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    Jotul Allagash Won't Stay Lit

    clean the flame sensor check for turbulence around pilot as it heats up, if so suspect venting issue
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    Avalon Wood Stove Problem

    I sold Avalons for years, liked them enough to sell my mother one, and she loves it.
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    Customer complains of cold air around insert

    super ugly install, we offered to rip it all out and install a new epa ZC, he wasn't stoked on the news or the quote
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    Customer complains of cold air around insert

    should we pack fiberglass around the insert? !!!!!!!!!
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    SL-550TR-IPI-E - Blue Flame? try page 63
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    Chimney sweep says "There's your problem"

    oh but it did, what you see is the evidence. expanded creosote from the chimney fire old brick chimney w/ glaze, new un insulated liner, eventually it caught fire.\ I've seen this many times and always check for insulation on thin walled liners during inspections for this (and other) reasons
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    okay to check propane lines with soapy water in winter?

    i think you'll be ok
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    gas won't stay on ......

    b-vent unit i highly doubt its starving for air, the bottom of the burn tray is open to room air/
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    Intolerable smell

    whats the stove sitting on? had a similar issue years ago that ended up being tile glue off gassing.
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    Can an upper damper coexist with an insert?

    properly installed a wood or gas insert and you wont need a damper anywhere in the system.
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    customer: "Fireplace smoking, need help"

    I dont see an issue.... please post pictures of other hack jobs
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    Troubleshoot Heatilator

    is that the standing pilot version or ipi? sorry didn't have time to read the manual and figure that out via your model number. if ipi, try cleaning the flame sensor, light steel wool. otherwise follow Bob's advice
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    Can I substitute a different remote control for the IOM part?

    ^ yes they switched to Maxitrol
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    Tall vent stack OK?

    wrong tall vents wont steal the heat output, LOL they might if there was no draft restriction. properly installed a taller vent is more efficient than a shorter run i'd go to a different shop
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    Looking for high-efficiency freestanding stove

    hearthstone champlain is avail w/ sit valve and standing pilot other models will work with no power, just add batteries and of course the blower doesn't work....
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    Mendota odor nightmare

    ^ they work through a dealer network, you should be working with your dealer not the maker if you've been let down its probably the dealers fasult
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    Ventless propane problem??

    yes its an issue, can put carbon in the air...
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    Thoughts on the Earth Stove GL40?

    i'd pass pretty problematic unit and few parts are still available...
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    Big Yellow Flames Under Burner

    i'm not familiar with your model, but a lot of new burners (ember bed refractory type) have been leaking out the bottom of the pan. hopefully your technitioan knows his stuff. on ng you likely need air shutter 1/2 or more closed....
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    Thelin parlor stove in Gas

    sorry if this comes off harsh: thats kinda what you get when you buy something based on looks and not function.... its too bad the dealer didn't ask you more about your heating needs, but its really your responsibility- and there is no one else to blame but you.
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    Gas Log in a Superior Heatform

    is the vent below the hearth for the heatilator as i assume? if so the upper vents should not have been covered up.... the heatilator ducting appears to be covered, so you wont get any heat out of it....
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    New Construction EPA certified zero clearance

    the montecito and napoleon at least, maybe more
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    New Construction EPA certified zero clearance

    ^ some of the product on your list is now CAT/non cat hybrid
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    Natural gas smell Jotul 3 Classic Vent gas stove

    are these techs searching with soapy water or combustible gas sniffer? ive used the detector to find many leaks others could not find with detection fluids
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    Trouble with Propane valve

    sounds like a bad valve, sure doesn't sound safe! the t-couple sounds like it has an interrupter, like hi-limit or spill switch
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    fireplace extraordinaire replacement blower source

    ^ the dealer isn't necessarily gouging you. they may get the fans direct from Travis, and the supplier may get them from an aftermarket source, etc.
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    Heatilator NDV3933I Won't Light

    its one of the thin wire rods next to the pilot flame. one is the igniter, one is the flame sensor
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    Heatilator NDV3933I Won't Light

    try cleaning the flame sensor with some steel wool
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    Help with Vermont castings overfiring!

    do a smoke check, get the fire going and trace around all the gaskets, glass, doors, and all the seams where the castings join with an incense stick. smoke will get sucked in anywhere there is a big leak. these stoves were assembled with furnace cement, which can crack and leak over time...