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  1. oldogy

    Wood Porn

    Been a slight bit busy.
  2. oldogy

    Cool old Sears U4G chainsaw

    Looks like a neat old machine. Does it run? Thoughts? It'll take a real man to handle that thing for long. Should be a real mosquito fogger.
  3. oldogy

    First burn tonight

    Well, it was down in the 30s here in south east TN this morning and forecast to be lower in the am. I was out about all day but I do believe there will be a fire in the Jotul tonight.
  4. oldogy

    Is this possibly a cord?

    My friend, if you look closely, that is more than a regular size pickup truck. Note the DRWs. I would put it at least a "one ton" rated truck, F350, C3500 or whatever Dodge calls their similar size truck. Ten feet, nine feet are common size bed lengths on a truck that size. I have two with nine...
  5. oldogy

    Is this possibly a cord?

    Lets look at the possibilities: We'll assume stacked two feet high: Truck bed 10 x 8 x 2 =160 CF Truck bed 10 x 7 x 2 =140 CF Truck bed 9 x 8 x 2 = 144 CF Truck bed 9 x 7 x 2 = 126 CF Truck bed 9 x 7.5 x 2 =135 CF Common small truck bed sizes are 9 and 10 feet. I can not tell from any picture...
  6. oldogy

    Oslo vs Firelight can't decide Please help!

    I am heating 2400 sq ft with a cathedral ceiling great room where the F500 does its thing. I wanted the 600, the wife wanted the aesthetics of the 500 so we compromised her way. Although the F500 is a well built unit, it is just undersized and is nice for supplemental heat only. It is better...
  7. oldogy

    Post a pic of your woodhauler

    My old girl at work
  8. oldogy

    New saw

    Many thanks for these saw reports. The oldogy may just have a slightly smaller saw in his future.;)
  9. oldogy

    Halfway there. How's your wood pile?

    Into the second year with the clean burn stove, transitioning from an open fireplace. I am running short on well seasoned hardwood. I am burning a lot of pine that has been down for two years, split, stacked, and drying for about six months. The pine is burning better than I had imagined...
  10. oldogy

    Jotul Oslo clunking sound

    Mine gets the usual clicks when rapidly heating or cooling but into the second year of operation I've heard nothing unusual as you describe. Mine is the std black model with std top plate. How is your outlet configured, horizontal or vertical and what are the distances to joints. Perhaps the...
  11. oldogy

    Wedge Placement to split a large round - softwood this case

    I have found any large round busts up easier when pieces are taken off the outside edge, branches or no. And like said, next years wood if allowed to dry in the air and sun.:)
  12. oldogy

    Wedge Placement to split a large round - softwood this case

    I hate to split pine. I've found if you knock splits from around the edge of the round, you'll find that works about as well as any other method. IOW, place the flat blade of the wedge parallel to the edge of the round, a couple three inches in and have at it. Go around the round this way...
  13. oldogy

    Got a Rat/Mice Problem...

    No cats but I do see a few snakes around the wood pile.:eek: . JK on the :eek:
  14. oldogy

    A load of Firewood to Granny`s

    Granny has a good guy looking out for her. Nice pictures.
  15. oldogy

    Dad's wood

    Thanks for sharing that story.
  16. oldogy

    Best smelling wood

    I have burned but a limited variety, but cherry followed by hickory would be my votes.
  17. oldogy


    Something like my dear old departed Grandpa would say comes to mind. His often used statement about a fool and his money becoming separated.
  18. oldogy

    Two topics... wood processing retirement and wood cutting time commitment

    So two questions... 1) How much time a week/month/year do you spend on splitting/cutting/stacking/savaging wood? It's not inconsequential to me thus far. The $ I've invested 2) How late in age do you reasonably think (barring major accident or health conditions) your body can go? (Do you...
  19. oldogy

    Don't want to offend the wife, but...

    I would never buy my wife of over fifty years a major purchase unless we were in agreement as to exactly what it was to be. She would never make such a purchase for me.
  20. oldogy

    Stihl Dealer Flagged by "Papa" Stihl for Selling on Ebay

    The non selling on electronic media is common rule among power sport manufacturers.
  21. oldogy

    How'd you start?

    Sixty couple years ago I spent some time living with my widowed grandma in her big old farm house. She had a wood burning kitchen stove and a fancy decorated pot belly stove in the parlor. Now grandma did not think it was right for an 11 YO young man to spend much idle time so I was assigned...
  22. oldogy

    Length, Tee Posts For Wood Stacks

    The end of T stakes are subject to chipping small pieces of steel when struck with a maul. The end of the T stake is hard to hit with a maul. The T stale driver captures any steel chips within the tool.
  23. oldogy

    Length, Tee Posts For Wood Stacks

    Should not be too hard to make one. They're available many places, most farm supply stores. Here is a link to a picture.
  24. oldogy

    Length, Tee Posts For Wood Stacks

    Depth planted would be determined by the soil they're going into. Loose, sandy soil would require much more depth than heavy clay. I plant mine just far enough for the flat plate to be below ground surface and in my heavy clay they hold just fine. As mentioned, wire would help.
  25. oldogy

    What do you call your wood?

  26. oldogy

    Ashes for the Garden???

    The best growing spot of my garden is where a brush pile was burned some years before I purchased the property. I throw all the ashes from the stove on the rest of the garden spot.
  27. oldogy

    Log skidding,Never done it, tips, and advice

    A short hitch around the log tends to lift the log, reduces the amount the leading edge of the log will plow into the ground, get hooked up on a stump or root. And if pulling with a tractor be aware that if the log gets hung up on an object the tractor can "walk the ring gear" and flip backwards.
  28. oldogy

    Burning old locust fence - CL post

    Like mentioned, nails, staples.
  29. oldogy

    Splitting and stacking...

    Yard trees are suspect to be nail infested.............As are fence row trees. Ask me how I know.
  30. oldogy

    Hillbilly Hauler

    Do not attempt without trailer brakes. It looks to me like you have way too much weight in back. If you have lights, brakes, load secure and good hitch you should be ok. Check that tongue weight. I've done a bit of towing and understand what is needed for a safe tow. What you show does not look...