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  1. xman23

    What is this?

    I'm not an insert guy, which I think is what were looking at. Is that insulation that someone filled around the chimney liner.
  2. xman23

    Metal roofing over shingles questions

    To you guys who know. What about the void between furring strips. When you walk on the roof doesn't the roof bend?
  3. xman23

    what kind of wood is this im in pa

    2ed the rock oak
  4. xman23

    Wood Wall Completed

    You couldn't just get some snow fencing!!! Good looking stacks.
  5. xman23

    Stove top temperatures

    I depends on the stove, how hard you can run it. I was heating a cold house and running the stove 650 degrees for hours. A lot of expanding metal banging noises. Can't be the best thing, so now I don't do it. Normally I don't run higher than 500.
  6. xman23

    Chainsaw purchase - looking at MS261

    I'm a 20 year, 2 coad a year, 260 pro owner. My only saw. From what I've heard it's one of the most respected saws for it's size. Mine has been flawless. Use Stihl starting method, 2-3 pulls, ever time. I don't know all the differences in the pro version. The decompression valve makes the...
  7. xman23

    Basement or Living room

    I'd be interested to hear how basement burners deal with the issue we bring up. The first issue is in the standard basement cooking at 90 degrees, it's to get the heat out of. Yes you can but it requires building an air circulation system. My biggest issue is, depending on the burn stage, the...
  8. xman23

    Plugged chimney

    My guess you must be talking about a plugged up cap screen? Or can you actually plug up a 6 inch chimney with creosote in 2 weeks?
  9. xman23

    Newbie To Wood Stoves with MANY Questions

    Just a few second house tips. We have done this for years. Drain water from pipes. Leave t,stat at 45. In the early years we would arrive and run the stove real hard for hours to raise the temperature. The house would rise about 3 degrees an hour. Now with a programmable t,stat the heat goes to...
  10. xman23

    Jotul F600 ash pan door

    That doesn't look so good. Clean the stove out and look for cracks and other air leaks in the base. Hopefully your missing calking at the seams. As to the ash door issue, my Oslo is identical. That is the same sag at the latch size. Mine is 20 years old. But basically it just the hinge...
  11. xman23

    The Oslo Nuclear Reactor

    That was my wife story a few years ago. She went up to the cabin alone, cleaned the stove and started a fire, as she has done lots of times. In a short time she heard the stove top water pot boiling. It never does that. She knew there was a issue. Long story, 3 fire trucks, ambulance, community...
  12. xman23

    Hearth gloves recommendation.

    Get long ones that go up to the elbow. Don't ask how I know.
  13. xman23

    Jotul F600 ash pan door

    Missed your question about the spring. I'm not at the cabin to look. Not sure, why do I think the ash door is different than side door. Both have springs. On the ash door, Is the spring behind the flag latch? That would allow only the flag to move in. I feel the latch engage and then it takes...
  14. xman23

    Jotul F600 ash pan door

    Sounds gummed up. It should go in and out. It's easier to see this action on the side door. Mine has a good thick gasket, so with the palm of my hand I need to push in as I rotate. My ash door has the removable handle. But as I rotate I feel the latch engage and the spring compress.
  15. xman23

    Jotul F600 ash pan door

    I can only comment on my 20 year old Jotul 500. All the doors, side front and ash door have a spring on the shaft that rotates as you close the door. This allows for the latch arm to move in and out, keeping tension on the door. It allows for a big change in the gasket thickness, and keeps the...
  16. xman23

    Wood storage and other questions

    Just wonder why you need to bring the wood into the house? I know some here do it, but..... My covered wood stacks has always had powered post bugs. I've never seen them, but certain wood has dust coming out of holes. For me I have no reason to get the wood any closer to the stove than my side...
  17. xman23

    Ready for first large burn and have questions

    Learn the stove. The wood load and burn rate will control the stove temp. Once you learn to control it, you can easily raise the stove temp up and down. The goal is to control the stove to maintain a comfortable house temp. You've done it right when you can't tell whats heating the house.
  18. xman23

    Minor creosote burning off, or a major problem?

    I hear them occasionally. But I know what I clean ever year hasn't changed. I would do a mid winter cleaning to see.
  19. xman23

    Stove placement in basement

    It will work as well as any stove does placed where we all have put them. That is, a lot of heat in one space that can have issues getting to other spaces. If your reason for a stove in the basement is to use it when your down there, it will be fine. If your heating, I suggest putting the...
  20. xman23

    Is a Stihl 251 c-be my best option?

    Many saws can be hard to start. Until you know exactly what the saws procedure is. I can't say all Stihl start well, but mine does. The best thing on my 260 Pro model is the decompression valve button. It makes the cord pull easy. Two easy pulls and it fires, then move up the choke lever on...
  21. xman23

    White oak vs red oak.

    I'm on top of an all oak mountain. White, and rock oak. Don't think I have red. The white oak is stringy splitting. The rock explodes when you hit it with aa maul. I think they burn about the same.
  22. xman23

    Name this Rain Cap!

    It looks like mine. I will have to look what brand it is. My cap is stainless steel and has 2 bands where yours has 1. Mine had a 1/4 screen. It plugged up in a half a season, 20 years ago. My wood that first year was bad, but the screen had to go. Curious, why you want to replace it?
  23. xman23

    Fully Packed Oslo

    After mine is hot and a bed of coals, my air is almost all the way off. I open it up when reloading, until there lit up. That said I've never had a problem controlling the fire with a full load. Never tried North / South. I guess it burns a bit different. But all my wood is 18 - 22 inches.
  24. xman23

    Calculating stove height to reduce back draft.

    Are there some caps that help with this issue?
  25. xman23

    Advice for improving draft in our new Jotul Oslo F-500

    Mines not fool proof until there's a 2 inch bed of coals and a hot stove box. Then I can put any thing in. Don't use the ash door. I use the side door in startup.
  26. xman23

    PE SUMMIT Acting Odd

    Sounds like it's flaming out and smoldering. Not enough air, hot enough fire box, enough draft. It's early burn season, so draft is down a bit. When I get a fire to die, it's always before a few reloads and a a bed of coals. And wet wood that won't stay burning.
  27. xman23

    Best Heat Powered Stovetop Fans

    If a great novelty, but not much else.
  28. xman23

    Why do you burn?

    I burn for the ambience. The radiant heat is great as well. We may save a few bucks, but it's not why we burn.
  29. xman23

    2nd season of use....anything I should know?

    Here's some tips and tricks we learned the hard way. After 1/2 a season the cap screen was plugged up cap. The chimney guy couldn't diagnose it. The lesson learned was clean it yourself, you will know it's done properly, and you'll sleep better. If you were blackening the glass almost every...