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    Advice on stove to buy please

    P61 owner here, easy to maintain, clean and understand...amazing heat and it looks great.
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    Happy thanksgiving to of my pellethead friends down south...stay warm and full....keeper safe
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    1998 P-61

    Ok I think I got cut the fan off to remove the old motor(fire box side)....the new combustion motor only has one fan at the back outside the stove.
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    P61 clunk/BANG

    Can you post a video?
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    1998 P-61

    Cutting the front fan off won't affect the cooling of the electric motor?
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    1998 P-61

    Do you have the part # for the combustion fan you installed? Was it an aftermarket part? I'm curious to see if the fan is equally efficient with the double paddles vs the the 2 fans.
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    Craig's list/Kijiji FIND

    Crazy cheap Harman P61-2
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    Harmon P43 Igniter?

    Outside Air Kit...O.A.K.
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    Pellets in BC

    Prices are up in Alberta, Rona has a softwood pellet at $5.69 a bag and they seem decent.
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    Harmon P68 got me stumped and I know these stoves well !! help

    Sounds like the hopper lid as stated above, or a vacuum leak...keep us posted.
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    Outside Air Kit

    The tubing I posted is acceptable, according to my insurance company, its used in an engine bay in cars that are high temperature and draws in outside air keeping it well below an ignition temperature....I've been using it for 2 years now without issue.
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    Outside Air Kit

    Here is a pic of my set up, cost was about 17$ American
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    Outside Air Kit

    I gave up on the foil piping....ordered this and its a lot more durable...
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    Harman Accentra-2

    Plug it in and put it in test mode to see if all of the fans and auger work, you can also put the igniter in manual with the knobs on 4 to see if the LED stays lit(will blink if not working). Hopefully the seller has cleaned it.
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    A foot of snow last weekend, 10-60f , -13-15c, a 40lb bag every 4 days in the P61...more snow on Tuesday just west of Calgary....time for another ton...stay worm eryone!!!
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    P68 Cold Air Intake questions

    I just removed the cover on my P61
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    Harman Potentiometers

    To ship them up here, thy would have to be labeled s a gift or as a used product...
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    P61 Exhaust Plumbing

    Take the exhaust pipe off and weld the size you want on it....and replace the gasket...advice I used from this site.
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    Need help choosing a stove

    Harman is arguably the best, and you can't go wrong with Quadrafire either. A P43 wont leave you disappointed, great heat, easy to clean and great looks.
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    Plug Pipe for offseason

    I don't cap mine, but Lowes or home depot have 3" and 4" end caps
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    Pellet stoves

    Harman without a doubt
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    Craig's list/Kijiji FIND

    P68 for $1000, wish I lived closer
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    Used P61, What's My Next Step?

    Soak it in PB blaster, you may get lucky...great find and looking forward to your progress...once I have some free time I plan on doing a thread on my P61.
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    The story of this 25-PDVC - The abandoned Ugly Duckling!

    Pelletstove rescue and rehab...LOVE IT....looks great!!!
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    Dumb Question re: Painting PelletVent Pro

    My Selkirk pipe is from 1989, its lived in the mountains with me and the prairies and had it has zero change to it.
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    P61 squealing combustion blower

    Thanks for the info hand would you know the bearing code?
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    Harman Potentiometers

    I'll be in for 3 too if its possible
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    P61 squealing combustion blower

    Ok vacuumed, blew it out, vacuumed again and oiled as close to the bearings as I could get...quietened it down substantially...also ordered one from Amazon...this blower looks like the original oem part as it has the plastic cover on it...21yrs is decent I think.