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    Black Diamond log splitter

    I was told by local dealer that Black Diamond was started by a former employee of Speeco.
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    is outside air necessary?

    If you want to pull cold air into your house around every leaky door and window then go ahead.I will never have a wood stove without outside air after having one with.I would personally do whatever it takes to hook up your outside air to an appropriate source.
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    2012-2013 Blaze King Performance Thread(everything BK)

    I just purchased a Princess Ultra and find this forum quite informative.My stove will have a convection deck and be hooked up to outside air.The stove obviously brings in the outside air to the thermostat assy.which has that bi-metal spring to sense temp.Seems like if the outside air is...
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    Wanna help me choose a soapstone or cast iron stove?

    Hi,Annalea,I noticed you are thinking of an ICF house.That is what we built in the mountains above Boise.Idaho City as a matter of fact.We are still finishing the house which is 3000 sq.ft.with a full basement and a 2200 sq.ft.garage.All exterior wall are ICF.I can give you some advice as far as...
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    Calling In The Warranty On Woodstock Steel Cat

    I must admit.I'm having second thoughts about buying the Woodstock PH now.My last stove was a pre EPA model airtight. I thought the hybrid would be the "latest and greatest" My PH will not be shipping until june or later when they figure out the outside air intake kit.Right now it seems...
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    antique stoves? Hot Blast 77

    Hi Lanternman,I have a 153 Hot Air Blast Airtight Florence.My uncle in Chicago shipped it to me several years ago.I am thinking about using it in my garage in a house I'm building in the mtns.of Idaho.Uncle thought it would be better off in the Idaho mtns.than as a decorative piece in his...
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    Joined the Pine Group

    I'm building a house in Idaho City-36 miles NE of Boise.7.3 acres bordering Boise Nat'l Forest.Have lived in Boise/Nampa/McCall since 1972, GO BRONCOS!!
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    Joined the Pine Group

    Pine is mainly what I have available here in Idaho,since I have about 7 acres of it.If I'm feeling like treating myself I cut up some oak pallets. I sure hope the new Hybrid Progress I will be installing this fall doesn't reject the pine after tasting that oak!
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    Stove pipe for progress hybrid install

    Thanks Rick.Bend is a beautiful area,I've been there many times.My house is in Idaho City,36 miles from Boise.Think I'll go with the single wall,maybe get some extra radiant heat for free!
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    Stove pipe for progress hybrid install

    Hi everyone! Great website,except very addicting-at least my wife thinks so.I have made the decision to order a new Progress Hybrid,largely based on comments on this site and after talking to Woodstock--seems like they are great folks and very helpful.I will be putting the stove in a house I am...