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    Why bother with Class A pipe for an exterior extension of a single wall flue?

    Tony, Maybe post on CL that you need 3 -4 feet of Class A chimney pipe? Maybe someone has little and you could get it cheap.
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    Um help?? Mosquitoes coming into house through Oslo. Under attack!

    This is a common occurrence here. The last three days, I've killed a mosquito about every fifteen minutes from sundown, until I gave up and pulled sheet over my head to go to sleep. One August, when it was about 95 degrees out, my cousin and her husband lit a fire in their fireplace because...
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    Case study on 2 years of natural gas usage - year 1 WB fireplace and year 2 WB insert

    The only good thing about Hydroone is that every year our heating savings are increased by about 20% over the previous year, with no effort on our part. Pays for a good woodstove very quickly. I first started heating with wood in 2004, and was probably paying 1/4 of what I am now paying for...
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    Ordered Woodstock Fv, need to reduce hearth height: ideas?

    Very nice. You did a great job designing and executing.
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    Two new BK Ashford 30's in da'house

    I guess I'm really slow on the uptake. Just realized why you went from Joful to Ashful. Hope you enjoy your new stoves.
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    Blaze King secondaries...can you encourage them?

    If exhaust is going through the cat faster than it can burn it, and the firebox is not hot enough to burn all the smoke before it exits the firebox, then smoke can indeed come out the chimney. However, with both the Fireview which I had for seven years, and the PH which I have had for four...
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    Blaze King secondaries...can you encourage them?

    There are plenty of stoves you can just load twice a day and be done with it, and many of them will give you beautiful fire shows. And that includes cat stoves.
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    Value of a 7 year old Woodstock Fireview?

    I love the light gray paint on the Fireview. Will look forward to hearing your experiences with the Fireview. Happy heating!
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    Another IS question

    Just get a soapstone slab top made to cover the appearance you don't like. You'll have a darn pretty stove, and one that retains and slowly delivers a bit more heat. Win, win.
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    Stacking issues

    Woodhaven racks: from the outside of one bottom support to the outside of the opposite bottom support is 11 1/2 inches.
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    A few questions about seasoning...

    If you build your woodshed close to the back of the garage, and have an exit at the back of the garage, you might consider building a covered walkway between the two to make things easier in the winter when the weather is ugly.
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    Stacking issues

    If you really want to go with 12 inch splits, I would suggest larger splits. They should dry fine with the wood that short. I have many times built a 16 foot long five foot high stack from large 12 to 14 inch splits, split from the bottom rounds of my larger diameter trees, which my tree...
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    What is this?

    That piece of wood lying on its side to the left in the first picture is absolutely classic ironwood, which is indeed very difficult to split. Even split with a splitter, the heart likes to stay together and you usually have to pry it apart, or hit it with a sledge to break the fibers. And if...
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    House Plans - Stove Selection - Opinions?

    One nice thing about a full basement that is essentially entirely underground is that it stays the same temperature year round. Unless it is a hundred degrees out, my house feels like it is air conditioned all summer long. Another is the storage area it provides. While we were building, I...
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    wood id

    Woody, Ironwood has really thin (as in paper thin) flaky bark. That is definitely not ironwood (hophornbeam).
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    Ideal Steel Hybrid - Any reason not to buy?

    Woodstock did use what they learned from the PH to improve the air supply to the IS cat. The cat clogging problem is indeed with the PH and not with the IS. And only a very small % of owners of the PH have the cat slogging issue: it is surface clogging that seems to occur primarily in a...
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    Isle Royale Smoking... a lot

    Very glad to hear that things are sorted out. Just think what a pleasure your next burning season will be! Will look forward to seeing your results next year.
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    Progress Hybrid Owners - Anyone near MD?

    I'm impressed. I've put under 12 cords through the PH since Dec 2011, with the PH as my sole source of heat. There is no way I could process or handle 20 cords with the equipment I have in that time frame, so I am very glad I don't need it. With a large home built in the 1970's, well built...
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    Too High...

    Or, you could put trim on the mantel, and make it look more like the cornices at the top of a cabinet? You could make it quite simple, for instance, going straight up a few inches, a small round, then up a few more inches, but this portion gently curved out into the room, and a larger round...
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    Fireplace construction

    There is also a small book on how to build a Rumford Fireplace, I think written by Rumford, if I recall correctly, but perhaps not. Anyway, it is very detailed, and I believe I bought it at the Vermont Country Store. I bought it in the 70'd, when I built this house, so don't know if it is...
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    Value of a 7 year old Woodstock Fireview?

    That's good to hear. I too will be interested in how the rebuild progresses. Would love to see photos of the work in progress. And will look forward to hearing your experience with the stove once you start heating with it next season. Have fun with this project. I'm sue you'll have a sense...
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    Value of a 7 year old Woodstock Fireview?

    I agree with Woody.....I heated with my Fireview for 7 years before switching to a PH, and the stove could be fired up and used today without any maintenance. Unless this was a defective casting, I would be concerned that stove has been seriously overfired a lot.....Hope you checked the rest of...
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    Product idea for covering cords of wood.

    They are Woodhaven racks, made by Alexander Manufacturing in the USA. Been in business since the 1920's. Full lifetime structural warrantee. They also sell firewood rack covers separately. Either seasoning covers, or full covers. Cover comes with the rack, included in price. Mine has...
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    Product idea for covering cords of wood.

    If one wanted to spend that kind of money, there are some very well made wood racks that come with long lasting covers, that once put together need no further care at all for decades. They run around $350 a cord with shipping, if I remember correctly. I have one, which is now at least 5 years...
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    Wrapped in Plastic...

    Actually, you are seeing a poor man's/thrifty man's solar kiln. Works just fine, as long as you have some drainage holes at the bottom. Seasons wood to 20% if a few months. Gets quite hot in there. Generally hog wire is run around the outside a pallet, attached to the pallet at the...
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    Fireplace Xtrordinair insert install.

    I wouldn't worry about your dog, or the baby. A child brought up around a wood burning stove isn't very apt to get curious and touch, or run into it. Now, if I had a few children, and the roughhousing that goes with them playing, I'd probably have a screen around the stove until they were...
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    Pennsylvania (sw) Newbie with small house

    The Fiskars X25. Nice light, smaller axe. If you have the money for it, the Stihl battery operated chainsaw has a separate harness for the battery, so it is very light, and has a decent size bar and a battery that lasts a long time and charges quickly. But EXPENSIVE with the entire set up...
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    Upgrading from Woodstock Keystone to Progress Hybrid- expectations,install tips, any input

    Kayakkeith, I kept my Fireview, a 2004. Like it too much to part with it. To me, it is still worth what I paid for it. I'm thinking I may build a sugar shack next year and use it as my evaporator. And someday it may find a use as a stove in a "to-be-built" garage with sleeping quarters. I...
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    Pennsylvania (sw) Newbie with small house

    At 600 square feet you want a smaller stove, and I would say suggest a catalytic stove so you can get clean low burns on warmer days. You may only need low burns on cold days, depending on your insulation and building. Don't know what your budget is. I have a Woodstock stove, and am very...
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    which wood type to buy

    A very sweeping statement to condemn burning only one variety of wood. If you want to burn only oak, then go to the site where you cut and select the unsatisfactory grade trees. You thin and improve the forest/woodlot in the process, as well as culling the lesser trees and giving the better a...