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  1. iceman

    NEWP- Lignetics

    Sorry about the late response, They are selling for $249 a ton, but they also contain soy oil. I wonder if that adds any extra btus?
  2. iceman

    NEWP- Lignetics

    Ran a few bags of green supreme from the Depo and they were HOT- I was shocked for such a cheap (price wise) pellet. Using harman accentra
  3. iceman

    Vermont Wood Pellets

    Just started running those and noticed I am almost 100 degrees cooler?!! Barely any fines in the bag but not impressed by the heat. Seems as if my stove is backing down? Maybe feed rate is to high?? Hmmm
  4. iceman

    Nc30 or Summit Insert Body C

    hello everyone! Should I buy a nc30 and install in my fireplace or a Summit insert body c? 30 is New @$900 and Summit is 3yo for $1100? 30 is Big and I might have to take legs off to fit In the fireplace and will remove rear heat shield.
  5. iceman

    Insert i3100 or Summit

    Hey Hog! Which do you like better the a/b body or the C? Does the C convect as well as A/B?
  6. iceman

    Burning unsplit rounds for longer overnight burns?

    BB, that should be a must for everyone-- it saves a lot of headaches, gives you the ability to make kindling without leaving porch! My electric splitter only runs in the winter- spring/summer it gets put a away so the 28 ton can get a work out!
  7. iceman

    In connecticut we are in a bad crunch of no pellet available anywhere. Im on my last bag of pellets.

    Aw brown east Longmeadow mass Has 300 bags of ambiance? As. Of 5pm they close at 8pm
  8. iceman

    In connecticut we are in a bad crunch of no pellet available anywhere. Im on my last bag of pellets.

    If there is someone here who is OUT of pellets pm me I have a couple of bags I will sell at my cost to get you through tonight as its going to -5 to -10 tonight I am located in Springfield mass
  9. iceman

    Giving up

    Glad you figured it! No need to stop experimenting now. Use your old stuff but close the air sooner. When I use small splits on a reload often times I barely open the air to get it started and turn it down right away. The little flame I see usually results in a top down fire. That's what I call...
  10. iceman

    Giving up

    Just wondering if you have checked your gasket? Also, please don't jump on people for saying this but..... Your wood is prolly a bit better than perfect. Its so dry that I would expect those temps. You have a great draft with perfect wood = hot temps. Depending on your situation I would put...
  11. iceman

    6 seasons and she still looks young

    Wow 6 years already?! I remember how happy you were! Are we starting to show our soft sides? Funny how some of us can remember our "install dates/anniversaries" but can't remember our "anniversaries". Lmao! Your stove still looks great and I am still trying to convince the wife to let me...
  12. iceman

    Who all is done burning til this Fall?

    Heck no, I don't like bugs hate all the yard work. Plus I have a half cord on my front porch I don't want to move to the back yard... Bring it! I need to burn at least at night till mid April! Suck it up guys this is what makes us... Well us!
  13. iceman

    White Oak or Black Locust

    Lemme give you some advice........ Black Locust is def top of the list for best burning woods... period! it wont rot so get all you can, stick where ever you can and don't worry about it. Rent a uhaul truck or whatever is within reason and get as much as you possibly can! There is a little...
  14. iceman

    Oak Leaves Falling In August is NOT A Good Sign

    Not buying into it...... Few years it got cold quick in the fall and I don't remember to many days under 40 after that it was a warm winter...after all the forecasters called for a frigid one..... Hopefully we will get the cold this year but I am not buying in .....yet LOL
  15. iceman

    I hate seasoning oak thread!

    Never thought of using one! That a good idea though but I do believe that the winter outdoor timer does have a reset button on it. That would make it a one I suppose.. I better look into it. I don't run these everyday, I try to do it on days its dry with low depoints and humidity to speed up drying
  16. iceman

    I hate seasoning oak thread!

    Cover the wood with plywood etc the fans are 1-2 feet in using outdoor ext cords and Xmas timers I only do this when I get pressed to get it seasoned in time .... Like this year LOL
  17. iceman

    I hate seasoning oak thread!

    I hate seasoning oak and just got burned! 2 cord of debarked oak that sat on the deck for a year log length.... Guess what ... Its not even starting to cheek on the sides at all! Hopefully this will be ready by Dec/jan But for those of you who really need your oak to season, here is what I...
  18. iceman

    Burning Locust

    I have been burning black/honey locust and everything said is true. What I have realized is in my location it needs more than a year to dry out. Also I have been resplitting it, bringing it in the house so it sits for a couple of days This has been working much better. I had to adjust my reload...
  19. iceman

    Second Defective Chimney Liner Received ?

    i just installed one of those and the same thing. home owner wanted it in. i believe its just what happens with those type liners.
  20. iceman

    Sudden change in max stove temperature

    if you moved it upstairs chances are you may have lost some draft. but that isnt the whole problem, check the cat again..
  21. iceman

    Got Ripped Off By a Firewood Dealer - Any tips for Drying wood quickly?

    if you can store inside with fan and dehumidifier if not loosely stack and put a fan on it when u can. crazy as it seems i would stack 2 rows apart the width of a box fan put a piece of plywood on top and after a while you could hear the cracks in the wood opening. then i would always put the...
  22. iceman

    Pacific Energy Pacific Insert Cracks

    lumberjack, where did u get that surround with the holes in it?
  23. iceman

    Pacific Energy Pacific Insert Cracks

    i think so too. They still just wanna weld....- reweld my stove. So yes those cracks on the inside def was the diff. I plan on getting a mirror and checking mine. If there are no interior cracks I will reweld. I change door gasket every year, and burn like we discuss here so if its overfiring...
  24. iceman

    Another cracked PE insert replaced

    mine was drilled out the first time. This time I am told not to grind it even to the stove.... to leave a bump. I dont recall buying the stove with bumps on either side of the door???? pe shoul change everything written about the stove.. If I cant burn it hot enough to heat 2500 sq ft then why...
  25. iceman

    Pacific Energy Pacific Insert Cracks

    not sure where you live but you should be able to get a welder to come out. take lots of pictures and if you have internal cracks replacement is the only way to go. stay the path because it will be said by some its your fault. clean that stove good and inspect it again with a bright light
  26. iceman

    Pacific Energy Pacific Insert Cracks

    lol guys we are having those same cracks on the summit inserts! some are getting stoves replaced and some are not. search for cracked pe stove there is a lot of info out there, and some say its only 6 per year.. guess 06-07 was a exception
  27. iceman

    Another cracked PE insert replaced

    well, pe says my box looks fine on the inside. wouldnt that mean it hasnt been overfired? they want me to weld it again but this time leave a bump in the weld.. basically do not grind it even with the stove. i just dont get it. i am supposed to get it welded every year? someone who sells pe...
  28. iceman

    Cracked stoves, cracked blocks, and cracked operators

    Lmao! The analogy is great and the concept, however it TO ME isnt right. The mere fact that pe has burned a cracked stove 24/7 and not caused anymore damage shows us that the stove is built like a tank! However it also shows it was a design flaw. When then stove reaches whatever temp it cracks...
  29. iceman

    For those with PE Summit inserts...a question

    eric, for the life of i couldnt get my cpu to type. i love my summit! however, i must admit mine is one that has cracks. PE had them fixed last year and they are back. take it for what its worth, it seems to be something specific to certain model years so you might be safe.
  30. iceman

    Another cracked PE insert replaced

    its really frustrating, this is the second time, they know about it, so if the serial number falls within that batch why not just replace it?