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  1. WinterinWI

    Have we reached a tipping point?

    So local weather is not climate so it is not relevant. However, localized methane bubbles in Siberia (article linked in your original post) is?
  2. WinterinWI

    Have we reached a tipping point?

    We must have reached a tipping point. Global warming is bringing record low temperatures to Wisconsin for this time of year. I'm sure @begreen will link me yet another (unbiased) NY Times article that clearly explains why global warming is causing the record cold temps.
  3. WinterinWI

    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Interesting how you move the thread back on topic, then immediately pivot back to politics. Impeach!
  4. WinterinWI

    Wiring a Generator plug

    I would worry a bit about neutral and grounds, many homes would have used metal conduits as ground. He said he cut the neutral, so if his generator is neutral bonded (many are) it would mean that any metal conduit is the return for 120v circuits. Walk into the basement to during a power outage...
  5. WinterinWI

    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Yes, I have seen you link that before: What would you propose for educating the clueless women? Maybe mandatory planned parenthood classes? In today's society, the definition of "woman" becomes more...
  6. WinterinWI

    Wiring a Generator plug

    That's interesting, I hadn't seen those before. I couldn't find it in their manual but I'd imagine that it switches the neutral. Sure makes for an easy installation.
  7. WinterinWI

    Wiring a Generator plug

    If you want it to meet code it probably won't be simple. If you're lucky, your main panel was designed for use with a plate like Rob711 linked. If not, your best bet is probably to get something like Dataman linked, I have something very similar. Omitting the neutral like you suggested is not...
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    Have we reached a tipping point?

    A number of years ago, I remember being told that Lake Michigan was at or near record low levels. I was assured that the experts had figured it out, the science was settled. Human induced climate change was to blame. The level would continue to drop indefinitely. Voting for a certain political...
  9. WinterinWI

    For those of you who complain about their roof.

    Wasn't referring to flex of the ladder so much as the top of it not being secured. Always in my mind that it is going to want to slide side to side. I'm not on them very often though, I'm sure that people that use them every day have more confidence in them.
  10. WinterinWI

    For those of you who complain about their roof.

    Don't want to get up there and realize you forgot something. I really hate extension ladders. They just never feel that secure to me.
  11. WinterinWI

    Why do you burn?

    I burn in order to save money, although as you mentioned, the spending ends up around the same when you take in to account the $ on equipment (Depending where you live and costs). The equipment has value though, and I'd rather keep that value for years to come rather than give it to the gas man...
  12. WinterinWI

    Stove reviews

    Maybe the complaints are legit, maybe not. That's the thing about reviews nowadays, have to do your own research. Very easy for a bunch of fake ones to be posted if they aren't verified. Facebook is probably the last place I'd look for reviews on a product of any kind.
  13. WinterinWI

    New Stove Vogelzang 5790 ?

    @begreen how about moving this to the pellet room.
  14. WinterinWI

    Have we reached a tipping point?

    At one point in history, 98% of scientists believed the world was flat, so I wouldn't discount anything based on that argument. Do humans have some effect on this planet? Obviously yes, everything on the planet has influence to some degree. There is no shortage of scientists that claim to know...
  15. WinterinWI

    My favorite new piece of gear

    Suppose that works, although a slight miscalculation could be painful.
  16. WinterinWI

    Big boiler

    I've never posted on this part of the site before (don't have a boiler), but ran across this on cg today. Thought I'd share it, sure looks like a beast.
  17. WinterinWI

    Wood Stove Placement

    Have you considered insulating it? It would be a lot easier to heat with something smaller and more durable than a barrel stove.
  18. WinterinWI

    Have we reached a tipping point?

    Wow, I guess there will be no need for seasoned wood for winter 2021. Shame I spent the last couple days splitting and stacking.
  19. WinterinWI

    Tariff Wars

    Wow, sounds like we are all doomed. I'm sure your solution to the China "issue" is much more enlightened. Can I ask what it is? The manufacturing regulations you regularly propose on US manufacturers would be much more damaging to the US economy than slapping a few tariffs on imports. I also...
  20. WinterinWI

    Gardus Sooteater stuck in 6" flue pipe

    Yes, I was surprised at the price too, I bought a similar one last year. They last about 5 minutes. At least it accomplished what I needed to inspect, but don't expect it to be a tool that you'll have around for future use.
  21. WinterinWI


    The Chinese government (Communist party of China) is hardly the poor innocent bullied little boy you make it out to be.
  22. WinterinWI

    Gardus Sooteater stuck in 6" flue pipe

    If you don't want to go from the top, I'd try to rig something up with fish tape (used for pulling electrical wire). Maybe make a sort of hook on the end. It shouldn't be stuck too hard. You did trim the plastic whips on the sooteater to the recommended length for your size pipe right?
  23. WinterinWI

    Free to me (if I want it)

    That is cool looking, looks huge. Would be fun as a toy as you say. I'm guessing it eats wood about as fast as you can feed it.
  24. WinterinWI


    Pex would be easier. I've never worked with it and still do all copper. Bg gave good advice. Its not hard to learn, just takes a little practice. Do a bunch of practice joints on some old stuff if you have some laying around. It's easier to learn practicing on the workbench than the typically...
  25. WinterinWI

    System upgrade...

    The upgrade took quite awhile. I heard that it was actually complete after an hour, but it took another 3 hours to figure out how to get begreen's animated avatar to work.
  26. WinterinWI

    Help! Can’t get liner down.

    You probably won't like the answer, but what the heck. Paging @bholler
  27. WinterinWI

    Preemptive Stove Purchase?

    Going off of the dimensions in the manuals, the firebox cf of the escape 2100 looks slightly bigger than the baltic II. Not enough to make much of a difference, but if the escape is truly 2.88cf like you say, that's a much bigger difference. Shouldn't have to go down to a stove shop with a tape...
  28. WinterinWI

    Preemptive Stove Purchase?

    Yes the baltic firebox is 1.125" deeper, but the escape 2100 is 4.5" wider, and roughly the same height. That's what the dimensions in the manuals show anyway (shown dimensioned to inside of firebrick). Its in the pictures I attached a couple posts up. Doing the math, the cf comes out slightly...
  29. WinterinWI

    Preemptive Stove Purchase?

    Interesting. Do you know how the lab determines firebox size? Do they just take a few inches off for clearance to the sec tubes, and some room by the door? I think the Baltic is smaller though. Based on the drawings, I'm coming up with 3.43 for the escape 2100, and 3.36 for the Baltic...
  30. WinterinWI

    Radon mitigation effects on stove

    I've always heard radon is more prevalent in winter because the house is closed up, as opposed to summer when windows are likely open and constantly exchanging airflow. Since your stove doesn't have an oak, it would be exchanging the inside air to some degree. It may dilute radon to acceptable...