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    Is this White Oak?

    There is no picture or article or anything in your post.
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    Installing wood stove

    You'd get a lot more hits on this if you posted it in the "Hearth room" thread, maybe someone can move it for you?
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    White birch firewood - how is it in compare to beech wood ?

    Very well said, bravo Sir! I like White Birch, ignites easily, burns hot but a bit fast but there is just something about it that I like, maybe it is the looks of it like Firefighter Jake said but I like it. I remember vacationing in New Hampshire years ago and the fella in a wood shop said...
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    Thanks whoever told me about Thurmalox stove paint awhile back!

    You are right, I did the search and found the original thread, but Woody was in there too! But Calentarse was the one who mentioned Thermalox! Thanks!
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    Thanks whoever told me about Thurmalox stove paint awhile back!

    I called Thurmalox back then and asked them about why don't they have a GLOSS black and the guy said that people complained when they did call it gloss that it wasn't shiny enough? He said they couldn't guarantee the shine so they call it satin.
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    Thanks whoever told me about Thurmalox stove paint awhile back!

    Yes Woody it was YOU who talked to me about it because I remember you saying that Temperkote smelled so I stayed away from it and checked into Thurmalox for that reason! It smelled a bit for awhile which is normal but seemed to really fade as time went on and I'm sure that it will fade away...
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    Thanks whoever told me about Thurmalox stove paint awhile back!

    Many months ago I was talking on here about looking for a gloss black enamel high temp paint to touch up the top of my 1993 Dovre Aurora stove, the paint cracks and peels off and the little touch up bottles of porcelain black are only good up to 400 degrees and it would take me 20 bottles of...
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    What kind of maple

    Red Maple no question.....
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    Wood ID please.

    Can you post a picture of the other wood in the top picture split too please?
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    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    The last few years Winter and burning season has come later and stayed later for me here in PA., I used to start burning in October and usually ended mid March but now it stays warmer so it isn't until early November that I start and go into April now!
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    OK, whaddya think THIS wood is?

    Everytime I look at it I see several different woods lol! The inside looks like a Maple grain, the pinhole on the cut sides makes me wonder if it is some kind of Ash, I have seen pinholes on cutsides of Hickory too but I don't think it's that, if it was Hickory it would have a manure smell and...
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    Ready for winter!

    Those are some huge pieces of wood, do you have a wood boiler?
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    helping a buddy

    Good on you guys for chipping in and helping him out like that, that is really too bad that this happened to anyone let alone an active person. I hope that he can at least carry on well enough after he heals. This is wonderful what you all did!
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    Drying wood in the garage

    I have kept my wood inside our detached double car garage for 30 years like your father, it gets so hot and dry in there like a kiln, if you stand still long enough it'll suck the moisture out of you too lol! It has been easily hitting 90 degrees plus this Summer in there and several times it...
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    Scrounge ID Please

    Looks like a piece of soft Maple, Box Elder and Poplar to me.
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    Nice ash score

    Nice haul!
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    Wood ID from Connecticut

    That's Ash.
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    Wood ID

    I could be wrong but I don't think it is Oak or Hickory, I have never seen any of them that had reddish-orange tint on the inside of the bark. I don't know exactly what it is but it is nice looking wood!
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    Felt like a wood burning "elder statesman" the other day!

    The fruit wood was in log lengths that I could load into my Bronco before work, I would need a saw for the Honey Locust but I have a feeling I'll find myself up there Saturday morning to get some! ;lol
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    Felt like a wood burning "elder statesman" the other day!

    I cruised through the compost site Monday morning before work to see how much wood was left, it looked like that young guy came up and cut some but not a lot. I also saw some ornamental Cherry or some other fruit wood there but left it for someone if they needed it, and right around the corner...
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    Felt like a wood burning "elder statesman" the other day!

    Saturday I was up at the local compost site, it is either a goldmine or a bust up there as far as what wood you can get, but right now it is a goldmine, lots of good sized to big logs laying up there for the taking, so Saturday morning I went up with the saw and although I am loaded with wood I...
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    Wood ID

    We have that here in PA. too, in fact I just picked up a few pieces this morning before work at the compost site that look very much like that. I think it is some kind of a Maple, maybe an ornamental one or an ornamental tree, I could be wrong but the grain reminds me of a type of Maple.
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    A Great Score...and a pretty cool friend.

    Yes Beech, good stuff!
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    Introduction and wood ID

    The one with the yellow inside I think is Mulberry!
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    A Great Score...and a pretty cool friend.

    That's a great score, real clean looking wood too! Is that some type of Birch in the back of that SUV? And look at the third picture, the split piece almost right above the tailgate door handle looks like it has a smiley face on it lol!
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    Wood ID

    I was up at the local compost site today and pulled in and saw 3 pieces of this wood and right away thought "that's Eastern Redbud like I cut at my in-laws 6 years ago" and the inside of it was cracked open and it was yellow inside with white trim on the outer edges just like in your picture, I...
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    Wood ID Please. Is this oak?

    Why don't you crack a round open and post pictures of the inside of it on here which would help greatly in figuring out what this is?
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    Wood ID

    Reminds me of some Eastern Redbud that I cut a few years ago....
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    Oak or Maple, Maple or Oak, or...?

    Looks like Soft Maple to me.
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    First year on wood heat, prepping for winter in the northeast

    Yeah, once and awhile I come off with a good one lol! :) ;lol