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  1. toddnic

    Woodstock Progress Hybrid Catalyst Cleaning

    John, I don't see how anyone could have a woodstove that they use often without dealing with some level of cleaning. Even in an old dragonburner, you would every so often have to clean out the ashes. Thankfully this maintenance is very easy and keeps the stove running efficiently.
  2. toddnic

    Woodstock Progress Hybrid Catalyst Cleaning

    John, great question. I got my PH in 2013 and run it hard all winter long. I normally clean the catalytic combustor every TWO WEEKS during season. Any ash that goes out of the firebox when the cat is engaged, is likely going to get caught in the cat. FYI, don't use any pressured air like an air...
  3. toddnic

    Please give me some catalytic stove recommendations

    I would recommend the Woodstock Soapstone Company stoves. We have the Progress Hybrid which would very easily heat the 2000+ sq. ft. area. One of their smaller stoves would easily handle your additional space.
  4. toddnic

    Winter Arrives Tuesday

    I'm right there with you! At 4,000 ft. and we could have snow on Tuesday. A early winter blast in the western NC mountains!
  5. toddnic

    This Just Happened

    It looks like a mixture. Some maple, oak, locust, and maybe hickory.
  6. toddnic

    This Just Happened

    A builder who was clearing a lot nearby had his guys dump all of these logs by my woodpile. I think I probably owe him a nice dinner ;)
  7. toddnic

    Progress Hybrid flue cleaning

    Farenheit 451, you will thoroughly enjoy the PH. We got ours in 2013 and we use it now as our primary heat source for our entire house. The easiest way to clean it is from the bottom using a SootEater. Just remove the bottom pipe and you can extend the SootEater all the way to the top of your...
  8. toddnic


    Moisture readers are easy to get (Amazon, Harbor Freight, etc.) and you should have 20% or below before the wood is ready to burn.
  9. toddnic


    Is that after you had swept the chimney? If so, nothing to worry about. If not, you need to sweep your chimney.
  10. toddnic

    Woodstock Progress soot from first season

    John, I replaced my cat last year. I also clean mine out around every three weeks during burning season. You shouldn't need to give it a vinegar bath after one year's use. I do mine every two years.
  11. toddnic

    Woodstock Progress soot from first season

    John, I just cleaned my PH last weekend. I had less than one quart of creosote as well. I burned about 3 cords last winter. I sure do love my PH!
  12. toddnic

    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    3 cords hardwood plus a little pine/hemlock
  13. toddnic

    Woodstock Absolute?

    I'm not sure begreen ;) The ash pan in my PH is pretty incredible! I use to have an old smoke dragon without an ash pan and the ease of use with my current setup is really nice!
  14. toddnic

    What is the highest price you would pay for a wood stove?

    The look of the PH is like a fine piece of furniture. However, the PH in a 1600sf space would be overkill. It would run you out of the house. We have 2,400sf and sometimes it is too much for our house. During the cold months of December through March, it really is amazing. In the shoulder...
  15. toddnic

    What is the highest price you would pay for a wood stove?

    Prezes13, you can get the PH for around $3,500 if you watch for Woodstock's specials. I would definitely recommend it. Truly an incredible stove if you need to heat a large space.
  16. toddnic

    Easter burning

    Probably had my last fire of the season overnight. It dipped to 37 last night but is heading back to 70 today. Time to cut wood for the 2021/2022 season :)
  17. toddnic

    Woodstock Absolute?

    Sugar Cookie, welcome to the forum. I do not have a Woodstock Absolute but I do have a Woodstock Progress Hybrid. First, Woodstock does an incredible job on their stoves. They stand by their product and there is almost never any complaints. When there is a complaint, they take care of it...
  18. toddnic

    Spring Cleanup

    What kind of stove do you have? I have a Progress Hybrid. Regarding my end of season cleaning, I..... 1. Clean out all of the ash out of the stove which includes using my shop vac to make sure that it is totally clean. 2. Clean the glass 3. Clean the catalytic combustor and inspect to see if it...
  19. toddnic

    What is the highest price you would pay for a wood stove?

    I paid around $3,800 for a PH. Worth every dollar!
  20. toddnic

    And I Thought Winter Was Over....

    It's April 3rd and I've got a fire in the wood stove. Looks like the weather is going to be warming into the 60s over the next few days with lows in the 40s. I'll probably still have a few overnight fires to keep the house warm.
  21. toddnic

    And I Thought Winter Was Over....

    Well, I was getting ready to stop burning for the year. However, tomorrow is April 1st, and it is going back down to around 20 degrees tonight. I guess that is where "April Fools" comes from! All of the plants are starting to bloom from the sunny 60 degree weather and then "BLAM....." Well, I...
  22. toddnic

    Shut down?

    Definitely April before we will be shutting down. We just had a number of days in the teens and it is only in the low 40s for highs.
  23. toddnic

    Woodstock FV vs PH

    Definitely the PH! You will get more benefits from the PH and you can always build a smaller fire during the shoulder season or on warmer days.
  24. toddnic

    How am I going to get the stove in position

    I've used a number of tricks. If the stove is on 2x4s, I've used wooden dowels to roll the stove to the hearth (Egyptian roll). I've also used a floor jack on wheels to do a final adjustment. I've also gotten 4 guys with two 2x4s under the stove and used the 2x4s as handles and just pick it up.
  25. toddnic

    Considering a cat stove

    Bootstrap, I'm not familiar with all of the various catalytic wood stoves that are on the market. However, I am very familiar with Woodstock Soapstone Company, I would definitely recommend checking out all of their stoves. My family has the Progress Hybrid and it heats our...
  26. toddnic

    Volatile gas explosion- Hearthstone

    We've had that experience a couple of times with the Progress Hybrid. It definitely "wakes you up" when it happens.
  27. toddnic

    New record

    Just "WOW!"
  28. toddnic

    First 100F Day for 2019 it's cold outside!
  29. toddnic

    Catalytic Stove Pros and Cons

    There's a lot of information on the web regarding catalytic and non-catalytic stoves. Also, there is a lot of information in the forums on this site. Just do a search. I would encourage you NOT TO GO BACK to the store you mention above. That's nonsense.... Here is a link to information provided...
  30. toddnic

    Woodstock, BlazeKing, Vermont Castings...who to go with?!

    Go with the PH! We've had our PH for 4 1/2 years and absolutely love it. Not one regret! When you order it, make sure you get the ashpan. It really is worth the extra $$.