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  1. JJNelli

    2010 Jotul 350 Winterport - worth buying? Good Reviews?

    I have heard Jotuls are good stoves. I ran across this wood stove insert for sale by me - asking $650. The blower doesn’t work. (I am hoping I can buy a new one and replace. Is this possible?) They have owned it for 9 years. Were these stoves efficient when made 9-10 years ago? I thought there...
  2. JJNelli

    Is an insert better than a fireplace door installation?

    I saw fireplace enclosure which advertised an improvement in heat output. However, can these be better than wood stoves inserted into a fireplace?
  3. JJNelli

    Any clearance / end of season sales on fireplace inserts?

    Has anyone seen any clearanced or great end of season deals on wood stove inserts? Looking for a long burn time for 1500sq ft+. EPA. Judt wondering what's out there. Thank you!
  4. JJNelli

    Any clearance / end of season sales on fireplace inserts?

    Happy New Year! I have read in the forums of people getting their stove (in past years) on sale at the end of season. I was wondering if anyone has seen any good deals online or in a store that will ship. I am looking for a fireplace insert that will heat 1500+ sq ft and burn at least 8 hours...
  5. JJNelli

    Best wood stove insert?

    Thank you so much for your suggestion and advice!
  6. JJNelli

    Best wood stove insert?

    Hi! I have been reading many threads on here and my head is spinning with all the different brands and models to choose from. I decided to post and ask for suggestions. I have a 2 story house and will be using an existing fireplace and chimney. (Outside wall). I am open to using an older model...