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  1. SXIPro

    Recycle bags?

    Where the heck were you storing hundreds of empty pellet bags?
  2. SXIPro

    Not buying pellets this spring.

    I actually find all local dealers overpriced and/or they carry brands I will not buy. (NEWP as an example). I hate giving my money to HD or Lowes, but money talks, and if the local guys are gonna run 10-15% higher $$ for equal quality pellets, I will continue to vote with my wallet.
  3. SXIPro

    Not buying pellets this spring.

    If it wasn't my own personal experience, or if it wasn't accurate (at least in my area), I would not have lumped them together.
  4. SXIPro

    Not buying pellets this spring.

    All the places, from the BBS to the local dealers that have been screwing us the last few years by selling crap pellets for $260 a ton, middle of the road pellets for $289 a ton and 'premium' pellets for over $300.00 a ton can choke on all the surplus they get stuck with this year for all I...
  5. SXIPro

    Not buying pellets this spring.

    I wish I hadn't bought my last ton. Should've just kept a couple bags on hand and saved the space in the basement.
  6. SXIPro

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Still expecting a price drop in pellets

    Aubuchon is down to 229 a ton, from 259, plus a $30 credit to go towards your next purchase.
  7. SXIPro

    Everybody ready for the cold snap?

    Been running the heat pump and furnace mostly this winter, but wife wants the 'fire' going for the 'cold snap' and I have my mom coming over for the day Sunday and she hates the cold and just LOVES sitting in my recliner that the Harman blows the heat directly at. Big pot of chili with jalepeno...
  8. SXIPro

    Chows still holdin steady at 199.00

    I used to crack up when I'd go to buy pellets from HD and I'd specifically ask for the FSUs instead of the Green Supremes and the HD guy would try to talk me out of them because "Green Supremes are all I burn in my stove".....well, fella, you're an idiot.
  9. SXIPro

    Adding moisture to the air

    Been a crockpot fan for a long time. I got a pressure cooker at a Yankee swap over Xmas and have been having a lot of fun and great food experimenting with it.
  10. SXIPro

    Adding moisture to the air

    I live on a lake, so I have a tight tank, so nothing at all leaches into the ground and I pay dearly to get that 4400 gallon tank pumped. Let's just say I spend a lot of time 'watering' the arborvitaes in the back yard instead of using the permitting.
  11. SXIPro


    I have a Harman and scrape the burnpot once a week. I empty the ash pan when it is full, which depends on how cold it is outside and what pellets I am burning, but typically averages once a week on this as well. When I first bought it I scraped the burnpot every day....not anymore. I do a full...
  12. SXIPro

    Bought my last ton for the winter

    How do you cure a nymphomaniac????.......You marry her.
  13. SXIPro

    Who else has a stove cam?

    Many pellet stoves and pellet furnaces are indeed designed and manufactured to be the sole source of heat for a home.
  14. SXIPro

    Who else has a stove cam?

    Do people also have web cams for their oil furnaces or electric baseboard heat? Seriously, pellet stoves are meant to be run 24/7. If you are so nervous that you need a nanny cam to watch your stove, why did you pick a pellet stove as a heat source? Isn't life stressful enough? I just crack up...
  15. SXIPro

    fuel $1.70/ gal....pellets still crazy

    My guess is none. Probably a typo. I called a bunch in MA and NH over the weekend and they were all still at $259.00 TSC has dropped to 229.00 per ton though.
  16. SXIPro

    Bought my last ton for the winter

    With the install of the heat pump and high efficiency furnace along with decent propane rates and ridiculous pellet prices, the Harman will now be delegated for use as ambiance for whenever the wife wants to have a glass of wine and snuggle(or fill in your own verb)by the fire. And considering...
  17. SXIPro

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Still expecting a price drop in pellets

    Yep. 229/ton at my local TSC, but they only have their lousy 80/20 blend and Instant Heat-less. Still too spendy for lousy pellets.
  18. SXIPro

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Ma,Taunton $219 a ton

    229 per ton in Leominster MA, but they only have the 80/20 blend TSC pellets and Instant Heat-less. No thanks.
  19. SXIPro

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Acton MA NEWPs $239 Ton

    For any fans of NEWPs, (I'm not one, but am just passing this along). PelletsRUs in Acton MA has them for $239.00/Ton this weekend. Their regular price this year has been $279.00/Ton CALL: (888) 539-5423 930 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720-5674
  20. SXIPro

    Pellet types

    Yeah, Lowes is gonna be stuck with this year's pellets until next winter with the price they are charging for their crap pellets. And for the price they are charging for Green Teams, you might as well just burn your furniture, as that'd be cheaper
  21. SXIPro

    Pellet types

    I'll take softwoods over hardwoods any/every day of the week. Too bad they are hard to find for anything remotely close to a reasonable cost out my way.
  22. SXIPro

    propane price in your area?

    Previous supplier was gouging at $4.99 a gallon. New guy is at $1.899 a gallon.
  23. SXIPro

    What would you do with the 1.4 billion? form

    That is some bad math. If you gave every person is America just $1 you would be at $322 Million, never mind giving them half a million bucks each.
  24. SXIPro

    What would you do with the 1.4 billion? form

    And your point is?????........???????
  25. SXIPro

    What would you do with the 1.4 billion? form

    An island, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, a fleet of Carbon DVX1200s, a bunch of boats, bottomless kegs of rum, and endless prime rib and Maine lobster.
  26. SXIPro

    Pellet Usage this far for 2015-16?

    I wouldn't be sad at all.
  27. SXIPro

    Next year plans

    Warm weather is not the only part of the picture as far as supply and demand. With oil prices the way they are right now it's just dumb to be buying pellets at the prices they are charging (unless it's your only heat source or you have electric heat w/National Grid).
  28. SXIPro

    HD Lowest price in 3 yrs.!!!!!

    Well, there is your answer. Eat more often at McDonalds and you won't need any pellets because you'll stay warm naturally due to the layer of blubber you will acquire.