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  1. TradEddie

    Whole house water filters

    I strongly suggest you research the source of your information: "higher than national levels" is a worthless statement. It could mean that your levels are just slightly above average, which could be still far below any possible danger levels, (or not). I suspect you are on the receiving end of...
  2. TradEddie

    My new favorite wood

    Me neither, I'm not talking about anything punky or soft in any way, but wood that is solid, yet somehow in places looks just a little less structurally sound than fresh oak. Wood that splits just a little easier than "solid" oak should. I've burned enough well seasoned oak to know how well that...
  3. TradEddie

    My new favorite wood

    When we looked to buy our house 16 years ago, there was a HUGE sickly oak leaning over the road, close to the property line and no way did I want that liability, so ensuring that it was on the other side of the property line was key to our offer on the house. Well, that tree lasted much longer...
  4. TradEddie

    Trying to recreate Irish fire

    Possibly peat briquettes, those light easily and burn with only a small flame. Peat briquettes do still have that wonderful smell, but you'd probably not notice it inside. Most Irish and English open fireplaces are designed for coal, and peat is still commonly used in Ireland, whether in...
  5. TradEddie

    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    Normally I hold off as long as possible, but this year I had several mature trees taken down and have now exceeded the cosmetically acceptable wood storage capacity of my property. My goal this season is to burn all the wood that I had on hand, making space for the 5+ cords of mostly oak. I'm...
  6. TradEddie

    now what I really wanna ask. older garage remotes

    It might help to know what brand the door opener is (not the remote). Usually there are two slightly different programming procedures, one to add a second or third remote, another that first erases all previous remotes (if say for a totally random example, you left the remote on your car roof...
  7. TradEddie

    Wood Shed Advice

    Ashful, to get a little more storage per portable shed, you could try something like what I built, based on plans from another site. If I were building it again, I'd...
  8. TradEddie

    My log lenth has leaves

    Reminds me of a time years ago when friend's kid brother bought a "magic yucca" at a fairground. It was a 3" round stick maybe 10" long, with no bark. This kid had been promised it would turn into a tree if he kept it watered. It gave us years of entertainment asking him how his "magic stick"...
  9. TradEddie

    Popular... its a great wood

    The wood may not smell, but the sap under the bark stinks terribly of stale beer. Years ago I had a large Tulip Poplar come down in a storm, and that tree was easy to split, dried fast, and lit very easily. This year, I had another taken down, and I've never seen straight wood so hard to split...
  10. TradEddie

    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    Probably less than two cords, I'm only a weekend burner, but I was running low on seasoned wood and by the end I was using some borderline oak. I've gone from famine to feast however, I had to get some tree work done, and with the cost of the equipment needed to take down a huge oak 15 feet...
  11. TradEddie

    Chain dull in two hours?

    I learned something new today! I always thought noodling referred to any lengthwise cut. The way I see it now there are three ways to use a chainsaw to cut up a log that is resistant to splitting: 1) Cut "cookies", in much the same way a saw would be used for cutting logs to size. 2) Ripping...
  12. TradEddie

    Has anybody tried the EPA's Burnwise woodshed plan or similar plan?

    OK, so here's the finished product, looking a lot less forlorn! I added more 2x4s on the floor, as designed it does hold the weight, but those 2x4's had a noticeable sag, especially on the right side, which is wet red oak, but even the left which is only Tulip Poplar had some bowing. A few...
  13. TradEddie

    Is it all over?

    It seems we always have a day of snow soon after the first day that hits 70, so I'm not putting away the kindling bucket just yet. Add to that the fact that I've just paid a small fortune to have four large oaks and a tulip poplar taken down from around (and over!) my house, so I'm ahead for...
  14. TradEddie

    Has anybody tried the EPA's Burnwise woodshed plan or similar plan?

    OK, so here's a picture partially built, I decided to beef up the floor towards the front, not for strength, but in order to have safe footing as I load and unload the back row. It should hold almost a cord. I only used one "rafter" on the side posts, that was how the original plans showed it...
  15. Wood pile

    Wood pile

  16. Wppd shed - almost finished

    Wppd shed - almost finished

  17. Wood shed

    Wood shed

  18. Wood pile

    Wood pile

  19. TradEddie

    Has anybody tried the EPA's Burnwise woodshed plan or similar plan?

    I want something that looks a little nicer than plywood too, but I've had PT plywood covering some small stacks for 12 or 13 years and it looks as good (or as bad) as it did when new. Regular plywood would probably only last a year or two for sure. As I said, my idea is PT plywood to start, then...
  20. TradEddie

    Has anybody tried the EPA's Burnwise woodshed plan or similar plan?

    I'm building almost that exact shed/rack, although I was following a slightly different plan that I downloaded years ago from the same site. I can see some minor changes, some of which I had already incorporated myself. I'm just waiting for the tree removal guys to clear up their mess then I'll...
  21. TradEddie

    New house, new (to me) Lopi Liberty

    Same with my Lopi Freedom. It's not simply that 20% is some convenient round number along a continuum of gradually improving performance, something really dramatic happens about 20%, maybe the exact "magic number" depends on wood species, stove design, or install, but it's real and it matters...
  22. TradEddie

    New house, new (to me) Lopi Liberty

    If you need the door cracked and the bypass open to get a restart, then I think either the primary air control is broken, or much more likely, you've got unseasoned wood. It's unusual nobody's suggested this already, it's the cause of most problems. Recently, my wood supply has run low so I'm...
  23. TradEddie

    New stove + Carbon Monoxide Alarm+ Air Control

    Please tell us a little more about your woodstove, what type is it, where is it located? Also, is your LP furnace located near the stove (in same basement?), are there any cold air returns to LP furnace in the basement? What stage of the stove burn cycle are you getting the carbon monoxide...
  24. TradEddie

    New record

    Kudos to you. Not to drift too far form the OP, but we humans do get accustomed to our environments, and while low %RH is generally inadvisable unless other factors outweigh, it's sometimes just a matter of acclimation, which may be why the OP isn't suffering the same way that you or I would...
  25. TradEddie

    Never mind EAB, Spotted Lanternfly is worse

    Ever heard of Alianthus (Tree of Heaven), or the Spotted Lanternfly? If you live on the East Coast, you will soon. For years I've anxiously awaited the arrival of Emerald Ash Borer on my property, but a new invasive pest has arrived first. Currently in SE Pennsylvania, and spreading fast, the...
  26. TradEddie

    "Shrinking" an oversized stove by adding firebricks?

    Just a quick update on this, one year on. I experimented with the firebricks on the bottom, which was convenient, but I wasn't able to use all the bricks or it would limit the doghouse air. I then placed the bricks upright on the side walls, and "secured" them with a twisted coat hanger. This...
  27. TradEddie

    Lopi Cape Cod Insert - Flames past the bypass slider?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "seeing" flame beyond the bypass, but on my Lopi Freedom, it's seems that the bypass damper doesn't seal perfectly and some flames always look to be licking up through the gap. I can't see that from above, but I get lots of heat, no creosote, and no sign of heat...
  28. TradEddie

    Secondary Combustion

    I have the same insert and that doesn't look like much secondary combustion to me, compared to what's possible. Once I've got temperatures above 400, I can pull that bottom air lever fully out then push it back in just the slightest detectable amount, maybe 1/16" and have roaring secondary...
  29. TradEddie

    Anybody in SE PA want a Husky 350 for (limited) parts?

    I can't possibly imagine there's enough useful parts to justify shipping. I suppose the crankcase might be good and the muffler is relatively new, but apart from that, fuel and oil tanks both leak, the carb is completely worn out, the oil pump mating face to the back of bar is melted. Maybe if...
  30. TradEddie

    Anybody in SE PA want a Husky 350 for (limited) parts?

    This isn't much of an offer, my Husqvarna 350 is finally dead-dead after years of abuse and neglect, there's very little usable parts left, cylinder is shot and casing has melted around oil pump, but instead of just throwing it in the trash, if anybody wants it, and can meet between King of...