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  1. RFarm

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    I have a fire laid in for later consisting of 8 small splits of poplar, 3 handfuls of sticks, an old pair of jeans, and old pair of flannel pajama pants, some cardboard, a couple pages of newspapers, and a bunch of old school assignments my son emptied out of his backpack. I’ll throw a match on...
  2. RFarm

    Going through wood too quickly?

    I second the tulip poplar. It burns hot and fast. Great for cold starts but not going to give you a long burn.
  3. RFarm

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    21 here this morning. House was holding 70f from the prior evenings load. I tossedin a poplar split and two punky sweet gum splits to take the chill off. The dogs were in heaven.
  4. RFarm

    This wood is too hot to burn when temps are in high 20's.

    I used Osage Orange for grilling in the past and it imparts a very unique flavor to steaks. It does burn hot, puts a nice sear on them. I would never think of burning in the stove as it rarely if ever gets down to freezing here in N Ga.
  5. RFarm

    Elm, Sweetgum drying time.

    I remember it being more fun when I was younger, every muscle and bone aches for days now after a good session. I have been stockpiling rounds and am going to borrow a neighbors splitter so I can split a couple cords for next season. That is quite a nice stack by the way, congratulations, that...
  6. RFarm

    Elm, Sweetgum drying time.

    With a hydraulic splitter you am will be fine. I don’t burn enough to justify getting a power splitter and I enjoy the physical exercise. Happy burning.
  7. RFarm

    Elm, Sweetgum drying time.

    I usually buck them at about 12” then split with the maul and a wedge or two. It’s a tough customer. I probably will not ever drop another gum intentionally. Too much work for a ho hum burning wood.
  8. RFarm

    Elm, Sweetgum drying time.

    I burn a lot of sweet gum. In order to hand split I buck them into small 12” rounds. It is a tough wood to split. My experience is one year is good two is better for drying. Burns hot and relatively quickly.
  9. RFarm

    When are you going to light your first fire for the season?

    Cleaned the pipe out today and swept out a dead Bluebird, poor little guy. I got a fire laid in now just waiting for the house temp to drop below 63F. Currently at 71F so we got a couple more weeks at least until firing up,
  10. RFarm

    Lit it Up One Last Time

    Have not had a fire since the second week of April. The heat from the last fire activated “swarmer termites” to emerge through a hairline crack in the concrete and congregate under my stove. Apparently they set up a colony under my slab and seem to be drawn to heat. We had the house treated...
  11. RFarm

    How Much Wood Did U All Burn This Season?

    3/4 of a cord 2100sqft. Burned evenings and some mornings. Burned mostly poplar with a bit of sweet gun mixed in. We usually burn a cord so we burned less this year due to the warmer winter. We are stand alone wood heat, so not bad. Still have 3/4 of a cord waiting for next year and another...
  12. RFarm

    SBI telescoping stove pipe issues

    I have had the SBI telescope for 5 years and finally this year was able to get it to budge upward. It slides freely now with little effort. Not sure what happened to loosen it up but I am grateful!
  13. RFarm

    Anyone else still burning wood this season?

    My last fire in N. GA was on 4/21 and it was lovely. Looking forward to the next fire in maybe 4-5 months....
  14. RFarm

    Need some Big Heat

    Tell us about your source of wood - do you have a few cords of 2-3 year old oak seasoning under cover? Are you going to be cutting this spring and summer for the next winter? Purchasing? This may help direct your purchase a bit since it sounds like you want to hit the ground running once you...
  15. RFarm

    Advice & Tips for Shoulder Season (Spring) and "Cooler" Burns

    I do a half load of "brushy" limbs and twigs to get the stove pipe north of 500F then toss in a split and a round about 8pm. Usually no morning fire unless it is really damp outside then I will light a twig fire off the coals and toss on a split. I usually take a couple totes into the woods...
  16. RFarm

    What happened to winter?

    Saw something today about the polar vortex split in two and half of it is pounding Eurasia and the other half is sitting over the US west. Apparently the Stratosphere has warmed significantly leading to the split. This has happened before and typically lasts 2-4 weeks, then the tables turn and...
  17. RFarm

    What happened to winter?

    Since 2/4 we have not been below freezing here in N. Ga.and are heading into the 70's tomorrow. Frogs are singing in the evening and I expect the whippoorwill to make an appearance soon. I got a lot of leftover wood for next year. No lows below 45F in the 10 day - just rain and clouds and...
  18. RFarm

    burning green oak

    I find myself in that situation every now and again, especially as the season starts to come to a close. I need to conserve the dry stuff for startups and end up mixing partially seasoned wood with the dry to stretch it out because once the dry is gone the hopes of starting a hot fire reliably...
  19. RFarm

    rekindle morning fire

    I have been tinkering with a loading setup called the "Green Grate". When building a top down fire, I put 3-4 small "fresh/green rounds (rolling pin size) on the bottom of my load, I then build my fire on top of the green grate (using the good dry wood, of course). By the next morning the...
  20. RFarm

    Solar Battery Storage

    From what I recall they required a very low bulk/absorb charge rate of 57 - 58 volts for 4 hours then a float setting of 54-56 volts for up to 20 hours, no need for equalization. Folks that had them seemed to like them and reported using the generator more frequently, but for less time overall...
  21. RFarm

    Solar Battery Storage

    Good to hear the Aquions are coming back-hopefully the new owners will be more customer focused. I tried getting information on a bank of 4 prior to the bankruptcy and it was the most frustrating experience of my life. I am probably going to have to replace my 48V Rolls setup this summer and...
  22. RFarm

    Talk About Biting The Hair Of The Dog..... Geezzzz !!!

    Woke up to 66F in the house 26F outside. We have not had a fire for over 36 hours and do not have the heat pump turned on. 66F is a little on the chilly side, but with a sweat shirt, sweat pants and socks on it is actually quite nice. Going to be out gathering kindling this afternoon, so I do...
  23. RFarm

    How low is outside temp before you start burning?

    The ladies of this house are part polar bear and part penguin! I will have long johns, sweaters and a hat on and if I still am cold the stove goes on. Man, I catch all kinds of grief from them when I light it off. Sometimes they go away on trips during the winter - then that baby burns 24/7...
  24. RFarm

    Why I Have A Wood Stove

    We had 12" over the weekend hear in N. Ga. The power was out in the county, but not at my casa - 4.5KW of PV solar and a well fed stove, no sweat - except for the occasional 80 F interior temps!
  25. RFarm

    First Fire of the Season

    I am am in the N. Ga mountains near Dahlonega, we have had low 30"s in the am most of the week. I laid in a fire waiting for the house to drop to 62 before lighting. Still waiting. Sitting at 66F inside right now. Tomorrows high is only supposed to be in the 50"s as a cold front pushes...
  26. RFarm

    New home build-needs a new wood stove- recommendations?

    I would go big, big, big, on the stove! Forget about the creature comforts - get the biggest firebox possible because this next solar minimum has begun and it is looking like a total game changer. I am off grid in a super insulated (R-65 walls and roof) if all else fails that wood stove will...
  27. RFarm

    Grand Solar Minimum - Is a mini ice age upon us?

    After making my post a few days ago, I have been thinking about what I posted and how I may have took a leap without properly explaining the thought process. Burning wood is carbon neutral and this is supported by science. Even the smokiest smoke dragon is carbon neutral, a forest fire is...
  28. RFarm

    Grand Solar Minimum - Is a mini ice age upon us?

    When posting this bit of (dis) information I was holding out hope that a nice prolonged cooling trend might be around the corner and the wood burning season may get extended. Making wood burning even more economical and possibly even a brilliant investment. Being non political I take no sides...
  29. RFarm

    Grand Solar Minimum - Is a mini ice age upon us?

    Experts told the UK Daily Star on May 19, 2017: "Planet Earth is on course for a “Little Age Ice” within the next three years thanks to a cocktail of climate change and low solar activity. Research shows a natural cooling cycle that occurs every 230 years began in 2014 and will send...
  30. RFarm

    Dream house with Dream setup.

    Interesting thread. I self built my dream house in 2012. Its a 2100 sqft 3br 2.5 bath Cape Cod. The home is post and beam construction with straw bale infill. Walls and metal roof are factored at R65. The home is powered by a 4.5 kwh PV standalone system. Water is provided by the local...