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  1. TheAardvark

    Meat smoking wood

    I got a bunch of cherry wood and I am setting some aside to turn into smoker chips. My question is does anyone know if there is a difference in sap wood vs heart wood in the flavor? I dont have experience except for buying pre made chips and wasnt sure if the sap wood sections are undesireable...
  2. TheAardvark

    Hackberry score

    Yeah....i was able to split the perfect pieces. The rest was noodled because any small knot made it very difficult. I dont mind noodling though, because it provides free mulch.
  3. TheAardvark

    Hackberry score

    Picked up a load of free hackberry rounds sitting along the road with a few other random pieces thrown in. Anyone have experience burning hackberry? If so how did you like it?
  4. TheAardvark

    +Wood Type????

    100% ash
  5. TheAardvark

    Bucking with pole saw

    You may just want to use a hand saw.
  6. TheAardvark

    Craigslist laugh of the day.....

    Free 100 ft tall hickory tree.... 15 ft away from the house and must grind the stump. Lol.
  7. TheAardvark

    Holes in splits???

    Sounds like a waste of time to me.
  8. TheAardvark

    Yet another Wood ID

    From all the nails in that tree, my guess is ironwood.
  9. TheAardvark

    Cherry down.

    Cherry is great. Its better than shoulder season wood in my book.
  10. TheAardvark

    Three years long enough?

    Uncovered as stated before. We had a hell of alot of rain this year in the northeast. I use rubber roofing material that I got for free and I have no issues seasoning it 1-2 years.
  11. TheAardvark

    Woodstove effeciency without blower on

    I find using the blower puts alot more heat into the house. I would suggest buying an Ecofan to put on top of the stove. Its not as good as the blower, but it needs no electricity to run.
  12. TheAardvark

    Wood ID

    100% black cherry. Good firewood. I have some in the stove right now. I find it is easy to split by hand.
  13. TheAardvark

    i guess the wood splitting was worth it

    Well, this thread got hijacked......
  14. TheAardvark

    i guess the wood splitting was worth it

    We have all electric heat in my neighborhood. There are no natural gas lines. Using the wood stove makes my bill look like that too. We consume way less electricity than the neighbors.
  15. TheAardvark

    Never mind EAB, Spotted Lanternfly is worse

    Luckily I have not seen any lanternflies in my part of PA yet. Im getting pretty damn tired of these invasive species that seem to come mostly from Asia. Stink bugs, EAB, now lanternflies.
  16. TheAardvark

    Some good finds today

    A fiskars x27 is hardly new technology. When you get 2 trees cut, split and loaded then you find another tree to work on....its what happens. Are you splitting with sharpened rocks or something?
  17. TheAardvark

    Some good finds today

    Went on a mission today to find standing dead trees / large fallen limbs and I lucked out. First found a standing dead black cherry and a fallen sassafrass next to it. Cut and split those then found a barkless and limbless oak nearby. Ended up getting a nice load.
  18. TheAardvark

    Help identifying type of wood

    Red oak. I like the smell too. Some people dont.
  19. TheAardvark

    wood id please

    I agree with Norway maple. If you lift the bark there should be a paper-ish layer under it.
  20. TheAardvark

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    Full loads of EAB ash. Too bad it will all be gone soon.
  21. TheAardvark

    is 3 month old wood dried 3 days in kiln "seasoned"?

    You got hosed. Luckily I havent needed to buy wood the past couple years, but when I did, I always checked a few pieces with my moisture meter before paying.
  22. TheAardvark

    Wood ID please

    I would say that it is mulberry.
  23. TheAardvark

    Left home feeling like a badass...

    Absolutely fine to cut it in smaller pieces with the saw. I do it all the time.
  24. TheAardvark

    Haunted wood stove?

    Kinda freaked me out a bit.
  25. TheAardvark

    Cutting fee

    Sounds like you are doing him a favor taking the wood. I would not pay 50 a load for unsplit green wood.
  26. TheAardvark

    Wood ID question

    Its black locust for sure.
  27. TheAardvark

    Request for wood ID, please.

    Hackberry has a "wart like" bark around here, so I dont think its hackberry.
  28. TheAardvark

    Elm perplexes me.

    You might consider it a blessing. In my experience dried elm does not split less miserably than green elm.
  29. TheAardvark

    Performed Moisture Content with VOM

    I would just spend $20 on a moisture meter and be done with it.