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  1. ColdNH

    My Craigslist score

    Not hurting my feelings, lol. If I paid full retail for this thing, your story may be a little more concerning as we head into winter. I do not have a way to monitor the flue temps, i have double wall pipe then it converts to class-A after going through the floor. I would assume i need a...
  2. ColdNH

    Fully Packed Oslo

    Maybe this is why I never got super long burn times out of my Oslo, I never in my life packed it so tight. Is this normal for most folks? for some reason I envision this taking forever to get cruising, even with a hot coal bed.
  3. ColdNH

    First winter heating with wood.In need of advice

    This cant be for real? 20 cords of wood in the basement? going to have a mold issue, a bug issue, a mouse issue and one hell of a fire hazard.
  4. ColdNH

    My Craigslist score

    Update: been burning the Hearthstone for about a month on/off as the house needs it. So far I love how much Easier it is to get cruising vs the Oslo. You are right though, the front door has the same issue with ash falling out and yes the "heat life" of the stone doesn't appear to really be...
  5. ColdNH

    Why do you burn?

    I started off burning to save money back in my first house when I had electric heat. I was able to get a 700$ stove installed into an existing chimney. was able to save quite a bit immediately. In my second house I spent more on my stove/liner but oil was nearly 4$ a gallon and i was heating a...
  6. ColdNH

    My Craigslist score

    I never seemed to be able to get it running hot for long periods of time. My wood was fine and I had plenty of draft. It just didn't seam to live up to the expectation of being one of the greatest stoves available. Honestly I much preferred my Napoleon steel stove I had in my first house, as...
  7. ColdNH

    My Craigslist score

    Gearing up for a new install. Wasn't too thrilled with my old Oslo and always loved the look of the hearthstones. Scored this beauty for 460$ came with a brand new uninstalled baffle and a cast iron steamer. Woot
  8. ColdNH

    My unique non functional setup - need help rebuilding

    Thanks begreen. I don't have kids and its definitely not in the plans! but thats a good idea about 10" black stove pipe. would keep the same appearance and accomplish some protection, cause yes your right accidents do happen.
  9. ColdNH

    My unique non functional setup - need help rebuilding

    Hey guys, We moved back in 2017 to a unique house with a unique wood stove setup. Since then we have determined its completely unusable and 100% poorly installed. The biggest issues are clearances where it passes through the floor, a warped section of class A stove pipe, improper adapter used at...
  10. ColdNH

    Your Hearth, From Where You Sit

    Typical Sunday morning activities
  11. ColdNH

    Grapple Wood in NH

    So after such a mild winter and it being spring and all, one would think firewood prices in NH would drop and some free scores would start appearing on craigslist. NOPE. I dont get it, i really dont. Frustrating to say the least. everyone on craigslist thinks they can get 100$+ for rotting...
  12. ColdNH

    Three Years Ahead At Last

    Good stuff! I get the "why do you need that much wood comments all the time" i was the one laughing as I sold of 2 cord last fall for 700$.. :)
  13. ColdNH

    new wood toys for me

    Finally picked up an ATV about a month ago. Thing is clean, 2008 4x4 Honda Rancher 420 with 700 miles on it. Plan on using it mostly around the house for moving firewood, possibly plowing the driveway with it. But there is a decent network of ATV trails near me I may also explore as well. The...
  14. ColdNH

    Installing an Jotul F500 Oslo

    What did you end up doing for a hearth pad, just curious, I have similar front clearances and have always just used a hearth mat.
  15. ColdNH

    Craigslist laugh of the day.....

    With Seasoned cordwood going for 350 a cord delivered here. What used to be free on craiglist, people now think they can get 100 for. Seasoned firewood - $100 (Merrimack) Pile of firewood read to use.
  16. ColdNH

    Wood you sell your Wood @350 a cord?

    One more thing to note, With firewood sellers selling wood at this price, its making it harder for those of us who scrounge or buy log length. as there are virtually no more free scrounges available and even log length wood has gone up in price. hopefully more people like myself will start to...
  17. ColdNH

    Wood you sell your Wood @350 a cord?

    Yeah well you know what? I COMPLETELY agree with you. Hell its the only reason I am selling it! I put the ad up there figuring if anyone wanted to pay that much I would sell it. And so far I have had 6 people interested. I have had to turn down 4 of them already as I have sold the only two...
  18. ColdNH

    Wood you sell your Wood @350 a cord?

    Update. Sold my first cord ever yestarday for 350 delivered. Wasn't exactly easy money but for that price it was worth it to me. Also selling one more cord today for the same price. I am still two years ahead but this will motivate me to keep cutting and scrounging. The old saying is true...
  19. ColdNH

    Wood you sell your Wood @350 a cord?

    Like the title says, seasoned cord wood is approaching 325$ on average in New Hampshire. Kinda silly since oil is under 2$ a gallon. Regardless I am fortunate to be ahead of the game thanks to past scrounges, cutting off my own property and willingness to burn pine in shoulder season. I...
  20. ColdNH

    S. NH Only Burn Pine?

    NH here, haven't burned any hardwoods yet this fall, just 1-2 years seasoned white pine and hemlock. With that said I would never burn pine/softwoods all winter as I leave the house for long periods of time and its nice to be able to load the stove up with well seasoned oak and get some decent...
  21. ColdNH

    Is covering your wood stacks essential?

    I only top cover what im going to burn in coming winter in the late fall. My stacks are along my yard and quite frankly a nice straight stack of firewood looks nice next to the lawn, when you cover it with tarps or rubber roofing or whatever it starts to look like a visual eyesore. I have...
  22. ColdNH

    Come along

    Good point, that is why I do not put much tension on the tree when I do this, just enough to hold it in place, then after I make my two cuts i put enough tension on it to pull it down ( i do not go back and cut more)
  23. ColdNH

    NH Firewood prcies

    Yeah i just noticed that, sorry, mods please combine if possible.
  24. ColdNH

    Come along

    The last three trees I cut down on my property i used a come along and cable. Mostly for some insurance that they wouldn't fall in the opposite direction ( as they had a slight lean to them.) I attached one end of the cable high up ( using an extension ladder) to the tree that was being cut. I...
  25. ColdNH

    Wood Stacking in CT.....About 8 New Cords

    Nice stacks, shed and Wood shed
  26. ColdNH

    NH Firewood prcies

    Anyone in NH see this article MUR, what a load of crap, fracking in Pennsylvania is causing firewood prices in New Hampshire to soar? Explain to me that one? If so why is firewood in Pennsylvania so much cheaper...
  27. ColdNH

    Grapple Wood in NH

    I am with you. With oil where it is, these guys selling firewood at 300 a cord. can keep it. It sucks that we live in the 2nd most forested state in the country and its virtually impossible to find reasonably priced fire wood. When i started burning wood it was fairly easy to find free hardwood...
  28. ColdNH

    Northern MA, Southern NH timber supplier?

    I guess I am with you. The prices certainly went up real quick as did the availability of free wood/scrounges when Oil prices went up(demand). People think they can sell Pine on craigslist for 200 a cord now... Even myself as a pretty die-hard burner will probably rely less on the wood stove...
  29. ColdNH

    Room to Room OR Doorway Fan?

    I have a cape with a center chimney and I am able to push cool air into the stove room in a horse-show pattern blowing the cold air towards the stove with a box fan. from the coolest part of the house. This works surprisingly well. When we turn the box fan off, the temperature of the coldest...
  30. ColdNH

    Cost of oil

    Interesting and I agree, HOWEVER, If I am barely saving any money burning wood, then the lazy, frugal, wood-hoarder in me, wants to save my finest hardwoods for when oil goes back up to the 3-4$ a gallon mark :)