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  1. My_3_Girls

    The coffee thread

    +1 on the Bunn - although it looks like they've updated/changed model numbers - My Bunn worked for about 7 years, always on, operates the same water started poking holes in the reservoir. When the leak was bad enough, bought another exactly the same. Pour water in the top, put my...
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    Fence gate sag latching wood!

    How about a tension spring from the top of the catch to the edge of the latch? My experience with these things is that the string is too stiff, too heavy, too sticky to allow the catch to drop back down after pulling for release
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    Maine black flies

    +1 on the bug head nets. The only downside is you cut down on your protein intake.
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    Plain Baby Back Ribs

    Paper towel trick is the only way to go. Usually comes off in one big piece. Also, nothing beats a nice piece of cherry pulled out of the firewood pile to throw some sweet smoke on it!
  5. My_3_Girls

    What is it?

    Looks like the tip of a garden plow.
  6. My_3_Girls

    Pickaroon, hookaroon, axearoon

    I like all the toys too, but for clearing the truck bed, I'm using a good old fashioned garden hoe. Already have it, and I'm not using during cutting season. Alton Brown says boo to uni-taskers!
  7. My_3_Girls

    Fisher insert installation info needed

    Yup, need a liner. I used to have one slammed in, just as yours is now. Lined the back of the side and top pieces with fiberglass insulation to act as the block off plate and pushed to seal. Worked well, never had a chimney issue, but was always leery of it.
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    First year with wood insert, not really helping . . . please help!

    Haven't seen it mentioned yet, but with my Kennebec, it likes small splits. I had similar problems with less than ideal wood, as well as rounds, and as soon as I quartered even a 5" round, no issues whatsoever. Secondaries like it a lot. Other than start up, my air is closed completely (as...
  9. My_3_Girls

    Fisher of not? If so, what kind?

    Limited in Fisher stove knowledge as well, but I did find this: There were a lot of knockoffs back then - Fisher basically licensed the design for the body, but sold the doors to his licensees.
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    We are ready for some football!

    It was a little 'chili' outside, but I made it anyway
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    10'x10' festival/booth tent recommendations?

    Totally agree on this - don't skimp on the $79 deals at Dicks. They don't last, and collapse if you sneeze wrong. I have an EZ Up from 2005(ish) that gets used maybe 10-12 times a year, still close to brand new. Also agree with using it as the belt and suspenders approach to camping:
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    Jotul 602 in a sauna advice

    Cast iron dutch oven found at a yard sale. Fill with rocks, leave in place all the time. It will rust, but that just adds to the rustic charm.
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    Question about Jotul C450 Fan

    Late to the party, but if the blower is not installed yet, there is a disk looking thing, kind of like a remote car starter battery, near the switch. Heat that with a lighter, and you'll hear it snap - snapstat I think is what they call it. If it's already installed, I've had decent luck...
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    Jotul Combi #4 question or two...or three

    I can only imagine how much $$$ it would be to replace the special curved firebrick in that machine. If you have a tile saw, or even a handheld grinder and a steady hand, maybe try a few standard firebrick, bevel the edges, and fit them in one by one. They cut pretty easily, and it's inside a...
  15. My_3_Girls

    What was the first Post here / Oldest Poster?

    If I remember correctly, Dylan got a job as a designer/engineer at a stove manufacturer. Also, Mike someone from Long Island, NY - he's the reason I bought my Jotul Kennebec - had all the tips and tricks. And Eric something from near Utica, NY had 20 years of wood already stacked. Ah, the...
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    A personal update....

    Just trying to lighten the mood.....did you really mean that? LOL! Hang tough, brother.
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    ah wrong grout color Is there a "hack"?

    Very similar story here. Wife and I picked out tile. I laid the tile, she approved the work. Next day, she left the house. While she was gone, I grouted with what she had picked out...I thought it was a strange color, but hey, she's the designer, I'm just the tile guy! She returned home...
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    Outdoor Use

    Sorry, didn't see this until now. I think I have the same residue on the smoke exit - probably furnace cement from when it was hooked up inside a house. As far as the handle, I just coat my hand with a glove and let the handle be hot.
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    Super Cedars

    They still make newspapers?
  20. My_3_Girls

    Super Cedars

    Late to the party again. I've been getting Super Cedars for 5 years, maybe? Which means, I've ordered twice! Both times, wrapped to keep all the crumbs in one spot, break in half (still wrapped) and use 1 half to light the fire, and the other half goes in the woodbox for the next time, if not...
  21. My_3_Girls

    Could anybody help identify router bit needed?

    Those cabs look newer and fairly stock - any chance you can find the manufacturer and get them to send you a new drawer front? Might be easier and cheaper than trying to replicate, and (unless you painted) factory finished
  22. My_3_Girls

    New property means new saw.

    A few years ago, I picked up a brand new Husky 357xp at the Booneville, NY show - huge discount, definitely sub $500, and plenty of saw for me. I have an 18" bar on it, and only cut a few cords a year, but should last forever until I either put it out of the way, under the loader tire, or...
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    Outdoor Use

    Not bad for the first try. Definitely a fall sport, chestnuts got a little roasted, if you know what I mean.
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    Cement Board

    Cement siding: Not tapered, but still lays/laps just fine. Most installers like to use 5/4 boards for the trim, as it sits a little bigger than regular cedar bevel. Cement should not be painted all sides, just the face, edges and ends - not the back. It needs to breathe a little, and the back...
  25. My_3_Girls

    Outdoor Use

    Galv - I used galv pipe and painted it black, as I had it tucked in the garage attic. I'll probably get blown out of this forum, but it's a glorified chiminea, and after a few firings, I'm guessing the toxicity goes way down. Don't inhale the first few times. Penetrate - yes, I drilled 3...
  26. My_3_Girls

    Outdoor Use

    There should be a reducer for that 7" to 6", or 7" to 8". I just tucked a 6" elbow inside the exhaust opening with the damper open and ran a couple of screws through the collar to hold to pipe in place. Added a standard section of 6" and a shanty cap to it, and flat blacked everything.
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    Chainsaw Safety...

    My grandfather had a hat that was doused in that stuff. Gram made him keep it on the porch at night!
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    Outdoor Use

    I put a piece of timber underneath it, on a two wheeler/hand truck/dolly and just wheeled it right into place. Update on the pizza aspect of it....I've blown thru 2 pizza stones now. Burning it too hot. I've made a tray out of old bed frame and will be putting fire bricks in that. Lined the...
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    Outdoor Use

    Wow, nice! What do you plan to do for the chimney? I still haven't gotten off my *** and hooked it up yet. Pizza season is upon us!
  30. My_3_Girls

    No more dept store power equipment for me

    Don't overlook Ridgid thru big orange (HD)...all of my cordless are from there. Lifetime warranty, even on the batteries now.