered the hardness out of the steel. It will go dull much faster...which...
  12. Corey

    HELP! Please!

    Hate to say it, but this forum is full of these posts... stove in a basement... typically with another combustion appliance or two... stove won't draft, won't make heat, etc. Stove pipe enters the chimney and then what... that is it... just chimney from there on up?? So doesn't sound like...
  13. Corey

    Log Splitter Question - What do I have?

    Looks like that pump actually has three inputs. The two shafts, then it looks like there is half a lovejoy coupling on a third shaft under the right-hand shaft in the photo? As to what power/RPM that thing needs - no idea! Are there any markings, numbers, symbols, etc on the case? That is...
  14. Corey

    Re burn tubes in a barrel stove???

    Pretty much this. The idea is to create an insulated 'firebox', build a lot of heat, then inject hot oxygen/air into that mix. Problem with a barrel stove is that it's pretty much guesswork as there is no 'production model' to start from. So how much air, where to inject, how to build...
  15. Corey

    Stirling engine powered fan!

    Well, I hope everyone is happy! Reading this thread, plus a timely 15% off coupon from ebay led me to buy one of these... Reproduction of an East India '1818' fan. For some weird reason, it's billed as a 'steam' fan, but pretty clearly a Stirling design. It's designed to run off an alcohol /...
  16. Corey

    Has anybody tried this new style led bulb?

    I have several of the 'long filament' style in use and they seem to work fine. A few observations - several already stated: The electronics are so small because the 'filament' is actually dozens, if not hundreds of LEDs in series, so the overall voltage the filament needs is 120V. So no step...
  17. Corey

    Chain dull in two hours?

    Dunno, two hours seems pretty good to me - especially in a hard wood, and noodling where it's harder to rock the saw. In hedge, I can definitely tell some performance drop after a tank of gas or two. Sure, in small rounds you can rock back-n-forth to keep a point contact, high 'per tooth'...
  18. Corey

    Backdrafting on Mama Bear

    Anything which changed could be a culprit. One key thing is to determine if it is really 'backdrafting' - meaning air actually being pulled back down the flue...this would be most notable when the stove is cold - you'd feel major cold air coming down the flue and even a hot fire may not be...
  19. Corey

    Iron & Oak wood splitter recomendation

    I wouldn't worry too much about the cycle time, either. Unless you have two people to constantly feed the splitter or some other time critical factor. Couple of reasons - First, you usually don't need to full cycle every log. If you hit the grain right and are splitting generally 'normal'...
  20. Corey

    Iron & Oak wood splitter recomendation

    ...all within a second and actually listed as 13 second cycle on the small one, 12 second on the 26 and 30 ton models. Really, the 26 and 30 ton models seem to share about everything... cylinder, engine, pump ratings, etc. So just creative advertising / measuring / rounding to get 30 out of a...
  21. Corey

    Polar Vortex provided some good metrics

    I think that graph is showing 'wind + solar' ie the 'wind' isn't necessarily rising 'equal and greater than' solar during the day, the solar is making a large peak with a small amount of wind on top. Basically showing the total generation. Still not sure how that graph explains how the grid...
  22. Corey

    Single vs double wall flue pipe

    What does 'running smoothly' actually mean to you? Actual heat output? Seeing the fire flare up/die down? Changes in stovetop or stack temps? Something different still? Often times any adjustment to the stove will take 10-15 (or more) minutes to work its way through 'the system'. Even then...
  23. Corey

    Sand Blasting Old Cook Stove

    My .02 - I don't think it comes down to 'blasting media and stove polish' specifically. The stove polish is just that... a polish. So regardless of media used, I don't think applying a polish to bare metal is going to be successful any more than if you sanded your car down to bare metal and...
  24. Corey

    I guess I stacked too high

    She is just covering all options... if the stack falls over and/or crashes through the window, expect a big 'I told ya so' to be coming down the pipe.
  25. Corey

    Ash pan plug taking in air!

    Possibly take a file and go around the edges of the plug and the 'hole' in the bottom of the stove? Maybe something warped a bit or you got a small burr on one piece of metal or the other, keeping the plug from making a good seal? My old dragon has an 'ash drawer' but no plug in the actual...
  26. Corey

    Glass Shatter?

    As mentioned, the thermal aspect is nothing to worry about. Sometimes a fresh piece of wood near the glass will leave a tar / soot stain that is hard to get off - unless you're planning a good hard 'glass cleaning' burn, anyway. Many moons ago, I had a log roll forward and break out a 'glass'...
  27. Corey

    help identifying tree

    The bark pics look pretty much like cottonwood, though the leaf pics look more like alder to me. Page detailing that exact comparison: On the plus side, once it finally dries out - 'a ton' of either tree would be...
  28. Corey

    Trailering a splitter

    With a couple straps and possibly some wheel chocks, I don't know that the splitter would be any more prone to going anywhere than any other load. Though the second ball for trailering a trailer is a neat idea. I'd recommend against welding the actual ball, though. The ball and shaft are...
  29. Corey

    Throw out your batteries - this is much more efficient!

    Happened to stumble across this while searching for something totally unrelated. (note there is no 'e' so this is the element, not the caulking) Proposal to have a tank of 'cold' liquid silicon at 3500ºF. When storage is needed, use renewable energy to heat that to 4300ºF. When energy...
  30. Corey

    Minimum stack temp and draft

    The very beginning of 'red glow' is north of 900F and probably above 1000F to glow enough to see in a lit room. Second - I'm not sure I understand the grand plan here... seems you want to send extra heat up the flue, then use a magic heat to try and get it back? Why not just close the damper a...