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    Direct vent wood pellet boilers

    My Harman PB105 is direct vent, but they apparently don't make them any more. Solagen made our industrial burner and I believe they make commercial systems. I'm not sure if they make them small enough for a home. There's a few European made boilers...
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    Still River Pellets - Anyone Used Them

    Sounds like it wasn't caught before going to print. Everything else in the list is just the premium standard so it is probably supposed to say 0.5%. The limit for fines (less than 1/8") is 0.5% at the mill gate. I've seen a bag from Brazil once (not pellets but some kind of rolled balls of...
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    Touchscreen for the new harmon

    The Kedel boilers have always had touch screens. An industrial touch screen is resistive, not capacitive. Which means it registers pressure and can be used with gloves on. They can only register 1 point of touch at a time and no gestures.
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    One important reason for pellet high costs.

    While the cost of the raw material for refining oil has plummeted, the cost of the raw material to produce pellets has increased.
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    Oil vs. pellets

    It's the Tim Taylor version of a pretty flame. More power!
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    Regretting early buy, how long do pellets store well for?

    There is no binder. Some brands will have additives though, but they don't add it for moisture control. Some will claim to be 100% wood even though they add a die lubricant. The natural lignin in wood is what holds it together - combined with heat and a LOT of pressure. They won't absorb ambient...
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    Pellet stove in basement ?

    I use a pellet boiler in parallel with my old oil boiler. I only use the oil boiler if I'm gone on vacation. If I had a bulk silo, I wouldn't have to use it even then. No freezing pipes that way and it heats the whole house - and provides my hot water.
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    Heating Oil prices put Pellets on back burner.

    Funny how it always seems to work out that way. (Insert favorite lawyer joke here)
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    Does this look safe?

    That reminds me of a saying my father likes to use: "Never underestimate the ingenuity of a fool." Meaning: no matter how much you try to prevent foolish actions, someone will still find a way to do something stupid.
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    Pellet stove in basement ?

    Pellet furnaces and pellet boilers are basement dwellers. They work well for heating a whole house rather than a specific area. But, you need ducting with a furnace and hot water baseboard registers with a boiler. I went from an oil boiler to a pellet boiler so it was a great fit for me. Your...
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    Europe Massive Municpal Boilers Burning Wood Pellets (Forbes)

    There's quite a lot of that in the US too; Government ownership and control of land. Not nearly as much as Canada though.
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    Europe Massive Municpal Boilers Burning Wood Pellets (Forbes)

    I'm referring to the group of 3 or 4 people you see in pictures like the one posted. There are some fringe groups out there that will never be happy. They usually really don't know anything about what they're protesting - forestry and wood harvesting in this case. They don't understand that wood...
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    Propane Price Lock in Rate is a Joke

    I saw a few pictures of Pig decorated propane tanks too. So I guess the are Propane Pigs as well as Pellet Pigs.
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    Europe Massive Municpal Boilers Burning Wood Pellets (Forbes)

    They don't want coal because it's releasing sequestered (below ground) carbon. Now they don't want wood because it comes from trees. They don't like wind power because it kills birds and is unsightly. They surely don't want nuclear power. A few of them like solar, but it's not feasible. There's...
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    Home depot has pellets early here..$$$

    That's one of the things I love about my pellet boiler. Can't tell the difference between it and oil for heat. It heats multiple zones just like the oil boiler. That may be a negative for some though because it also doesn't have that wood stove ambiance.
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    Have oil/forced air, want to supplement with a pellet stove...

    They make pellet furnaces for forced air basement installations. If you don't already have the stove, it might be worth checking out.
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    Propane Price Lock in Rate is a Joke

    The propane tanks don't have to be ugly.
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    How much can you haul in your non pickup vehicle

    Since this thread has be revived, I thought it would be a good time to repost this picture. I'm not sure where it's from but I'd guess Michigan.
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    The making of Pinetree Pellet Fuels Maine softwood pellets.. The Mill..

    My best advice for you is to design with room for expansion in mind. Don't let the engineers design to minimum specs for your desired capacity. You'll need spare room in the PLC and cable trays and MCC rooms as well as options to increase throughput later on - probably in a couple years...
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    Make Your Own Pellets

    You might need a binder with a small machine. The smaller machines probably don't reach the correct pressure (70,000 psi) and temperature (200F) to create pellets with lignin as the only binder. You also need to have the moisture correct before pelletizing, not after. After pelletizing the...
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    Hog Fuel Burner Systems

    I'm hesitant to post this picture because I don't want to hijack your thread. But this is the biomass combustor I'm working on getting installed right now. There are several companies involved in it, but Solagen is one of them.
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    Hog Fuel Burner Systems

    You could contact the company I've used for burners. I think they may make smaller equipment. I'm pretty sure they've installed some in schools. Their name is Solagen, Inc.
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    Hog Fuel Burner Systems

    I know of an industrial biomass burner company but for just 3000 sq.ft. you might want a more commercial product. I believe Sidecarflip on these forums mentioned his boiler would burn anything. I don't remember the brand.
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    The making of Pinetree Pellet Fuels Maine softwood pellets.. The Mill..

    These work pretty well.
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    Propane Price Lock in Rate is a Joke

    That's a better price than my rack price here (truckload pricing at 12,000 gallons per load).
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    US to begin mandatory survey of wood pellet varieties, volumes and ingredients

    There's already a manufacturing survey that the Census Bureau does every quarter with a larger one annually. Even though collecting financial data is not part of the Census Bureau's mandate.
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    Boycott Wood Pellets this Year

    Mass is higher too but not by much. They passed CT in 2015 for all but the Industrial market. The regulators in CT probably won't like that and will be looking to take back their #1 spot next year. If you generate power with renewable energy, the Mass REC (renewable energy credits) market is one...
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    Interesting reading

    Good response. Glad to see a site that's trying to get the truth out. I've been in forestry for 40 years. What they've said at biomass101 coincides with my real-world experience. Unfortunately, those pushing the false narratives tend to have the ear of the government bureaucrats while those who...
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    back in the saddle again and loving it

    Feels a lot less like work when it's something you enjoy. Congrats.
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    I'm a June burner now

    Hah. "For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier... I put them in the same room and let them fight it out." - Steven Wright