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    Need Pic of Working Meridian Door/Gasket, Pls?

    Hi, Does anyone out there have a working Meridian stove, circa 1980's? Please send me a picture of the inside of your door / gasket!?! I bought a stove on the Internet and the gasket appears to have been improperly repaired. Am trying to set it right so the stove can be used, but am unsure...
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    Meridian Tile Stove

    No asbestos. They used a ceramic fiber composite that looks a lot like asbestos but is still sold/in use today.
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    Meridian Tile Woodstove..Is there anywhere to get one??

    Hi everyone. I found and tried to ship (at an outlandish price, I might add) a Meridian Stove. Despite being crated, on a palette, etc. Fed Ex managed to drop the stove and it split around the firebowl, above the feet. The CFC liner is destroyed (which does not appear to be hard to replace...
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    Moving a Meridian Tiled Stove

    Thanks. It will not stand upright in the car, but I can rent a uHaul for $300. This is turning out to be a REALLY big project!
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    Moving a Meridian Tiled Stove

    Just bought a Meridian ceramic tile stove on eBay and have to transport it. (What was I thinking?) Amazingly, it would fit in the rear of my 4Runner if I lay it on its side. Is there any reason not to do this and brace it well for the trip? If anyone has any tips or suggestions on moving this...