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  1. Tar12

    Summer dried water Oak

    If you are confident in your numbers you are good to go...dont expect these numbers from fresh cut oak and especially water oak! I have cut several here and water came from the cuts! It took close to 3.5 years to reach 17%! If you plan on burning full time you better get busy with your CSS...
  2. Tar12

    Is this Red Oak?

    I burn a lot of doesnt appear to be Red Oak to me from this distance...
  3. Tar12

    Hackberry score

    It is tough to split....I avoid it.
  4. Tar12

    A first for me...

    It is tough and dense and incredibly heavy....I brought every last stick of it home!
  5. Tar12

    Happy Fathers Day to me

    Nice saw! When my 390 dies this saw will replace it....I broke out my 660 with a 32 in bar this past weekend on a big oak and it made short work of it. Love that saw!
  6. Tar12

    A first for me...

    The upper left trunk broke off while he was limbing it was a dangerous tree.
  7. Tar12

    A first for me...

  8. Tar12

    A first for me...

    You cant tell from the picture but half of the top had already fallen due to rot...the broken stub is hidden amongst the lower dense foliage...I think i have a picture of this..
  9. Tar12

    A first for me...

    Received a phone call asking if I would care to have a Oak? DUH! I show up the next morning with my dump trailer and saws and take a good look at the tree and the leaves were not like any traditional oak leaves that i had ever seen! I am like what is he trying to pull? He assured me it was Oak...
  10. Tar12

    Ash messed up 4 chainsaw chains yesterday. What the Heck?!

    Sure doesnt look like any Ash that we have around here...
  11. Tar12

    Osage orange listed as a cord for $150

    I would be all over that and buy until i ran out of money! Hedge will last for YEARS under cover!
  12. Tar12

    price for dropping two trees

    Your trees are not that big...I think he is giving you a very fair price on them...
  13. Tar12

    Ideal Steel owners...question..

    I wasnt aware of the cleaning process for the IS he will be pleased to hear this!
  14. Tar12

    Ideal Steel owners...question..

    He has watched me clean the Princess with the telescoping pipe and doesnt want to fool with far as that goes I dont want to doesnt telescope very easily...I may be joining him in the very near future with a rear vent stove...
  15. Tar12

    Ideal Steel owners...question..

    Let me explain further...he wants the T inside the house coming directly off of the stove inside the stove room as the stove will be centrally located and he does not want to have to disassemble pipe to clean it..
  16. Tar12

    Ideal Steel owners...question..

    My son is considering a Ideal Steel for his home he just purchased as he wants a rear vent for his situation...he asked me if you can put a clean out T exiting the rear of this stove? I did not have a answer for him...has anyone done this? Edit...he wants the T inside the home as soon as it...
  17. Tar12

    Looking for Blaze King Experience

    You are correct and I feel the difference between a cat and non cat can be substantial....hence the questions regarding his house....I dropped 7k this past fall in windows,doors,insulation,siding and tightening this place up of slightly less than 2k square ft. and it is a stretch for this...
  18. Tar12

    Looking for Blaze King Experience

    You are looking at 2 entirely different animals much square footage are you trying to heat? Insulation quality? Window quality?
  19. Tar12

    what kind of wood is this ?

    Sure does look like Hickory...
  20. Tar12

    Bucking with pole saw

    Slow and tedious...pole saws are not designed for serious use IMO.
  21. Tar12

    Craiglist Ad

    If I had a steady supply of it thats all I would burn....I really like it! Even seasoned it is hard to start from a cold stove but once it does its a beautiful thing! I just always loaded on a good coal worries.
  22. Tar12

    Craiglist Ad

    Cant tell for sure but it looks like both are leaning away from the house...they would come home with me!
  23. Tar12

    2018-19 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 2 (Everything BK)

    Thanks...I knew there was no way I was going to get that laced together...:)
  24. Tar12

    2018-19 Blaze King Performance Thread Part 2 (Everything BK)

    I noticed when I took the old gasket out of the Princess that the ends were laced that necessary?
  25. Tar12

    Single vs double wall flue pipe

    That is Oak...very wet oak...keep a very close eye on your chimney and keep it cleaned!
  26. Tar12

    Is it all over?

    I will be burning a lot longer than I want to but it will be one load a day now that the weather is moderating.
  27. Tar12

    Quanity of wood this season

    There are several reasons I want to limit how much I have to my kids have left the nest and they helped me a lot...2 they both blessed me with grandsons this year..3 neither one lives very close to me so travel on weekends it is..4 I like to hunt and fish a lot with my son..5 this...
  28. Tar12

    Quanity of wood this season

    5 cord of Oak so far...wood heat only...I was hoping to get by with 4 cord or less per year...I will be installing a propane stove over the summer to ensure that I keep it at or under 4 cord per year...thats all the more that I want to process.
  29. Tar12

    Today's load

    It does! It is a nice long even burn...I like it! It is a little harder to get going from a cold start even well seasoned...for that reason I would always load on a good bed of coals when burning 24/7..
  30. Tar12

    Tips on changing door glass gasket?

    Thanks for the input guys!