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  1. PaulOinMA

    Now this is a REAL wood stove!

    Damn, that's a lot of work when I can go to Ocean State Job Lot here for a $60 fire pit. :)
  2. PaulOinMA

    Finally, an Eplane!

    Neat! I went to a model jet rally two years in a row almost 10 years ago. Never knew there were radio-controlled model jets. They were really neat...
  3. PaulOinMA

    Finally, an Eplane!

    I laughed. maybe they can hold onto the extension cord and have the plane circle them like those Cox planes we had in the 1960s.
  4. PaulOinMA

    Used Stihl 180 c-be

    I have a Stihl MS 180 C "Mini Boss" with a 14-inch bar. Good little saw for light-duty homeowner use. The chain adjusting is a "nice to have." :)
  5. PaulOinMA

    Winter car washes

    Neat idea. I'm still coiling old hoses. :)
  6. PaulOinMA

    I miss my woodstove :(

    We have a gas insert on OBX. Had the gas tank taken away since we're only there Christmas week in the dead of winter. Neighbors across the street are there all off-season and said their gas insert puts out a lot of heat. Really the only option. No firewood on the Outer Banks where we are...
  7. PaulOinMA

    cast iron pans IN the woodstove.

    They're known as fire-damaged skillets, and the iron is changed and takes on a reddish hue. There are threads with pictures on the WAGS forums.
  8. PaulOinMA

    cast iron pans IN the woodstove.

    Great! Maybe just use a lye bath or electrolysis to clean them prior to seasoning, if they are antique pans and may have value. Other methods (fire, sanding, grinding, etc.) turn potentially collectible pans into users.
  9. PaulOinMA

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Just back ome from delivering meals through Amvets in the neighboring town. Over 500 meals delivered, not including meals served at Amvets after deliveries. New balloon at the Macy's parade this year. Supposedly Green Eggs and Ham. Really is my wife and me when she plans...
  10. PaulOinMA

    Help - Dangerous Setup

    Great thread! Mayflower II is down at Mystic Seaport for a multi-year restoradion. Was relaunched and is back in the water for outfitting and rigging.
  11. PaulOinMA

    Additional heating for bathroom

    Our bathroom has heat, but it's a large bathroom with a skylight. We just have a little ceramic space heater from Target for when we shower. It's only on for a few minutes a day. My wife has been working from...
  12. PaulOinMA

    Winter Arrives Tuesday

    I check out the Mount Washington observatory whenever it's cold here. Low was -17 F yesterday with wind gusts over 100 mph.
  13. PaulOinMA

    Love my LED Floods

    I replaced the CFL floods I put in to save money when they first came out with LED floods several years ago. Much better. CFL floods take a while to heat up and get to full brightness in the winter. I climed up 2 stories with the LED floods and noticed that they weren't the same, like they...
  14. PaulOinMA

    has anyone tried wireless meat/BBQ thermometers on a wood stove?

    I'm a scientist by education. We like data. Will never use 99.9% of the data we collect, but we like data. :) I can tell you every tank of gas I've gotten going back to 40-plus years.
  15. PaulOinMA

    Is a Stihl 251 c-be my best option?

    I have the Stihl MS 180C with a 16" bar that I bought soon after we moved to MA in 2003. Like it a lot. Great little saw for what I need to do: just some home duty use. Came with a 14" bar, but I had them put a 16" bar on before I left the shop. That way they could give me full credit on the...
  16. PaulOinMA

    has anyone tried wireless meat/BBQ thermometers on a wood stove?

    I have a Thermoworks BBQ thermometer for my smoker. As mentioned, check the temperature rating for the probe and cables to see if it's suitable for your application. Also have a couple of Thermoworks IR thermometers and three Thermapens. Good products.
  17. PaulOinMA

    What size brush for my fireplace sweep? Cleaning Tips?

    I have a SootEater and also bought a cleaning kit here: The rods look to be from Europe and are flexible. I also have the following...
  18. PaulOinMA

    Why do you burn?

    For all the reasons others have stated: Had fires growing up. Grew up in a wooded lot in CT and cut wood with dad. Save some money by keeping the thermostats low. Exercise splitting wood. Clears the yard and woods here. It's fun. :)
  19. PaulOinMA

    When do we start?

    I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. First fire was October 16. No way I'd have fires at these temperatures in April. :) No fire yesterday since temperature was upper-60s. Probably no fire today, too. Mid-60s.
  20. PaulOinMA

    Gutter vac

    Great! :cool:
  21. PaulOinMA

    Backdraft at Startup

    I thought the same thing. :)
  22. PaulOinMA

    Can't use soot eater in my FPX large hybrid. Next best bet? Viper?

    I have a Sooteater and also ordered the following cleaning kit. The rods have good flexibility. Videos showing flexibility are online.
  23. PaulOinMA

    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    First fire last night, October 16. Gypsy immediately took the little shearling throw on the couch when my wife got up. Whiskers didn't join me on the porch for a cigar (not that he has one), preferring the back of the loveseat in the 70-degree den. Quite the nor'easter last night. 90 mph...
  24. PaulOinMA

    New Dual Heat Expert Soldering Gun Kit - LOL

    Weller web site has tips that look like they fit. Listing states that they are for older guns.
  25. PaulOinMA

    New Dual Heat Expert Soldering Gun Kit - LOL

    I have my dad's (1919 - 2010). .
  26. PaulOinMA

    My not so wonderful install experience

    That's what my chimney guy said, too. I measured where my insert opening is and saw that it offset from where the liner would drop down. I bought 15-degree and 30-degree adapters, to see if he wanted to use them. He used the 30-degree adapter...
  27. PaulOinMA

    Door latch lube

    My door was squeaking when opening. I put a very small amount of ceramic brake grease on the hinge pins. I'm going to take apart my latch before I start the season and lube it, too.
  28. PaulOinMA

    Tariff Wars

    I just noticed … has your title always been "Mooderator," not Moderator? :)
  29. PaulOinMA

    Tariff Wars

    The guy that is, above, is a small business. No place for him to absorb a tariff of a raw material, so he had to suspend offering a product. His skid plates were really good, too. Liked it a lot.
  30. PaulOinMA

    Tariff Wars

    The place where I bought a skid plate from has halted production for now due to raw material costs. Due to the US tariffs on aluminum and steel, the price we must pay for those materials has moved far too high to allow us to produce new...