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  1. 3fordasho

    New mac cl96c

    No experience with a New mac but on other brands of wood furnace the draft blower is only used on start up to get the furnace up to temperature and then shut it off and let natural draft work. Many that have run the draft blower though out the burn report the wood only lasting an hour to two...
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    Inline strainers vs dirt separators

    I installed a 1 1/4" strainer in the loop from top of storage through two 60 plate flat plate HX's and back to the bottom of storage. With in a week of starting up the system the strainer was totally plugged. Not unusual for a new system start up I suspected. Over the last week I was doing...
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    Fire Chief 1000 or Caddy

    I'd offer less on the Tundra. I bought one of the last T1 from Menards on close out for about $500. No dents. Of course those deals are long gone. To bad you're not closer- I'd sell one of my fully controls upgraded T1's for less than $800- I've gone to wood gasification boiler. I do love the...
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    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    I'm much more concerned about a natural gas or propane line coming into the house. Zero concern about 1000 gallons of water at 14.7 psi. My storage is in a outbuilding, but if I could have fit it in the basement of the house I want to heat - that is a better place for it.
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    The firebox on a downdraft gasifier is surrounded by water, however that is not where main fire is occurring. The main fire is occurring in the lower chamber as wood gas and air are sucked or pushed down through the ceramic nozzle into the lower chambers radiused ceramics, then once complete...
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    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    part 2 (sorry I don't know how to edit to make this one video) .
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    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    Here is the start up for doing a batch burn in a indoor style downdraft gasification boiler (hydronic heater- we hope to not boil anything ;-)
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    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    Generally for indoor gassers a forced draft unit will have the blower on or in the front door and Maple is correct there are more issues with smoke spillage when reloading. (blower is pushing air into firebox vs induced which is pulling air through and the blower will be located near the flue...
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    Ditto, when you consider the amount of work installing one of these systems, and the costs of all the "other stuff" - valves, fittings, copper, boiler return protection, pumps, heat exchanger(s), storage tanks..... Don't cheap out by not going with a true gasifier.
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    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    Attack DPXL-45 boiler, rated 45kw (~153Kbtu) Storage 2 x 500 gallon propane tanks, horizontal configuration but stacked, 1000 gallon total storage. Only 2 weeks online so not much data yet as to how often this will need to be fired , so far have not fired more than once per night, maybe 2/3...
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    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    I've just installed an IWB in an outbuilding that itself has average wall and ceiling insulation. My storage tanks were spray foamed about 2", tanks were boxed in with 1.5" foam on back wall and floor, R13 on studded walls around tanks and R16 on the top. Every inch of copper to and from...
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    This would be the online training I mentioned:
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    The boiler model is a DPXL45, about a 6.9 cuft firebox. The system has only been online for about 2 weeks so some of your questions I just can't answer yet. I have 1" pexalpex lines that run about 160ft to a 3400 sqft house. I have a 15 x25 water to air heat exchanger sharing the filter...
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    I have two 500 gallon propane tanks. I was also having problems finding tanks, very few on craigslist and overpriced when they did show up. I ended up calling local propane suppliers and asked if they had rusty/missing tag/ otherwise scrap tanks and the 2nd outfit I called had several. They...
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    Look at EKO boilers from - I think the smaller units are in that 3-4K range and plenty of users on this site. I went with a little higher tech boiler from same supplier - an Lamba controlled Attack 45 kw unit. Very happy with this boiler. There is also a supplier in Poland...
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    It begins. Froling +1000 gallons of storage

    Lots of project fun to follow! I'm about 98% finished with my Attack DPXL45 + 2-500 gallon propane tank storage install. My tanks were used scrap units and as such they required extra labor - They were cheap ($200 each) but required my labor to make them acceptable for use (proper fittings...
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    Everything Drolet Tundra - Heatmax...

    Don't know if I got a bad one but my particular ICM333 has a couple characteristics I wasn't happy with - first the hard start didn't work, the hard start should start the fan motor at full voltage for a second or two and then drop the speed to what ever level the thermistor is measuring. Mine...
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    Need new door but manufacturer went out of business

    I don't think you'll find any standardization on the loading doors between different OWB manufacturers. IMHO your best bet is to take your existing door to a local metal fabrication shop and have them make you a new one. We rely on one where I work for replacing equipment parts that are no...
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    Indoor boiler located in shed?

    Only have one firing on my so far but the starting procedure for my Attack boiler is push the start button (starts draft fan and boiler to storage circulator) ignite a small amount of kindling/paper and let that get going with the loading door slightly open (open bypass). The control panel has...
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    Any WV Gassers?

    First firing tonight, just got done fixing the one leak that showed up. (after many rounds of pressure checking with air and soapy water) Good thing I put enough isolation valves in so only had to drain a few gallons. The top horizontal supports are pretty thick c-channel. I had a trusted...
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    Another help me choose add on furnace

    Yes, I do it with my Tundra on every reload on coals. The pilot air right in front under the loading door directs air onto the coals making for a quick restart.
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    Any WV Gassers?

    I really like the Varm's, especially the ease of cleaning. IIRC the varm 37 has a pretty small fire box compared to others of equivalent output on the market. The 55 would be closer to the firebox size I am looking for and quite a jump in price to go with it. A 37 would probably work but...
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    Any WV Gassers?

    I considered the Garn, Heatmaster G series and pretty much every other gasser out there. Most new get me into a price range that will buy a LOT of propane at current rates (1.09 gallon). Even with a lower cost EKO I'm not sure things would pen out financially if that's all that matters to you...
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    Closed system w/1000 gallons storage - Water treatment

    Did you purchase direct from them or do they sell through others?
  25. 3fordasho

    Closed system w/1000 gallons storage - Water treatment

    Just curious is anyone treats their water in a closed/pressurized system? 1000+gallons so traditional boiler treatments are normally sized for a 30 gallon system and would get very expensive for a system with 1000 gallons.
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    Boiler return temp protection

    Ok, so back in april I purchased a LK821 for the purpose of boiler return temp protection. Now that I am sourcing fittings to hook this all up and reading the instructions that came from tarmbiomass, It appears that I should have purchased the LK823 instead? Or is the LK821 useable for this...
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    Gasification boiler thoughts

    Not to mention the pex diameter required to get usable flow rates. 1" might not do it :rolleyes:
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    Non-Pressurized Storage; HX Coil vs Dip Tubes

    Look at Tom's (American Solartechnics) drop in coil heat exchanger - you should be able to get by with half the pumps, no plate exchangers and everything pressurized except the water in the 1100 gallon tank. I've seen plumbing diagrams from Tarm biomass that will get you in the right direction.
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    Heatmaster G200 + 550 gallons storage

    One of my must haves was the boiler installed in one of my existing outbuildings. The G200 would be a tight fit in the building I want to use and I'm not adding more square footage to be taxed on. So I decided an indoor gasifier and separate storage is the route I will go. If the OWB...