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  1. Fish On

    End of year shutdown

    I only unplug my stove. And to be honest I haven’t notice a difference at all. Do a full cleaning in October. Unless u live in a swamp I can’t see it rusting out.
  2. Fish On

    Sledding Pictures 2019

    My day today. After 2 years and after major spine surgery felt great to be back on the sleds. Cheer!
  3. Fish On

    Castile Convection Blower

    I can’t be bothered to change out the bearings. Nothing can really be repaired anymore. The time it takes isn’t worth it to me. Just plug and play and done. I did just replace my burn plate floor after 10 years
  4. Fish On

    Our Dog Passed Away

    So sorry for your loss, I lost my golden and he was only 4. Quote from Mark Twain, The dog is a gentleman. I hope to go to his heavens, not man’s
  5. Fish On

    Testing some new pellets in my eco 65

    You live in Vermont why not use the best pellet that comes from your own state. Vermont wood pellets.
  6. Fish On

    Quadra Fire Castile Insert won't feed pellets

    I'm sure you checked this.. But did you make sure the set screw on auger is tight? when u change out that auger all the pellets do drop and may take a few turns to prime it again. Did you hit reset button and see if it is turning.
  7. Fish On

    Logic e soft wood pellets

    Yup, They burn real nice. Wicked little ash. They also seem to dirty my glass up But nice pellets
  8. Fish On

    Chimney brush

    Look for dryer vent cleaning kits. Google big box stores. I use a 4 inch and use my cordless drill. Just go slow u don’t have to spin the drill to fast. I also use my leaf blower on top of flue. And all is sucked away nice and clean. Takes me about 45 min. Spend more time pulling stove out and...
  9. Fish On

    New vs Used

    8 plus hour ride. I wouldn’t do it. Just not worth the hassle for me. Unless we’re talking a real good deal
  10. Fish On

    Need heat !!!!!

    What stove do u have?
  11. Fish On

    Reducer for Quadra-Fire Castile Pellet Insert Vent

    that will work. mine was steel and was a stronger then that. Just make sure to seal all with RTV
  12. Fish On

    It Begins...

    Yup I’m glad we’re burning. I’m trying some Logike soft wood super premium. They burn real nice and not much ash. Almost like Vermont’s.
  13. Fish On

    First Burn of the Season

    after last winter not playing in snow! I'm ready bring it on!
  14. Fish On

    Barefoots vs. Greene Team Platinums

    You bought pellets you never burnt before? Hope they burn good.
  15. Fish On

    Wow Sept 2 and first fire for the coming season 2017/18

    I do miss a fire, but will enjoy the fire pit and weather outside before I turn on the hair dyer again! Cheers!
  16. Fish On

    2018 season

    Are we all looking forward to the heating season! I'm going to pull the trigger and get 3 tons. I have plenty of oil and I may use that more this year. Will see Looking at prices and I'm seeing not to cheap. So what have you been paying for a ton of pellets. I burn le Crete Still enjoying...
  17. Fish On

    OK To Stack Pellet Bags On Dry Basement Floor?

    You can do that. But you would Be better to have them off ground. So air can move around. It depends how long they will sit there. Of course it may not even matter.
  18. Fish On

    Running the stove June

    If your cold turn it on. Who cares the date on calendar. I put mine on for a hour only because I fished this morning and ocean is cold. It actually felt good.
  19. Fish On

    $309 Delivered Cleanfire Pacific Softwood

    I'm not even thinking about pellets now. Do you think you should have waited to see prices would be later? I actually enjoy moving them all the time. Good exercise!
  20. Fish On

    Blackstone Pellets, any opinion's

    These are probably the worst pellets I've ever burnt. Kinda a shame was hoping they would be good. I got a bag last week after freezing my ass off being on the ocean fishing. They say super premium. That's a joke!
  21. Fish On

    3rd week in April....still running our stove

    Who cares what the month is. If u want to crank the stove get chill out go for it. When it's raw it sucks. I actually think that's worse then a 20 degree day. Cheers!
  22. Fish On

    Hello from Okanagan Wood Pellets!

    Agree, but so many more pellets to choose from. I could get blazers and those burn awesome, trumans hard wood were just as good as THE OLD CUBEX. Hey we have lots of options if you want to find what burns good in your stove. That's not a bad thing!
  23. Fish On

    Hello from Okanagan Wood Pellets!

    I used to like okies, and when D**g was in charge he always gave us a heads up. But there are so many other good pellets in our area I'm fine with it tell you the truth. The firs burn good but I like Vermonts and they are only 100 miles away and okies are 3000. And a lot of northern...
  24. Fish On

    Summer Moisture

    I really don't worry about it to much. I don't empty it or clean it when I'm done. Just unplug and enjoy the warm summer months. I love my stove don't get me wrong. Just some people go crazy over this stuff!
  25. Fish On

    Picked Up This Plastic Molded Pellet Hopper

    That's a nice find. How much did you pay for that.
  26. Fish On

    Who is ready for the snow?

    Yup I'm ready for nice weather. Went fly fishing the other day, finished boiling off all my sap from trees and pulled taps Raked yard, and now snow. But it's good for the grass! Opening day Monday!
  27. Fish On

    Question for the masses...

    When I'm done i unplug stove and that's all. Fall I clean and go. Simple
  28. Fish On

    Landscape adhesive

    It's all what's under the pavers that matters! Pavers and stone work are the finish product and a lot of people rush to get it done. Not saying who ever did your job did that. I do walkways all the time and I can't tell you how many people don't understand the prep work before the finish...
  29. Fish On

    First run on my Cubex

    Glad u are having luck with them. I had a awful batch a few years ago. I mean awful. They came and picked up the ton from me they were so bad. Haven't tried them since. But maybe maybe they fixed what was wrong. The old ones were awesome. I will pick up a bag and try and if they burn like...