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  1. Pete Zahria

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Has anyone heard of 2019-2020 pellet shortages?

    I think he, like me, is referring to the people that 'can'... but do not. When someone comes in with a 2 year old, 3/4 ton pickup, and 4 wheel trailer, I'm thinking he can afford them in June.. Same with the people that have a 2 acre place, that I drool over.. Right now, deliveries, both in...
  2. Pete Zahria

    Smoke smell

    Not to get into a competition about this, but I use tape all the time, and it comes right off. It sticks to itself, like shrink wrap, but does not stick to the pipe.. no cleanup. I have also tried taking pipe apart for others, with RTV, and they would not come apart without destroying the...
  3. Pete Zahria

    Smoke smell

    In case you ever want to take it apart easily?
  4. Pete Zahria

    BigBox stores going bonkers on prices

    That's a nice pellet, you will like them.. Dan
  5. Pete Zahria

    Any way to determine good pellets? I am somewhat lost

    Not anymore... That's low end around these parts.. Dan..
  6. Pete Zahria

    Any of these pellets good?

    I do like LaCrete.. If it were the only pellet I could get, I would never complain. :) Did not use many last year, only because I tried some others. The LaCrete, often seemed like more ash, however, I always found it to be very fluffy.. meaning, to me, there was not more ash, just more volume...
  7. Pete Zahria

    Plug Pipe for offseason

    Stuff a rag in it.... free. Like others mentioned... Damp Rid in the stove.. Dan
  8. Pete Zahria

    Re-discovering Harman stove temp.

    Yeah... I know. reply remains the same.. ;) I do the same.. Dan
  9. Pete Zahria

    Inverter Genny - But is it Pure Sine Wave?

    You think Home Depot stuff is a lot different??
  10. Pete Zahria

    Installing pellet stove in basement

    Sure. Standard 3" pellet ... the most common. About 5' of straight, 2 - 90's. 8x8 clay liner all the way up. 6" metal thimble through wall, into the liner. Real tall! Old New Englander house... goes from basement up to beyond 3rd floor. Dan
  11. Pete Zahria

    Installing pellet stove in basement

    That is how I did mine.. Save about 30 bucks... Goes in to the masonry chimney that I had a wood stove in for years, then a coal stove.. now pellets. Have had zero issues with any of them.. Dan
  12. Pete Zahria

    Significant difference in heat output with different pellets

    Yeah... I should go down the "new" comments, first.... ;em
  13. Pete Zahria

    Significant difference in heat output with different pellets

    Yeah... different regions, certainly have different materials/brands available. A lot of places around here do not even carry hardwoods.. Little demand. Dan.
  14. Pete Zahria

    Significant difference in heat output with different pellets

    You won't find many people claiming that a hardwood pellet is hotter than a pine.. If you are on setting #1, I would bet that if you played with your air setting, you find that to be true. I have an Englander in my shop, and burn softwood only.. The hardwood/hardwood blends that I tried just...
  15. Pete Zahria

    When do you buy your bulk pellets?

    $100 less? is that on your whole order, or one ton?? If it's one ton, your guy is charging a lot this time of year... I don't know how you can slice 100 bucks off a ton, unless the higher price is absurd.. Dan
  16. Pete Zahria

    Harman rear distance from wall

    Is that the newest model? ;) Dan
  17. Pete Zahria

    Douglas firs during the vortex here.

    Matra. (From Quebec) Available here.
  18. Pete Zahria

    Vertical exhaust (vent) pipe..??

    I have an Englander in my shop that has no vertical.. It works fine. They have blowers in them.. They aren't relying on draft to run.. I agree.. if there is a power outage, you may get some smoke... fortunately, it has never been an issue here with my situation.
  19. Pete Zahria

    North country soft wood pellets

    North Country's here are at $5 a bag.. Cheaper than Green Supremes, and in 'my' opinion, are much better... Bags are not the best, will give you that. But I don't burn the bags.... Dan
  20. Pete Zahria

    Pellet shortage?

    Things are getting tight... Dan
  21. Pete Zahria

    1000sq/ft = one 50lb bag pellets per day???

    Depending on brands 1 ton 1.2 tons 1.5 tons. A waterproof container for a full pallet is going to have to be a pretty good size!! Dan
  22. Pete Zahria

    1000sq/ft = one 50lb bag pellets per day???

    LG Supers are 33#.. should be available in your area. Dan