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  1. blacktail

    This old house says no pine

    The people who poopoo softwoods should contact Travis Industries and educate them. When I toured the Travis factory, they had a loading bay filled with douglas fir for their in-house burning!
  2. blacktail

    Popular wood

    Whatever species is popular in your area is probably popular for a reason.
  3. blacktail

    Build up of coals.

    Open up your air to burn down the coals. Tossing a chunk of softwood in at the same time will help.
  4. blacktail


    One of the beauties of fir.
  5. blacktail


    I've been burning a lot of bigleaf maple this season. It's over 75% of my fuel. The klinkers this year have been unbelievable.
  6. blacktail

    Chimney cap plugging up every few weeks?

    5 minutes with a set of tin snips should improve how it breathes.
  7. blacktail

    Been Wondering

    That's the what you're looking for if you want a long, clean burn.
  8. blacktail

    Newbie looking for advice

    Sounds like a screaming deal.
  9. blacktail

    Wood in the yard/in the woods

    I just stacked a half cord row of fir and maple in my woods today. It's in a spot where I stack wood every year. I'll move it to the shed in September and start burning it in October.
  10. blacktail

    Bad smell from log burner

    Nobody is gonna mention that wood trim or framing piece so close to the pipe?
  11. blacktail

    75 inches of rain in per year

    What are "normal" drying times? None of my stacks get much sun and they still dry. Alder, fir, & hemlock will be ready if stacked in spring. Maple and birch can be the same but are best if given 2 summers to dry.
  12. blacktail

    Fire Dies when latching Door

    It's the size of a golf ball. How does it not fit?
  13. blacktail

    Newbie Help, Break In

    A few small break in fires won't gunk up your chimney. Maybe try some compressed wood logs if you don't have dry wood.
  14. blacktail

    Newbie looking for advice

    I don't think most people would put 1.6cf stoves in the medium size category.
  15. blacktail

    Stove seems to be not getting air

    Was this several year old wood split years ago? Or was it in log form for years? A $15 moisture meter will end all doubt in fuel quality. Could be a dirty screen at the cap too.
  16. blacktail

    Sweeping biweekly. Hows this for buildup?

    If you leave the soot in your stove, it will disappear in your next fire.
  17. blacktail

    Sweeping biweekly. Hows this for buildup?

    Why are you vacuuming it out of the stove?
  18. blacktail

    Neighbor complaint of smoke odor

    If it's warm enough that they're opening windows, you're probably burning the stove as low as possible. I guess cat stoves are supposed to burn clean anyway, but maybe burning hotter will clean it up some and also get your exhaust up higher.
  19. blacktail

    If you could "test drive" 3 different stoves, what would they be and why?

    1. Lopi 1750. It's the bigger version of my 1250. Easier NS loading than what I have. 2. PE Super. Due to its reputation for good burn times while not being a huge stove. Also NS friendly. 3. Maybe a Kuma Alpine. They're not the most common brand but have a good reputation. All would be inserts...
  20. blacktail

    How long have you been operating the same stove?

    Bought my house August 2011. Bought my insert the following month. There were a couple of times when I considered going bigger, but any improvement isn't worth the hassle.
  21. blacktail

    inserts: Lopi Answer vs PE Super vs ??

    I'm in the same area using a Lopi 1250i, which I think is the same box as the Answer. It works well for me but my house is less than 1200sf. For a 1900sf house I'd get something bigger.
  22. blacktail

    SWAG on firewood to stockpile

    My guess is that most people around here average 3 cords a year if it's their primary heat source. If you put fresh cut wood right into a shed, expect it to take longer to dry. Alder can be ready in 6 months, but not if it's stacked 4 or 5 rows deep in a shed.
  23. blacktail

    PNW woods drying times?

    Alder will be ready for next season. Maple and birch might be ready with ideal conditions. I've burned both maple and birch after one summer of drying and it's better with 2 summers of drying. You'll be better off cutting down birch now. By march, they'll be drawing a huge amount of water up...
  24. blacktail

    Using a Wood Stove Insert without the convection fan

    You'll still get nearly all of the convective heat.
  25. blacktail

    PE Summit getting too hot overnight?

    You could try splitting your wood bigger in the future.
  26. blacktail

    Liner cleaning tools

    Even if it didn't burn, I'd still leave it and just remove it the next time I clean ash out of the stove.
  27. blacktail

    Using a Wood Stove Insert without the convection fan

    Lots of people use inserts without a blower to heat their homes. If the fireplace they're in is fully inside the house they work really well. But if you have a blower, there's not much reason to not use it. The outlet for mine is 3-4 feet away. The only time I unplug it is the couple times a...
  28. blacktail

    Liner cleaning tools

    Sooteater. 1. If you have a baffle board, remove it. If baffle bricks, push the middle 2 up and slide them over on top of the adjacent bricks leaving them hanging over enough so you can retrieve them. 2. Insert first rod with cleaning head into liner. 3. Use magnets to hold a plastic sheet...
  29. blacktail

    How to put out a fire

    Turn air down and leave.
  30. blacktail

    Best maul for me

    I had 2 giant maples cut down 2 years ago and did it all by hand. There's no sense trying to open up a 36" seam.