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    End of year shutdown

    I leave mine connected with a full hopper of pellets, just do a thorough cleaning ans spray the firebox with cooking oil. Sometimes even in summer if it is a cool morning I like to turn it on for an hour to take out the damp. After it shut down and cool I respray cooking oil.
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    Absolute 63 combustion fan cracking

    We like pics here, the more the better :D As for thread direction I would think it would be left hand but I would wait and let someone else confirm. As for burning corn, I know they can produce corrosive deposits on the chimney but I wouldn't think they should ever effect the fan blades how you...
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    Debris in Bag

    There was someone on here recently had a nail go through his stove and jam the auger that came with the pellets. A couple of strong magnets like what you describe is a BRILLIANT idea, next shut down I will install some. Thanks!
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    Need advice on new pellet stove.

    I'm currently using an Englander 55-TRPIP and am in my 5th year with it and it does work I wouldn't buy another as I felt it was overpriced and poorly built. When I do sell it on it would be a good stove for a shop but I wouldn't recommend it for someones living room. If you are wanting to just...
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    Burn pot

    My Englander burn pot cracked and eventually burned through the bottom and I had to replace it last fall. They wanted a kings ransom for a replacement however now that I have the old one to copy I will make one out of stainless for when this one finally dies. I did get like 4 years of use out of...
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    Bitterly cold weather and frozen OAK's

    With the seriously cold weather we are having here I am having to run my stove on 8 to keep up. My OAK connection where it comes through the wall is a ball of white frost. Has anyone had issues with this? I keep a old towel on the floor back there to catch the water when it decides to melt. Hope...
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    Outside air for insert help

    I think the user meant that if he did go through the back of the chimney the termination would be inside another room. In regards to the original question, the best route would be up the chimney with another pipe beside the existing liner. There are caps made for this. I would never run...
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    2" nail jammed Harmon 52i

    Hey, at least it didn't burn out the motor, still sucks though especially if you are having really cold weather like us. You would think the manufacturer would run the pellets past a strong magnet to prevent this.
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    Pellets not burning completely, piling up, making black soot. Any ideas why?

    Incomplete combustion due to the fire not getting enough air, vacuum leak somewhere or blocked exhaust or faulty combustion blower. Also if there is an OAK check to make sure it isn't blocked.
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    Castle Serenity = massive electric use increase

    Anyone with a well and that has a remote pump (that you can't hear from inside the house) should have a pilot light installed somewhere in the house that lights up when the pump is running so that you can see right away if there is a problem.
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    Ash Vac - Best BANG for your buck

    I use a small shop vac with yellow drywall dust bags but they do still allow small amounts of dust into the house, plus they are expensive. Thinking of one of these ash vacs but want one that won't leak dust into the house.
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    Anyone else bite the bullet?

    I can't see how paying someone to clean my stove can do better then I can myself, especially using the leaf blower trick. Had my stove all set for summer storage but starting using it this morning as we are having blizzard conditions and very cold. Yes I know it is the 14th of April. :(
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    Englander ticking noise

    I would give Englander a call anyway, if the stove is only 6 months old it is still under warranty and you might have a dodgy part.
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    St Croix clunkers

    I can thoroughly clean my stove then run the leaf blower until airstream is clean and then go inside (with the leaf blower still running) and use an impact drill with a piece of hardwood dowl in the chuck pressed hard against the back wall of my firebox and still get a huge black cloud of soot...
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    Englander 25-EP New but New to this forum

    What do you burn in it, pellets?
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    Castle Serenity Constant Pellet Feed

    Sounds like a short somewhere allowing uninterrupted power directly to the auger motor. You are going to have to trace that auger circuit and see how it could possibly be getting power when it shouldn't.
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    Purely Pine

    When I use pellets like those in my stove (high resin/oil) I have to increase the air flow by at least two numbers or I get a sooty burn as well as fouled burn pot. They do burn much hotter however so I keep those for really cold weather.
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    Igniter/Hot rod issue

    My igniter just died finally (in the middle of the night leaving me with a cold house to wake up to) and now have the spare I bought last year to install. Running on hi/low for now. I think I will also install a pilot light for mine so I can see when it is active and also a switch so I can shut...
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    Igniter/Hot rod issue

    A suggestion regarding this if you are up for it, you could connect a pilot light in parallel with the igniter circuit so that next time it stays on like that you will know. I would find this disturbing as who knows how long that igniter stayed on until it burnt out.
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    First burn and a few questions

    Took me about a season and trying many brands of pellets to really get to understand my stove. I also had smoke leaks at the factory joints and used Teflon tape to seal them all. Used a flashlight at night in the dark room to find the leaks. Extremely annoying as that pipe wasn't cheap so no...
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    so whats a GOOD pellet stove?

    Aren't these the stoves that require a burn pot modification (bottom holes plugged with hillman plugs) to burn right?
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    Englander 25IP 55 SHPIP 55 TRP IP Settings and notes

    I use the leaf blower trick and while the leaf blower is running I go inside and use an impact drill with a piece of wood in the chuck pressed against the back of the burn area, this produces clouds of black soot outside. I do this until it stops.
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    so whats a GOOD pellet stove? Found this...
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    Man it's cold up here!

    That Frankville location is near my sisters. Next time I am up that way I will grab a few bags to try.
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    Man it's cold up here!

    According to that I would have to go to Orangeville. Does Ferguson deliver for you?
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    Englander 55 TRP IP-S aka 25 IP-S

    35$ is better than 100 lol
  27. Tails1

    Englander 55 TRP IP-S aka 25 IP-S

    I think I will try the refractory cement but would like to hear from someone who has already tried this first. I found this which should work to make gaskets from, what do you think?
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    so whats a GOOD pellet stove?

    If you don't want to get too technical and don't mind paying more for a reliable stove then check out Harmon. Just remember, you can buy the best stove in the world but if it isn't installed properly you will have problems.
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    117 Degees Melting Asphalt

    I just had friends return to Cumbria that were staying here. I bet they are in for a shock going from -20, snow and ice to that.
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    Cleaning Pellets

    Do the accumulation of fines cause issue in your stove? They go through mine and I get the odd bag that has excessive amounts of it but just dump it in anyway, never had a problem. I don't like to have to waste something I paid for.