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    Thermo glow pellets at HD Bellingham, ma - 3.98$

    Anyone ever burn these?? I've been burning the FSU's and they have been very good this year!
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    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) NH: Portsmouth: When Home Depot Drops the Price?

    Belligham/ma. HD is still 5.18 abag for some oddball brand (can't remember) as of last week
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    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Green Supremes

    I'VE BURNED THEM AND THE heat is ok but they can be a bit dirty. Have left that hard foam "clinker" in the pot a number of times. Have not burned any of this years lot though...
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    Using gas log fireplace

    Forget the the log fireplace and get a linear burner. I just installed a Hampton Modern fire unit and its awesome!!! Huge flame and the $$ was 30% less than all other brands that I shopped!
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    Ice dams on great Rm. roof again..HELP...

    I have a 20 x 20 great room with very high cathedral ceiling. I have roof coils on one problematic section and they do help somewhat. Even though the roof / ceiling has some foam "cores" (saw them when shingles were changed 10 years ago) insulation in between them I have a good amount of heat...
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    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Home D in Bellingham has Stove chow

    saw at least 2 pallets as of Friday afternoon
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    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Green Supremes plentiful in Lowes Milford.

    Milford , Ma Lowes has about 18 ton of Green Supreme and a ton of Greene Team. The GS seemed to have a a lot of fines (dust). Lowes in Westboro had no pellets.
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    Mini split efficiency w/ colder outdoor temps...

    And thats what I would love to figure out. At what outdoor temp does it makes sense to switch to oil (forced hot water) versus using the 3 Mits HP's??? There must be temperature point where the HP's start pulling way more voltage/ amps to get the job done and become less economical
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    Mini split efficiency w/ colder outdoor temps...

    Around 269.00 BUT the pellet stove does a poor job of heating rooms beyond the room it is in which is a 20 x 20 great rm.
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    Mini split efficiency w/ colder outdoor temps...

    Our kw rate at this time last year was .10, now at .16 ( a 60% jump). I pay 12.9 per kwh because I switched to another supplier (Verde). Will try to find fuel calculator - thanks! My unit is a little over a year old (MSZ GE 15NA). Not sure its hyper heat. I have 2 head units of one condenser...
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    Mini split efficiency w/ colder outdoor temps...

    I have a Mits mini split systems rated at 21 seer (2 condensors and 3 "head" units) and was wondering at what outdoor temp does it make sense to go back to oil heat (forced hot water) to save $$ ??? My electric rate is .13 per kw (thru Verde electric) and I can get oil for around 2.30 a gal. The...
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    Who to buy electricity other than National Grid??

    Ok - I just signed up with Verde Energy (Norwalk, Ct) @ .1299 versus what I was paying w/ National Grid which will save me .3 per kwh and i will receive a $75.00 rebate as well. Term was 4 month w/ no cancellation fee.
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    Who to buy electricity other than National Grid??

    N.Grid here in Mass has raised there rates to .162 $ per kWh effectively doubling from last year at this time!! Has anyone out there tried buying there power from Verde or Gulf electricity?? They have price around .12$ (4 month term) but I don't know if they are trust worthy. My last bill from...
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    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) HD Bellingham, MA

    I live very near are those 2 brands?? Never heard of them? I've bought the Fireside Ultrs from that store and they have been v good.
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    Stove Chow versus Fireside Ultras (FSU)

    I have burned both FSU and Chows and the FSU are my favorite big box store cheaper pellet. Minimal ash and good heat. Chow were ok w/ a bit more ash build up. North American were complete crap leaving a nice solid chunk of something that resembled a hard sponge that clogged the holes of the burn...
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    Mini spilt and current electric bills...

    Just had 3 Mits mini spilts installed in Sept '13 and the electric bills are dissapointing here in Mass. Last 2 have avg $325.00 per mnth!! We supplement heat w/ a pellet stove as well. what have other Mini split owners seen this season for electric bills please??
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    National Grid (Mass.) rates have shot up...

    Just got off the phone w/ a rep about my $324.00 electric bill and he admitted there rates went from 7 cents to 10 cents per kwh in early Nov.!!! We have 3 Mits mini split systems (3 head units / 2 compressors) and was expecting a modest increase this past month. Our previous bill was about...
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    New England Pellets = LEGIT

    I have pretty much the same stove and the Green Supremes (same as NEWP I believe) burn very hot but are dirtier than the LaCretes I also have!! Go figure?
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    Wood Pellets and NEw England....

    Thanks to Dan Shaugnessy's Globe article which called the Texans "tomato cans" they will be all fired up!! Pats by 24 (instead of 28).
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    Somersets vs. Green Team...ton for ton I think Green Team wins

    You have the same stove as myself and I found the green T's very disapointing! Very gritty w/ clinkers and low heat. The Green Supremes were shockingly good for the $$...I don't get it? Everyone hates the supremes overall. Been burning Lacretes and they are good.
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    La Crete on board

    I bought 2.5 tons of LaCretes last fall...still have at least 70 bags. Very clean pellet and better than average heat.
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    No good?

    I bet her burn-pot air holes are clogged.
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    Cleaned burn-pot and what a difference!

    I have been burning both LaCretes and Green supremes (yeah I know most folks hate 'em) for weeks and just recently been waking up to clogged pot w/ a piece of firm "brownie" stuck in the bottom. It was so stuffed that the pellets were starting to clog the end of the chute! Pulled pot and took a...
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    Starting stove w/ blow torch??

    Does it work w/ propane or do I have to use a hotter gas??
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    Starting stove w/ blow torch??

    Tired of waiting 8 -14 mins for start up. What is a good way to light quickly/safely?? Merry Christmas everyone!!
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    Mayian weather forecast

    Time to revisit that No drinking in the AM rule I guess?!
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    sotfwood vs hardwood pellets

    Oil?...Yeah, Bertolli Extra Virgin- Love the damn stuff! LOL!!
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    My NPS45 does not like Greene Team pellets definitely...!!!

    I just burned my first bag of GT 2 nights ago and got same result...solid rock in bottom of pot the next morning. It also took several attempts (e-2 code) to get the fire going initially and the heat was only ok...not impressed.
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    Ok I'm done bashing Green Supreme ( for now :) )

    I wonder if they changed the "recipe" from last year?? I just bought several bags and have the auger speed at 3 of 9 and they are hot w/ large clean flame!
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    For The Love Of Pellets

    It boils down to the savings and knowing I am not subject to a commodity which doesn't have normal "supply and demand" rules!! That...and I like to have my drinks in front of a fire.