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  1. MacP

    203 Bags of Cubex just delivered, its never to early:)

    Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping they would've fixed their issues and go back to the pellets that they were once well known for. I guess they'll still heat up your home.... You'll just need to scape the burnpot once or twice a day.
  2. MacP

    203 Bags of Cubex just delivered, its never to early:)

    Have you had a chance to burn any of this year's cubex?
  3. MacP

    Harman P61a Ignitor Replacement

    I'm looking to buy a spare ignitor. How much did you pay for the ignitor? I wouldn't know what to do if I needed to replace it either. I'd be searching the forums instructions on how to replace it.
  4. MacP

    What spare parts should I keep around?

    Should I buy a spare ignitor at the local stove shop or is there a website where I can get it cheaper?
  5. MacP

    203 Bags of Cubex just delivered, its never to early:)

    Did Cubex fix the heavy ash issue they had a few years ago?
  6. MacP

    what do you do with your empty bags?

    I take mine to the grocery store..... When I remember to bring them with me.
  7. MacP

    First bag of second half of stash just went in the hopper.

    119 Bags so far. I didn't use as much this weekend due to the warmer temps.. I'm using more this year than last year.
  8. MacP

    Fan Speeds on Harmans...

    Pellet consumption stays the same. I leave my fan on low. Do most people keep it on high? Maybe I should try it on high?
  9. MacP

    Cleaning Question

    I've seen it get sticky too when it gets warm as it did the last couple of days. It happens more often in the spring. It'll be gone once you get the fire going again.
  10. MacP

    Leaf blower trick on Englander

    I just crack the doors open. No problems here... Works for me.
  11. MacP

    My Okie Douglas Fir thread

    How long did your auger motor last before needing to replace it? How did you know you needed to replace it?
  12. MacP

    2nd 1+ ton cleaning of the season

    I'm going try to find it tomorrow when I do my cleaning.
  13. MacP

    2nd 1+ ton cleaning of the season

    Hmmm I wonder how to remove the combustion blower on a P61a. I've never done it before.
  14. MacP

    Child proofing your stove

    that's awful. I'm glad I decided to go with the gate. The gate I ended up getting is backordered. Hopefully it gets here soon. He's only doing the military crawl right now.
  15. MacP

    My Okie Douglas Fir thread

    I've been burning the ODF pellets for the first time the last couple of hours. They're burning real hot and clean so far.
  16. MacP

    Tracking Pellet Usage

    Every time I open up a bag I just note it in the notepad iphone app. I keep track for each month and the added all up. That's about it.
  17. MacP

    Pellet Stove Usage (Hours Per Day)

    I used to turn it off before leaving for work, but I gave up on that. It seemed it would use just as much pellets to get the house back to the desired temperature when I got home from work. Depending on the temperature I try to let it run out of pellets in order to do a weekly cleaning. Other...
  18. MacP

    Pellet Stove Usage (Hours Per Day)

    I found the same thing when I was pouring Vermont wood pellets into a bucket. It's happened a couple of times. Luckily it never made it into the hopper.
  19. MacP

    Wood Pellets -- How many tons do you purchase per season ?

    I burned 4.5 tons last year.... I've burned a little over 2 tons since September 2013.. I'm keeping the house a bit warmer at 75 with a 9 month old about to crawl around the house.
  20. MacP

    Poll: How many bags do you burn on the coldest days?

    It looks like I'll be using 2-2.5 bags in the next 24 hrs. Maybe 3?
  21. MacP

    Child proofing your stove

    Thank you again for all your input. It was extremely helpful. I was going to order the kidco one, but I found this one at 50% off. I hope it's just as good...
  22. MacP

    Child proofing your stove

    I have a 8 month old baby and he's getting close to moving himself around. I was just curious what other people use to protect kids from getting too close a pellet stove located in a corner.
  23. MacP

    Recycling used pellet bags

    I stuff one bag up and then take it to Stop and Shop. They recycle plastic bags.
  24. MacP

    Cubex this year - anybody burned yet or predictions?

    I hope they resolved the heavy ash issue. I'm going to pass this year on purchasing more Cubex. Heavy ash, but excellent heat.
  25. MacP

    Replacing temperature probe

    Thanks Jim! I appreciate the explanation that you posted. It's plugged in and it seems to be working. No blinking lights. And the fire is going.
  26. MacP

    Replacing temperature probe

    I don't want to mess with the original temp wire... Just in case I screw this up.
  27. MacP

    Replacing temperature probe

    I have a 14' cable and connectors... Can I use any temperature sensor at the opposite ends of the stove?
  28. MacP

    Replacing temperature probe

    Where would I get the connectors?
  29. MacP

    Alerts/inbox number on window tab

    Why is it that I keep getting an alert when anyone creates a new thread? I would like an alert only on threads that I'm following.
  30. MacP

    Tap talk for ipad

    Is it worth downloading?