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  1. Adabiviak

    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    That's a lot of wood ! :eek: I think I might have cleared one.
  2. Adabiviak

    Popular... its a great wood

    Poplar from four months ago was dry? Man, the last time I tried to burn poplar, the individual rounds kept leafing out fresh buds for at least that long (took a couple of years before it was seasoned as well, plus it smelled bad). Maybe a different species? I might give it another try if I come...
  3. Adabiviak

    First time dropping a big one.

    Not a pro, but if it went where you wanted safely, go you. It's hard to tell from here, but that hinge looks pretty good. ...not gonna lie, was a little skittish about clicking on this post. ::P
  4. Adabiviak


    The dog house in my stove has its own separate control, and is the "primary" source of air. There are secondaries in the ceiling tubes, and igniters in the back (that are shut off once the wood is going), which leaves the output from the doghouse as the main throttle. If that gets choked off...
  5. Adabiviak

    Big guns loaded and ready.

    Damn son _g *checks Black Locust on BTU chart* Is that the densest wood available in your neck of the woods?
  6. Adabiviak

    Stand by your stove!

    I see what you did there. ;lol
  7. Adabiviak

    Smaller, hotter fires?

    I do, but mostly because I'm loathe to throw away these "tiny uglies", as opposed to their qualifications for making a good fire. By the time they're produced (slop from splitting), they've gone through much of my rotation cycle for wood (several years), and is otherwise fantastic... couldn't...
  8. Adabiviak

    Need Some Help. Neighbor (Environmental Atty) Filed Complaint

    "offensive" and "nuisance" are rather poorly defined... sounds like they'd wind up using the "reasonable person" check if this wound up in court. Yeah, but there's a line, and most people draw it differently. On one end of the spectrum might be an open-casket nuclear waste dump, and on the other...
  9. Adabiviak

    Help identifying this All Nighter, and maybe a couple general tips?

    Maybe it's just an air mover (and it blows air around the sides and over the top to get air flow around the stove) as opposed to blowing into the intake? Either way, if it's original OEM equipment, I'd call it good, but yeah... I turned the stove at our college/party house bright red by feeding...
  10. Adabiviak

    Help identifying this All Nighter, and maybe a couple general tips?

    Oh man, check out that blower attachment. That's... one way to force air into a stove.
  11. Adabiviak

    What a nice long run

    Oh wow, that's almost identical to my house, but I left my stove in the center(ish) of the wall to keep any bends out of the stack (plus it's a little more in the center of the room for even heating)... they must have really wanted it in the corner.
  12. Adabiviak

    Best Way to Tarp Your Wood?

    I sucked it up and shelled out for one of those oiled canvas ones... those cheap ones are easily punctured if they rest on a pointy bit of wood with the weight of rain/snow on them for a season, and open sun absolutely roasts them. Those oiled canvas tarps are way harder (though not impossible)...
  13. Adabiviak

    Blowers much help with wood stoves? (not inserts)

    I have one, and when I'm re-heating the house from a 'cold start', and I want that heat moving around, the fan is convenient. A box fan would certainly do the trick though, but it's nice to have one ready to go, tucked away, with a nice speed control pushing air over the top of the stove.
  14. Adabiviak

    Carbon monoxide

    Oh wow - what a sketchy way to find out!
  15. Adabiviak

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    Oak (California Live and Black), eucalyptus, and pine (Gray and Ponderosa) are in the box tonight; she's firing on all cylinders.
  16. Adabiviak

    Homemade fire starter

    I have no qualms about buying and using the firestarters that I use... dicing up kindling is a drag. That said, for camping when I'm considering saving a little weight, I have a bin of 'mechanically separated' wood. Specifically, when there's a fuel thinning project going, they'll drop the big...
  17. Adabiviak

    Burning manzanita

    Nope - Manzanita isn't the densest wood I burn either. I find it burns hot and clean, though it can leave coals behind, so I tend to chase it with something to finish those off). That hasn't been my experience? I would definitely recommend bucking it while it's green to save on your saw blade...
  18. Adabiviak

    Install a fan on interior double-wall flue pipe

    Yes (usually... I've heard of but have not personally seen double-walled stove pipe without these bulkheads). I wouldn't say excessively, but I think it would reduce it somewhat. Draft issues aside, creosote buildup for sure I have not. There are many people that have single-wall stove pipe from...
  19. Adabiviak

    Custom Draft for Woodstove

    That seems weird... why would stove manufacturers try to pre-heat the air on its way to the combustion chamber in their designs?
  20. Adabiviak

    Custom Draft for Woodstove

    Has anyone tried adding a vent, or otherwise the equivalent of an outside air kit that exits onto the heat sink of one's refrigerator? The thought I had today was that if I did this (with enough throughput to feed the stove normally) that incoming outside cold air (which is required here...
  21. Adabiviak

    Finally into the oak.

    How is that to burn (hardwood/softwood, fast/slow, coals/ash, etc.)? Is this the tree with the really pretty flowers?
  22. Adabiviak

    Stainless steel mesh in flue?

    In the flue? I agree with the flyash buildup and reduced draft concerns (and how would you get it in and out of the flue for cleaning)? Not that it's not possible just because I don't know, but still... must be relatively low to soak up enough heat to glow enough to ignite some forgotten volatiles?
  23. Adabiviak

    customer: "Fireplace smoking, need help"

    So what are the potential failure modes here? Low draft? I'm not sure how far down in the basement the stove is, but off the cuff, that doesn't look like a lot of lift. It might roast and light that wooden stand? If he wasn't going to fix that open end of the outer diameter pipe and water...
  24. Adabiviak

    Hazards of a Splitting Maul

    I might be misunderstanding... you used the head from a splitting maul (handle or no) as a wedge, driven with a sledgehammer? Sounds like the failure mode here was that both surfaces were the "hard" metal of the business ends of these hammers, where the wedges are "soft" metal, specifically to...
  25. Adabiviak

    do you load to max every time?

    Heck yeah! I've got a ton of uglies though from a streak of unusually non-linear wood, so I'm having a great time this entire week trying to put a dent in the volume as I process more of this stuff. That's probably what's happening. I burn a fair amount of manzanita, and that stuff burns hot...
  26. Adabiviak

    Combustion Analyzer

    Not necessarily along the dimensions of these organic oxide counts, but more "how much soot/smoke/particulate matter is coming out of my stack" is a measurement I've been sporadically considering how to measure: specifically a simple (for certain values of easy), real-time monitor of my stove...
  27. Adabiviak

    Starburst thornless honey locust.

    That's some fine looking firewood... is that a hardwood?
  28. Adabiviak

    Impact of Rainwater on Seasoned Firewood

    It should dry back out faster than it took to season in the first place... the water isn't "throughout" the wood; it should be near the surface and should dry back out quickly (depending on local conditions).
  29. Adabiviak

    Bug Identification

    Dirt colored seed bug, I think
  30. Adabiviak

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    6-year old manzanita splits and 3-year old eucalyptus uglies that I'm using to cook off thick, 4-year old ponderosa pine knots. This'll be my formula until I get through the pile of those pine knots. I'm also adding an occasional (California) buckeye split (harvested two years ago, but was...