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  1. Ludlow

    gaining firebox space

    There are inserts that stick out on the hearth that might heat better anyway.
  2. Ludlow

    My new stainless liner has issues. Are they worth fighting over?

    File a lawsuit against first contractor.
  3. Ludlow

    Now this is a REAL wood stove!

    Might as well build the fire around it!
  4. Ludlow

    New Kozy Heat Z42 Install (Thanks!)

    I believe that was the old unit/surround. Probably site built out of standard 1 by pine and mouldings.
  5. Ludlow

    Small chimney fire/smoke alarm went off no smoke?

    2 feet up would be the connector pipe? Take it off and have a ganders at it. Easy. Just because you may have caught fire in the connector doesnt mean the chimney was on fire nor that it was damaged. Just have a look. If the connector was on fire it certainly would give that burning metal smell...
  6. Ludlow

    Chimney Cap

    I guess. I wouldnt think to light a stove when it's 60+ degrees. I suppose to OP that might be desirable.
  7. Ludlow

    Chimney Cap

    I think she might be "burning" something too!
  8. Ludlow

    Stove top thermometer

    I have two stovepipe gauges and the Rutland is the most accurate at 10 degrees under my IR reading. The other brand is a full 100 degrees below my IR.
  9. Ludlow

    Chimney Cap

    Why is her window open on days you are burning?
  10. Ludlow

    Outside damper?

    I have some ash that is so dry it feels light like balsa wood.
  11. Ludlow

    Was this a chimney fire?

    I dont know about cat stoves. Just makes sense if there was an explosion that debris would be expelled. I would be confident that is your reason for the flakes.
  12. Ludlow

    Was this a chimney fire?

    Shotgun! Just makes sense if the stove had an explosion that it would have blown the flaky stuff out like a shotgun. No chimney fire as you have your explanation for the deposits.
  13. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    Not true. The first standards were 1988. Stricter standards enacted 2015. Ever tightened standards 2020.
  14. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    So when do you think the next phase of standards is set to kick in? The 2020 is happening now. When is the next? Is it every 5 years it tightens?
  15. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    The government was part owner of GM when my truck was made. It's their fault and Im holding them responsible!:mad:
  16. Ludlow

    Modern FP30 Install Pics & Cold Air Draft OAK Problem?

    Some stoves dont seal the air supply to the firebox completely, so yes it will leak terribly to the room when not in use. Rig some kind of damper on the outside hood when not using it.
  17. Ludlow

    Outside damper?

    I saw that too. The pipe color is consistent.
  18. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    Funny. The government didnt mandate GM to build a Silverado. The consumers desire to go faster with more comfort is why cars were improved.
  19. Ludlow

    Outside damper?

    Is the cap missing outside? Only thing I can think of. When you turned the air down you mean it had no effect on the fire? Sounds like your door wasnt latched completely to me.
  20. Ludlow

    Direct air vent

    The reason most suppliers/installers dont like them when they arent required is that it is labor intensive and they lose money on it. There are no downsides once installed correctly. You could always add one later DIY if the shop wont grant your request. I dont blame the installers really. Its...
  21. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    I would love that actually! I bet they didnt have any of the electrical problems that plague my computerized Silverado, although my truck comes complete with roof leaks so it feels like a model T when it rains. Mandates just push experiments on to the consumer, who pays for the privilege of...
  22. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    Fair enough. But you are being misled by agenda driven activism IMO. There is no reason besides incremental elimination for the ever stringent standards (beyond where we are now) mandated upon wood burning stoves.
  23. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    What's wrong with what we have?
  24. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    Ever stricter standards are not needed in the majority of the country. If stagnation is a problem where you live then special stoves should be required there and not mandated for the rest.
  25. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    True. But we are in a good place right now and ever tightening standards are not needed.
  26. Ludlow

    Drolet HT3000 vs HT2000

    The one thing I hate about those stoves is that it is too big for my application. I really wish I could have one.
  27. Ludlow

    Wood stove operation.

    Comment of the year! Remember to spend your vote wisely. We see ever stricter emission standards enacted and hear of impending doom from pollution. All the while our life expectancy keeps growing and growing. I think we should relax the standards not tighten them.
  28. Ludlow

    Wind and Pipe problem

    Most Lowes stores have the locking bands in stock in the store.
  29. Ludlow

    Best way to measure heat

    Yep. I only pay attention to the temp of the connector pipe. Single wall in my case.
  30. Ludlow

    Should I upgrade?

    Slowly buying your freedom from you with those carrots. The green new deal will ban all stoves eventually.