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  1. Bad LP

    Anyone ever use one of these

    Well I'll take the El Camino. I am a risk taker. I have two sets of antique Yard Darts. Nothing goes better than tossing heavy pointy metal things at each other while drinking beers.
  2. Bad LP

    Winter car washes

    I have one as well. For the boat I had one of those expanding hoses. That worked unbelievably well and takes up even less space than the Zero G.
  3. Bad LP

    Jotul C 550 CB Rockland Insert - Blower not working at all

    Love the insert but always felt the switch was cheap. Check power with a multimeter at the cord end. Check power at the fan in manual. Fan could be trashed.
  4. Bad LP

    Jotul Kennebec 450 insert.

    It passed Inspection. Job was all above board but the installer we think was a hack. We know the chimney has a clay liner. Just concerned that the “assumed” short chimney is going to give him grief.
  5. Bad LP

    Jotul Kennebec 450 insert.

    As do we. I see black goo forming quickly. It’s the lack of height I don’t know anything about.
  6. Bad LP

    Jotul Kennebec 450 insert.

    A friends son had one installed and he is unhappy with it. His dad and I know it’s more of a wet wood issue than anything else. Location is the MA/NH border. House is a ranch with an exterior masonry chimney. The professional installer didn’t use an insulated liner nor did they pack the liner...
  7. Bad LP

    Tank Stratification Issues

    Sooner or later the upper temp in the tank comes down into your range. My best results to date is a packed tank of heat top to bottom. I’ve slowed my pump speed hoping to get better stratification in the tanks.
  8. Bad LP

    Replacing my F602 after 3 weeks - getting ripped off?

    Ya but he might as well open the windows.
  9. Bad LP

    Design Review - Wood boiler with Oil Backup

    You close off the oil boiler flow when the wood boiler temp is proper. A simple zone valve closes any possible water flowing thru your oil boiler. When the reverse is happening (wood cold/oil needed) it reverses. I’m a far cry from an expert but have just a system. 100% seamless operation...
  10. Bad LP

    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    My comment was in regard to having pressurized storage in the building. Post #51
  11. Bad LP

    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    Lot of paranoia going on.
  12. Bad LP

    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    I came home to Ma from Me today and pass a few OWB. They were all smoking and I’m glad they are not near me. Seeing a yard full of rounds tells me more than I need to know about what’s being burned.
  13. Bad LP

    Is this stove pipe too dirty?

    Burn it harder. AKA hotter. That’s ugly.
  14. Bad LP

    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    My Tarm will spill a little when I operate it outside the instructions. I’ve learned to minimize it but letting it burn down to coals per instructions is best. I’ve been out of the house for 5 days and my tanks were at 80. Useless for heating but damn... it was the easiest fire I’ve ever...
  15. Bad LP

    OWB vs IWB for new contruction

    I get a kick out of some who are afraid of the boiler inside yet have no problem with a wood stove burning. I wouldn't take an outdoor boiler if it was free. I'm not putting my boots and jacket on to trudge out to the boiler 100 feet away in -25::Fweather and the wind blowing. All my heat loss...
  16. Bad LP

    Help - Dangerous Setup

    I haven't been there in over 45 years on grade school field trips.
  17. Bad LP

    Help - Dangerous Setup

    What keeps the wildlife out? No tile liner? I wouldn’t sleep there on a bet and my seat would be near a door.
  18. Bad LP

    An Abundance of Wood - What to do when offered more?

    Like the others wrote I would at least break the rounds in half.
  19. Bad LP

    Roxul in Basement Ceilng

    It works well for soundproofing and is a good insulator as well. Doesn’t burn or melt. Continues to work after drying from getting wet.
  20. Bad LP

    Jotul F600 ash pan door

    I’ve gotten very good with a smaller sized bucket working slowly in the opening of the insert. The draft keeps much of the dust within the fire box. If I never saw a buddy empty his ash I wouldn’t have any envy. So simple. I do use an old cookie sheet for the ash in the wood boiler. It’s in the...
  21. Bad LP

    Jotul F600 ash pan door

    I could only dream of an ash pan in my insert so I get to be very careful with a shovel and bucket.
  22. Bad LP

    Check out this setup,one of a kind.

    I like contemporary homes and that’s very cool.
  23. Bad LP

    Jotul C 450 power cord length?

    Code or not I dropped mine down the shaft and hard wired it into the back of a 4x4 box with a service switch. This is run off my generator panel. I’d freak out if I had to look at that cord and yes, I agree it’s about 6 feet.
  24. Bad LP

    Worms in wood splits

    In the fire they would go. Snap. Crackle. Pop.
  25. Bad LP

    Wood Cook-stove Arrives

    SB, I remember it well when my father would roll up some newspaper, light the end and hold it up into the flue to establish a draft. Yes an LP or MAPP gas torch would be a lot better than a tiny butane one.
  26. Bad LP

    Jotul 550 Rockland Comments

    Once mine gets going from a cold start it's run mostly closed or fully closed. The only time it's wide open is when I'm reloading it. I must be doing something right as the sweep reported that there was no creosote in the liner.
  27. Bad LP

    Sub panel without neutral wire?

    That is not to code.
  28. Bad LP

    Disposing Of Wood Ashes

    In the snow banking for the insert and the edge of the woods for the boiler. Sometimes I’ll scatter them on the lawn b
  29. Bad LP

    Additional heating for bathroom

    Why would you run a heater in a bathroom for 12 hours a day?
  30. Bad LP

    Additional heating for bathroom

    Toe kick heaters work great if you have a traditional vanity and can get to wiring.