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  1. Connecticut Yankee

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Has anyone heard of 2019-2020 pellet shortages?

    Depends on where you are. There are pellet plants in northern New England, but they don't distribute as far south as Connecticut. My dealer gave up on Okanagans, which are manufactured in BC, because shipping across the continent just got too expensive. It's a shame, because they were great...
  2. Connecticut Yankee

    Pellet stove insert installation.

    My understanding is that you'd be better off following the manufacturer's recommendations for exhaust pipe diameter. My pellet stove replaced an older, non-working wood stove. When the dealer installed my pellet stove, they ran a 4" flue up the chimney, inside the existing 6 or 8" wood stove...
  3. Connecticut Yankee

    Vicenza 5.2 pellet stove reviews

    I've been catching up with the forum after a hiatus and find it amusing to see all your threads about this stove. Why don't you just buy the thing and be done with it? If the advice you got on the other threads hasn't dissuaded you, that means you really want this stove. So go for it! :cool:
  4. Connecticut Yankee

    Outside venting

    The stove dealer convinced me an OAK wasn't necessary. I did buy the parts (threads on here tell where to find them cheap), but the mason baulked at trying to drill through the granite wall of the chimney. I must say, we did all right last year, since the stove is near the door to the...
  5. Connecticut Yankee

    Ash question

    We noticed a distinct difference last season, when the stove distributor could no longer get the good pellets. I went from being able to go three bags between cleanings to needing to clean after practically every bag. The Douglas fir pellets burned noticeably hotter and with much less ash, and...
  6. Connecticut Yankee

    Inefficient flue design?

    The bit at the bottom is to give access for cleaning the flue. It will collect ash, which should be removed periodically. When you do your major clean after each ton of pellets would be a good time to take care of that.
  7. Connecticut Yankee

    Going to buy a pellet insert soon advise please.

    It's probably too late to help the OP, but in case anyone else could benefit, just up the road a few miles from Black Swan is Berkshire Hearth and Home, where we got our stove last season. The proprietor and his son are very knowlegeable, very helpful, and very easy to deal with. The shop is...
  8. Connecticut Yankee

    Fact checking the sellers

    Enviro is a good brand. We bought a Hudson River Chatham last season, which is all Enviro guts, and it worked like a charm for us.
  9. Connecticut Yankee

    Getting a grip on your stripped out round hex head bolts on your pellet stove!

    Whatever works, right? Just wanted to add: Kroil penetrating oil can help loosen a bolt in such a situation. Leave it to soak in for 24 hours, and you'll stand a better chance of getting the whole bolt out, instead of just part! :)
  10. Connecticut Yankee

    PowerSmith PAC 102 ashes in ash filter due to hole in one!

    I have a different PowerSmith, probably the older model, and like it quite a bit. The idea of two bags instead of just one sounds like a good idea.
  11. Connecticut Yankee

    Need help dealing with buildup on glass from crappy pellets

    This is my third ton of pellets, and they are from a different batch from the first two tons. The first two tons were good pellets, by your definition, these are not. I really wish we had ordered all three tons at once, last September, but it wasn't my decision. With this last ton, I am...
  12. Connecticut Yankee

    Need help dealing with buildup on glass from crappy pellets

    Sorry not to get back here sooner. Thanks for the comments, folks. The newspaper dipped in the ash works fine, and it's not the ass in the firebox that concerns me, but the ass in front of the stove, lol! I know I asked about getting the glass clean, but my real concern was fear that the...
  13. Connecticut Yankee

    Need help dealing with buildup on glass from crappy pellets

    Dealer ran out of the nice, clean Okanagans we were burning and gave us a ton of Cleanfires instead. He claims the Cleanfires are just Okanagans under a new name, but they are behaving like a completely different brand. I am getting such an ash buildup that I have to clean after every bag and...
  14. Connecticut Yankee


    I got one of those pots, and it does evaporate water slowly; not much, but enough to moisten the air just enough. The space is too open for me to want to be running a humidifier. The water in the pot never boils, but if you put the pot towards the front of the stove, where the top is hottest...
  15. Connecticut Yankee

    Igniter Poll- How long does it take to start your pellets.

    Depends on whether there are pellets in the auger or not. Starting with an empty auger, it takes 3-1/2 minutes just for the first pellets to make it into the pot, and another minute or two to get enough pellets in the pot to kindle a flame. If the auger is full or I prime the burn pot, sparks...
  16. Connecticut Yankee

    How many are using a programmable thermostat?

    We have a Chatham as well, installed back in September, and I've only run it on #1, except for bumping it up to #2 on the really cold days we had last month. (House is pretty well insulated, so that's different from your setup.) I just wanted to present our dealer's advice, for what it's...
  17. Connecticut Yankee

    Should Have Ordered More Pellets

    Just got a ton of Cleanfires, after burning two tons of Okanagans. Much more ash than the previous two tons.
  18. Connecticut Yankee

    New England Stove Works Pellet stove Soot Lazy Fire

    We just got a ton of Cleanfire Douglas fir pellets, which is supposed to be Okanagan under a new name. If Ssyko is right (and I don't doubt him), that means that the Okanagans we burned must have been from last year, because these Cleanfires don't burn nearly as cleanly (there's irony for you)...
  19. Connecticut Yankee

    Pellets not burning completely, piling up, making black soot. Any ideas why?

    I'm sorry for all the aggravation, but you are probably in good shape now. Stay warm!
  20. Connecticut Yankee

    Harman Advance

    In my admittedly limited experience, black soot means the fire needs more air. If your stove has a damper control, try opening it. Otherwise, you may have to increase the combustion fan speed a bit. I also find that pellet quality makes a difference. We just bought our final ton for the...
  21. Connecticut Yankee

    When do you buy your bulk pellets?

    August/September is best, according to my stove dealer. Prices are at their height at this time of year and about $100 less, then. If we buy three tons when the price is lowest, he can give us a partial delivery, because we don't have room for 3 tons in the garage.
  22. Connecticut Yankee

    Pellet Stove for Tiny House?

    I'm very happy with the Hudson River Chatham we bought last fall, but it has a larger footprint than the models you mentioned, so it may not be a good choice for you. It puts out a lot of heat, even on the lowest setting, but the hopper holds only about fifty pounds, and the PelPro PP60 holds...
  23. Connecticut Yankee

    Help New Enviro Meridian Low Heat

    If you look on p. 9 of your user's manual, you will see the location of the slide damper control, sticking out on the left, as you face the stove. Try pulling it out a centimeter or two, and see if that helps. I have a different make and model from yours, but it is made by the same people, and...
  24. Connecticut Yankee

    Advice for my Enviro M55 FS

    Don't know if they're available in your area, but my dealer sells Okanagan Douglas Fir, and they seem to do pretty well.
  25. Connecticut Yankee

    Pellets not burning completely, piling up, making black soot. Any ideas why?

    Sorry to hear they went out of business. I hope you can find somebody.
  26. Connecticut Yankee

    Advice for my Enviro M55 FS

    Look at page 10 to see how to increase the combustion blower speed.
  27. Connecticut Yankee

    Why am I seeing an ad that says" need to impeach Trump" on this great forum?

    That's the problem with that damn First Amendment--I have to let people say things I don't agree with! :)
  28. Connecticut Yankee

    Enviro Meridian augur stops after 15 minutes

    My guess would be that you are in thermostat mode with the thermostat turned way down, or no thermostat attached. The startup cycle takes 15 minutes, then the stove is sensing that there is no call for heat, so it shuts off. Of course, if you are actually running in manual mode, then I have no...
  29. Connecticut Yankee

    Enviro M55C

    I have a different make and model from you, but they are made by the same people (I'm not real clear on the exact relationship between Enviro, Sherwood, and Hudson River, but Enviro and Hudson stoves use a lot of the same parts), and that looks like the amount of ash I get after three bags of...
  30. Connecticut Yankee

    Old school wood burner.

    Glad to hear it. Stay strong. And warm!