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    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    this thread is better than the weather channel
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    Burning wood for newbies??

    Let the fire go out last nite. This AM, crunch up some news paper, put some scrap from splits on top(NS % EW) put 3 splits on top and light it. Yeah, no wet wood here.
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    Burning wood for newbies??

    I cannot get my mind wrapped around all the issues with lighting a damn fire. I have NEVER, again, NEVER had an issue whether starting up or in the AM on waking up to either start or to continue a fire. It's almost like when the Arapaho discovered flint.
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    Applince connector questions

    What the hell is an applince?
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    What's your favorite BEER?

    I cannot believe there are over 1K in posts. I drink Bud Light because I like it. Not trying to get high, just like it. Since I left Kaneohe moons ago and can't get Primo I'll stick with Bud Lite
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    Hearth gloves recommendation.

    Welding ones also, they almost reach my elbows
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    Disposing Of Wood Ashes

    Throw them in the rut in front of my mailbox because the road dept. won't repair it.
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    Would you buy a Harman at this point?

    I'm guessing, 1st one maybe 6 years, 2nd maybe 8, again guessing
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    Would you buy a Harman at this point?

    I went all last season closing the damper by hand because the front of the damper frame warped to the point the rod jammed. My fault, probably. This is my 3rd TL 300, First one had after burner issues then I was told they "improved" the after burner so I went with another, the warped damper...
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    Would you buy a Harman at this point?

    Can one of you explain why it's a downdraft? Air comes in from the bottom, up past the damper if open or thru the after burner if closed and out the chimney
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    Would you buy a Harman at this point?

    I picked up a TL300 floor model for 1/2 price a month ago, last one. I agree with Seasoned Oak
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    I think it finally arrived last night.

    Yeah, same here. Raining when I went to bed, 27 @ 7AM and couldn't open the front door. 73 inside tho
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    Is a Stihl 251 c-be my best option?

    How large are the logs you plan on cutting? My little MS 192T does quite well and one hand operation.
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    Transporting Seeds

    Their property boarded lake Stockton. Had a little over 10 acres. Both aunt & uncle died within a week and everything was auctioned. I've been kicking myself in the a$$ for not buying that property. Think in went for about 20K
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    Transporting Seeds

    SW Mo. they came from Aldrich
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    Transporting Seeds

    About 30 years ago the wife brought back a big sack of walnut from her aunts in MO. Squirrels got to them and now we have at least 50 very large trees all over and little one sprouting.
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    Wiring a Generator plug

    What I did years ago and still have was to mount a small breaker panel(6 circuits) next to the main. Then I bridged the small panel to the six circuits in the main I want the generator to power.Then ran an underground cable to the generator with plug and connected other end to small panel. When...
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    Why do you burn?

    We moved in over 40 years ago. Small ranch with piss ant electric heaters at the far end(bedrooms) and an oil floor heater at the other end. The damn floor heater was on and off every 10 minutes and unless you stood over it you froze. Then I met old Charlie Wilson in PA and bought a Morso 2bo...
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    Dragging leaf tarp

    I just use my Cub Cadet and mulch them where they lay
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    The greatest song title?

    The fightin side of me----Merle
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    Stink bugs

    Behind my sweatshirt this AM.
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    Did I tell you how much I them meeses ...

    My wife's Audi was giving her xmsn issues. Took it to the dealer and was told she was riding the clutch. Took it to a local guy that disassembled it and found a crushed mouse. Auto insurance covered the total bill under comprehensive, $50 deductible
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    Copper anti seize

    Before I start a new stove up I remove all bolts and apply a dab of permatex grey. No stink
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    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    Three days ago but not 24/7 yet, start in AM.
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    Chimney repair quote is $20k, thoughts?

    Well, you are in CA.:rolleyes: That's more than my first house.
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    Before your repair man shows up...

    So do you charge xtra for return call? If not why not, two trips.
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    Before your repair man shows up...

    Not if you get paid by the hour
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    Trailer oops! Never had this happen before!

    Funny, yesterday I passed an FJ Cruiser on it's side with a small trailer with small logs in it attached and upright. I had an FJ and they were not good at trailering.
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    Stink bugs

    I'm looking at least 20 on the screen slider. From China(where else). Been around here for years. They find the damnest places to hide and you'll find them in the spring. Fuzz buster them and into the Harmon