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    Is it possible to run the chimney up through the house? This is the best option in many cases, because you can minimize horizontal runs.
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    Help me decide on some equipment. Chainsaws, pickaroons, timberjacks and mauls.

    Tools aside I think some of what you are looking for is technique/philosophy to moving firewood. From what i understand you are 400 yards uphill from your truck, and your rounds are around 12". The 2 ways to get the log to the truck are a limbed log or in rounds. If you are cutting often in...
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    have you looked at a wood furnace. (Kuma or something like that)
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    What is your current heating system? (hot water, forced air, electric) Do you have wood cut split and stacked for next year? How soon will the garage be built? Horizontal is a bad idea.
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    $5 million in R&D funds for wood and pellet stoves available from DOE

    This will line the pockets of some lawyers very nicely. Sorry if it sounds a bit jaded, but I watched how these grants work, and it not a system build for innovation. They are designed to be inaccessible to average small company. The other complaint is, Tax payers fund the R&D, and the...
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    HS Tarm MB55 Solo for pool heater?

    you need a stainless heat exchanger, or you will ruin the boiler very quickly.
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    chicken coop plans

    consider: building a chicken tractor, and using chicken nipples to water the chickens. I would disagree with the idea of make it to big to start. I would go with a 4x4 or 5x5 box for 5 or 6 chickens, and a fenced yard for the chickens or free range if you have good protection for them. The...
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    Propylene Glycol

    Chances are your HX will not rupture, but will get a pin hole leak, and will mix in to your maple syrup slowly. By the time you figure out it is leaking, how many gallons have you processed? I know the government says its ok to eat, but I would not want it in my syrup, and are you will to list...
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    Boiler questions

    I don't know about these boilers, but I can address questions 5 and 6 Can you use it without storage? I am sure you can, but it would be good to match your heat load to your boiler output, or you will get a lot of creosote. Are they hard to keep clean? No if you can run them till they are out...
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    Propylene Glycol

    What if you used your Woodgun to get the temp up to 180 - 190 with water, and a fuel and burner to do the rest? Putting a poisons liquid through a pipe that is in a edible liquid would make me very nervous. What would be cool is a wood gas burner.
  11. NateB

    Domestic Water Issues?

    My guess would be that the HX for the DHW in your oil boiler is not designed to work at the lower water temps. You could try flushing out that HX, but I think you will still see poor performance. I would encourage you to come up with a different DHW solution, so you can shut off the oil boiler...
  12. NateB

    Weil-Mclain Boiler Mystery Leaking This gauge would be a quick way to check the pressure if you have a drain/fill on your boiler...
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    Cutting through foundation footer/wall?

    I would add another gas fireplace into the patio room. Put it on the outside wall with windows for a nice view. It would be a nice place to watch it snow.
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    Weil-Mclain Boiler Mystery Leaking

    I would agree with Maple1 for the pressure to rise 22 to 25 psi in just 8 degree rise in temp, there must not be much room for expansion. The other thing that seems odd is the pressure is only at 3 psi when the boiler is at 167F? Maybe the pressure gauge is screwed up and the system is...
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    Tractor tire chains

    Filling your own tires is not that difficult. There are many youtube videos on the process. I do have to say that filled tires help a little on our JD 2020, but chains made a big difference. I also think putting a snow plow that you can angle on the front really helps. link to fill you own...
  16. NateB

    YouTube Wood Cutters?

    Swedish Homestead, Steves Small Engine Saloon, Paul Sellers, donyboy73, Stihl USA,StihlTimbersports,Out of the Woods. Wranglerstar has lost all support from me. I watched him from the beginning of his channel, and he proclaimed how he would never sell out and be a shill selling junk, and a...
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    Holes in splits???

    One option that may get you out from behind the 8 ball for next year, is buying slab wood waste from a local sawmill. It is small enough you just need to cut it to length and stack it. I kind of feel like I am cheating buy not having to split it, but my boiler loves the stuff.
  18. NateB

    Circulator help please

    Hi Mike Pictures or drawings may help people help you. Is your boiler warming up, and the heat is not going any where? or is your boiler having trouble getting hot? Thanks Nate
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    Biomass 40 water and creosote issues

    I would guess the weather in combination with the uninsulated chimney might be the issue, and it may have clogged your cap.
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    Supplementing wood stove heat

    I am a bit confused? When you say "turn your furnace back" are you talking about a wood burning appliance, or your Oil NG or Electric furnace? I would say if your house is getting into the 40s. You should watch for frozen pipes. I think this is in the wrong forum.
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    Electric heat, looking for opinions on Fireplace insert

    I am not an expert. Here is what you will run into if you try to put an insert into a fireplace. 1.) you will need to insulate and put a liner into the chimney 2.) you will have to buy an insert that is not big enough for the space you are trying to heat 3.) you will never get the heat to where...
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    connecting OWB to second location

    What kind of heat do you want to have? (forced air, radiant...)
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    My Hot Tub Hookup Experience - Glycol Loop

    Is your boiler only getting to 163, because the top sensor is down into the sensor well to deep? I would try moving the sensor and see if you can get more heat.
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    wood boiler for newly constructed cabin

    "If its not practical in my home, would it be a good option for my work shop? I currently use a wood stove but its not ideal because it takes so long to heat the slab and all the mass inside. Could i use this boiler and the forced air heater in the shop instead of the house? If i used...
  25. NateB

    Help... leaking smoke

    If you trap a piece paper in the door, it will tell you how good the seal is by how hard it is to pull out the piece of paper. Like a feeler gauge for the door seal. I would guess the issue is the blocked tubes.
  26. NateB

    Help... leaking smoke

    Yes if you get the tubes down to bare metal, or as clean as you can. It should stop that issue. You should clean them weekly until you get a feel for how dirty they get, this will also increase efficiency. I would also guess you are burning wood that is not dry enough yet.
  27. NateB

    Help... leaking smoke

    I didn't find any info on hinge adjustment in the manual, so I don't know if they are adjustable. You will have to look and see if there are adjustments. You can also do a paper test to see if the door is tight. I noticed you have another thread asking about cleaning the boiler tubes. If you...
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    Help... leaking smoke

    Are the hinges on the door adjusted? Does it leak at just one spot? (if so where) Does it only leak with the fan on, or all the time?
  29. NateB

    Opinions of Two 1000 Gal Propane Storage Tanks for new DIY build

    In my opinion after installing a boiler and storage to heat my house, garage, and DHW. If I were just space heating a work shop, I would pick a central location, and put in a wood stove. Don't get me wrong it would be a fun project if you have the time and money but it is over kill.
  30. NateB

    Opinions of Two 1000 Gal Propane Storage Tanks for new DIY build

    Are you just trying to heat 2500 sqft in a shop to 50 deg?