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  1. Pellet-King

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Anyone test out this years Fireside Ultra from HD?

    Years ago I named them sleeper pellet of the year, last year tried Green Supreme again, those are by far the hottest, least ash pellets ever sold in a big box store
  2. Pellet-King

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Has anyone heard of 2019-2020 pellet shortages?

    GS were awesome last year, years ago they were not good now there owned by Lignetic's there very hot with low ash, don't complain until you try them, Chow suck's compared to them
  3. Pellet-King

    Greene Team Platinum

    Higher Ash than Green supremes, since Lig's bought them out been great
  4. Pellet-King

    greene team platinum

    Bought 8 bags of GTP at a local Lowes, less ash my ass, just buring 12 hours my ash is piled up in my Whit 4" high, green supremes are by far the hottest, best pellets form a box store, I'm thinking of returning them $6.29 a bag my ash
  5. Pellet-King

    AWF 2018 Sleeper Pellet of the Year!

    5 years ago my HD sold them for something like $265 ton , yes they were great, have not seen them around here since
  6. Pellet-King

    Hardwood Heat Pellets (Southern States) - Hamer Product?

    Found a couple of bag's of AWF hardwood for $2 a bag at my local grocery store, only had 2 bags and had them call out back to see if they had more, well they burn great, low ash and decent heat!!, tried finding more but no luck
  7. Pellet-King

    Did Hamer's turn in to a poor pellet?

    There wood source probably has changed, you cant always get the same wood for years and years, pellets that were once great are now not so, heard somerset's went down the tube too
  8. Pellet-King

    AWF 2018 Sleeper Pellet of the Year!

    Bought a few bag's at my local Grocery store months back for $2 a bag, finally got to try them, wow!, lots of heat and low Ash!, when you pour the bag smell's like red oak with a hint of mahogany, was burning FSU which were my Sleeper pellet of the years few years ago but AWF are alot cleaner...
  9. Pellet-King

    Whitfield Advantage II - running again like 1996 !

    MButkus you used to have a website on Whitfield repair.....right? used it many times...Thanks!, As a 40 yr Auto Tech I've had my auger motor apart and regreased, all them gears can get confusing but nothing like rebuilding a transmission in today's vehicles
  10. Pellet-King

    Whitfield Advantage II - running again like 1996 !

    Running my 1998 Advantage II right now several years ago bought a III for back/parts, still using my original room fan and control board, auger and exhaust fan have been replaced, tried to swap the cool 1 piece glass door on the III to my II, but it wont seal tightly....cant kill a Whit!! Other...
  11. Pellet-King

    Still River Pellets - Anyone Used Them

    Bought 7 bags at Bloomfield B'lowe's to try, well compared to the Stove Chow and TSC there alot less heat, ash is about the same, glad I only bought 7 not a ton, Pellet's are getting heard to find with this latest cold snap were in?, What happened to Febuary and 75 °??
  12. Pellet-King

    Tractor Supply Pellets

    Only seen those kinda temps with a woodstove in the basement, you know theres different heat settings on your stove right? not just HIGH
  13. Pellet-King

    This years stove chows

    There Brother pellet is Fireside Ultra's which are a softwood blend, they always burned hotter and less ash than Chow's
  14. Pellet-King

    Whole House Heating vs Stove Positioning

    1800sq ft small?,a pellet stove is like a space heater, reallyonly good for a few rooms, my living room can be in the low 70's but 15 feet away in my dining room /kitchen it's low 60's, unless you have a open floor plan, I have a 1950's Cape,heat does goe upstairs nicely but you'll have to leave...
  15. Pellet-King

    Corrosive Corn Exhaust

    Wow thats Crazy!, she love the Hot humid sticky weather?, and you suffer all year, No A/C in Summer and Too Hot Winter
  16. Pellet-King

    Tractor Supply pellets 2017-2018

    Bought 6 bags to try, scanned says there Currans here in Enfield Ct, lil over $5 a bag
  17. Pellet-King

    Tractor Supply Pellets

    Wow thats cheap!!, over $5 here, picked up 6 bags to try, scanned the upc and says there Currans
  18. Pellet-King

    Pellets $3.98/Bag at Lowes

    Thank's Noname, you jackass, for reopening this dead post, I thought maybe there back to $199 again, $5.19 a bag here still
  19. Pellet-King

    Inferno Gold pellets

    Inferno's were always known as the Worst pellet ever sold, they were basically using old pallet's and grinding them into sawdust, has been well talked about here over the year's, pieces of pallet in bag's, strange colored pellets due to ink stamped on pallets, but there's fool's born every minute
  20. Pellet-King

    primary or secondary heat?

    Me too until last year when pellets are at a all time high and oil is cheap, have not cleaned my stove in 2 yr's or used it, plus I like having a evenly heated home not one that's 10° colder on the otherside of a small cape, no lugging bag's every day, nor weekly cleanings, pellet stove is just...
  21. Pellet-King

    Stove Chow Surprising Review

    Fireside Ultra's are hotter or were than Chow's, FSU's contain softwood, I have posted years ago Sleeper Pellet of the Year!, few years ago Chow's caused clinker's in my Whit, I have NEVER seen a hardened clinker in my burnpot in 20 yr's
  22. Pellet-King

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Oil Glut?

    pellet prices in check?, there $100+ a ton overpriced compared to oil
  23. Pellet-King

    Whitfield Advantage ii

    when was the last time you cleaned your stove or exhaust pipe?
  24. Pellet-King

    New pellet stove recomendations.

    Honestly for the cost of the stove and pellets your way better off installing a dual heat/cool mini spilt, there under $1000 plus install, Who will be living in this apartment?, you dont need all the hassles of cleaning and carrying bag's/loading/caring for the stove, I don't want to see you...
  25. Pellet-King

    New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Suffield, CT: $245 Fusion, Hammers $280, Energex $285, Logik-e $270, Lacrete $285 and others

    I would never buy pellets for that price when your getting oil, for $ 20 yr run of burning pellets seems to be over and was last year, it's so good not having to lug bags, clean and have a evenly heated home, furnace is on right now and I'm loving it!!
  26. Pellet-King

    Question about my new heat pump vs Enviro M55 cast

    Think about the cost of the stove and pellet's, it would take years to recoup
  27. Pellet-King

    Oil furnace Service question:

    I have a forced air oil furnace, never really used it much until last winter, have hybrid electric water heater I installed 3 yr's ago for hot water, screw oil hot water, bought my house 8 yrs ago, runs good so I'm not having it cleaned
  28. Pellet-King

    Over $200 a ton = more expensive than Oil

    45 here, woke up at 2:30am window fan running...I bet alot of you are burning this morning.........hahah I'm going boating at 7am in a T-shirt