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  1. WhoKilledBambi

    Is my capacitor dead?

    Hello guys, My furnace is making loud noises when the blower starts, could you confirm my diagnostic that the capacitor is trying to leave this earth? I've uploaded a quick video on youtube to show whats going on, i've send the same video to SBI in the hopes they will send me the parts i need...
  2. WhoKilledBambi

    New Drolet furnaces?

    What do you mean by active controls? Would you guys think now is the time for someone to buy one of their furnace? Kind of like i just bought a Kubota diesel mower this year because next years model will have the particle filter that is no bueno?
  3. WhoKilledBambi

    New Drolet furnaces?

    Do we know if SBI is actually chasing the EPA 2020 regulation? Will they be able to achieve that with a secondary burn system?
  4. WhoKilledBambi

    562xp Starting Issue

    Try removing the plug and crank it 30-40 times screw back the plug and try.
  5. WhoKilledBambi

    Anthracite nut in a cat stove?

    Big thanks guys...quickly realized it was a bad idea.
  6. WhoKilledBambi

    Anthracite nut in a cat stove?

    Hello guys, Next winter will be my first season with my Blaze King Apex CBT. My old smoke dragon burned almost everything i had in reserve. I'm back to square one but i already have 10 cords C/S/S for next year but i'm scared the moisture content will be a wee-bit too high still, specially in...
  7. WhoKilledBambi

    22T vs. 28T

    I got a 20ton with a 4way wedge and it can go trough really nasty stuff. I jam it sometimes. Like the others said dual stage pump is a must.
  8. WhoKilledBambi

    Punky wood

    Waste of BTUs! I also say that whenever my wife wants to do a campfire in the yard, but we still do a campfire in the yard! Ha!
  9. WhoKilledBambi

    Patching up a shed roof

    I'd lay some tarps over the roof. Ugly but works and cheap
  10. WhoKilledBambi

    Best way to transport wood into basement?

    Hello guys, How do you transport wood into your basement to store it for the winter? This year we bought a new house and at first i was throwing the wood by a basement window and that was a really slow process and I broke the plastics on the window. In February i started using a makeshift slide...
  11. WhoKilledBambi

    New Blaze King APEX-CBT owner

    Moon Dawg, how many cats did you use in 7 years?
  12. WhoKilledBambi

    New Blaze King APEX-CBT owner

    Many thanks Moon Dawg. Can't wait to try it out next season, i have to get my whole house ducted in the summer, that is going to be fun. I'm looking at you BKVP! :)
  13. WhoKilledBambi

    Pine is fine

    Wow that Big Red is clean!
  14. WhoKilledBambi

    New Blaze King APEX-CBT owner

    Thank you Laynes, Will update this thread when i get the furnace going.
  15. WhoKilledBambi

    New Blaze King APEX-CBT owner

    Hello Hearth! Just snatched the last Apex-CBT from my dealer for a steal, actually cheaper than a PSG Caddy, i am very pleased with my purchase financialy but i have been searching internet for actual reviews of this furnace without great luck. I know it uses the catalytic combustor of the King...
  16. WhoKilledBambi

    17-18 ft chimney set-up - Best Drafting stoves to consider.

    I'm sorry i can't answer your question i just wanted to say i love the Morso also!
  17. WhoKilledBambi

    Can you fit a 8'' flue liner in any masonry chimney?

    Hey guys! Long time lurker here, first post obligatory hello! 2 winters ago i acquired a Quadrafire Explorer II as my first EPA stove. I really like it but now we're moving in a bigger house (2500-3000 sq/ft) with a smoke dragon in the basement, and some kind of very small VC stove on the...