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  1. smwilliamson

    P35i Burning Mode Questions

    Harman allows users to be able to control all aspects of their stove. You can run the blower independent of the heat output. Use the fan on high for recovery (bringing your house up to temp), once you have the space warm, lower your fan speed to very quiet. The stove should be able to maintain...
  2. smwilliamson

    Quadrafire mt vernon conv blower jam

    The unit checks for jam on the blower by measuring the resistance through the circuit, if its spinning freely, the integrated circuit board inside the is either damaged and you need a new blower or the power supply pigtail going from the board to the blower is damaged.
  3. smwilliamson

    Jamwestown Wood Pellet Stove Auger Motor fell off?

    theres a mounting plate that fastened to the two screws on the left side and the plate folds over the motor and the motor shaft should be keyed into the hole. Won't fall out if you have all those parts. Thats a J2000 from way back. Good luck finding those parts if you dont have them on hand
  4. smwilliamson

    St Croix York insert w/ dhc3000 controller

    Ok so it’s been about 10 years since I had to remedy this specific problem. I used to have a copy of the pdf technical manual for older discontinued digital controllers used in several St Croix and Enviro stoves but cannot find it anymore. Specifically, I have this York insert setup to use a...
  5. smwilliamson

    howl when flame gets high.

    It’s turbulence in the venting. As heat is moving through the pipe it makes that sound.
  6. smwilliamson

    Regency GCI60 Pellet Insert Help

    Sherwood Industries makes both the GCI60 and the M55, they are identical except for castings and the controller skin. About the controller Pellet type must be selected when the stove is cool and off. Feed and air trim selections can be moved once the power is on. The red light on your says...
  7. smwilliamson

    Breckwell p4000 help

    Low limit exhaust snap disc
  8. smwilliamson

    The Unicorn of stoves?

    Look at the Pelpro TSC90, $1499 tractor supply, 50k BTU 90lb hopper
  9. smwilliamson

    Enviro leaving Russo Products and moving to Empire Distributing

    Empire bought the New England area distribution rights, so....all Enviro products sold in New England will now ship from just outside Niagra Falls. Seems like BAC Sales is closer being in Hudson. I understand this doesn't mean much to most folks but Russo was situated within the hotbed of the MA...
  10. smwilliamson

    Regency GCI60 Pellet Insert Help

    Make sure the stove is on manual operation if you are not using a thermostat. It's been known for the magnet that is mounted under the sliding hopper lid to hit the tstat mode switch when the hopper draw lid closes, which pushes the switch up to auto/off and if you don't have a thermostat the...
  11. smwilliamson

    The biggest pellet furnace in the world....

    Don, this system uses 12" diameter flue...which we reduced to 10" cause nobody makes the 12" venting
  12. smwilliamson

    PelPro TSC90 looking for a reveiw

    Great looking, with warranty, great heat output $1200
  13. smwilliamson

    Pelopro ppc90 problem

    Are you getting error code 1? When the the error happens is it at the moment of set point or does the feeder stop and then a few moments later it errors out. I'm guessing it's a faulty exhaust temp sensor...other than that I'd guess it's a control issue. Try setting the auto setting to one step...
  14. smwilliamson

    Are my headaches caused by my pellet stove?

    Google living in negative pressure or "sick house" install an oak or open a window.
  15. smwilliamson

    Quad Mt Vernon AE thermostat issue

    I e seen this where the tstat wires were pinched and I had to replace the run of wire
  16. smwilliamson

    Installation question

    Use 2 45 degree elbows for off sets
  17. smwilliamson

    Castle Serenity Owners - Poll

    Outside may be slightly different but the guts have always been the same
  18. smwilliamson

    Castle Serenity Owners - Poll

    It's funny, the Castle Serenity enjoys a pretty good following and over all is liked. But the stove has a dark-side and shady past when it was the Hudson River Saratoga. Same exact stove reincarnated. The Saratoga was worst stove ever assembled, period. What gives?
  19. smwilliamson

    Not complaining .... but .....

    Everyone here in town is fixing their lawn edges and even fixing irrigation heads; all that were sacrificed to the plow gods, definitely blizzard next week. We had a girl who just graduated high school die in a car accident last summer, town Facebook page took 183 comments; someone bitched...
  20. smwilliamson

    The biggest pellet furnace in the world....

    I think it did. The fire was recently but it had been running bad for most of this season and I think that was the issue
  21. smwilliamson

    The biggest pellet furnace in the world....

    Well, maybe it's not, I'm not sure, but I'm going to set it up next Tuesday. It's 800,000 BTUS. The people that installed it originally used B-Vent to chimney it up out of the steel building. It had a chimney fire and all the aluminum smelted down back into the heat exchanger. Oooopsie! I'll...
  22. smwilliamson

    High Efficiency Pellet Stove

    Early pellet stove designs, I'm talking 1980 ish had vents made of pvc but L vent wasn't invented yet
  23. smwilliamson

    Electrical question

    They both's alternating current